Some eczemas are tumors in disguise

   Eczema is prone to repeated attacks, which will cause great distress to patients. However, some malignant skin tumors can be disguised as eczema, delaying treatment, and the consequences are disastrous.
   It is generally believed that eczema is a skin inflammatory reaction with obvious exudation tendency, often due to factors such as scratching, dry skin, and improper treatment, the course of the disease is protracted and unhealed. Eczema can occur in any part, and the symmetrical distribution feels severe itching. The course of the disease is irregular and often recurs. Common parts of eczema include ear, hand and foot eczema, breast eczema, anal genital eczema, and calf eczema.
   The malignant skin tumor is the body under the long-term action of various pathogenic factors, which may be continuously damaged due to immune surveillance or immune defense, resulting in the gradual abnormal excessive proliferation of some cells. It grows fast, and is irregular in shape, hard and fixed, and infiltrating. There may be superficial breakage, bleeding or even ulceration, itching or pain. Therefore, if you find any abnormalities, you should seek medical treatment in time.
   I once encountered a 67-year-old male patient with erythema, papules, erosions, and exudation of the scrotum and mons pubis for more than 2 years. He has been treated with eczema drugs, but his condition has not been controlled. Pathological examination after seeing a doctor indicated: extramammary eczema-like carcinoma. Another 73-year-old woman had erythema, oozing, and erosion on the top of her right ear for more than 10 years. The effect of eczema drugs was not satisfactory. The pathological examination after seeing a doctor revealed: basal cell carcinoma.
   Surgical excision is the most fundamental treatment for skin malignancies. Both of the above two patients were treated through surgery, which can be regarded as a remedy for the past. For skin malignancies that can be correctly diagnosed at an early stage, the extent of lesions and the possibility of metastasis are smaller, and the extent of surgical resection is smaller, which will have better results. Therefore, if you find a rash that has been repeatedly ulcerated and unhealed for a long time, please seek medical treatment in time. If necessary, cooperate with the doctor to take part of the rash for pathological examination to confirm the diagnosis. Do not take all erythematous exudative rashes for granted and delay the treatment of eczema illness.