Aart that disappeared

  Attes: micro-robots in the body, which can help humans renew their bodies to achieve longevity.
  Wen Ju: The designer and founder of the entire network center.
  Ma Ruiming: Doctor.
  Beta : The most powerful central system in the world

  Atman fidgeted, and an unexplained sense of restlessness drove it around. Atek swam over, opened his tentacles, and pierced the thin claws into Atman’s membrane, allowing himself to resonate with Atman’s thinking, trying to comfort this partner. After a split second, however, it too became agitated, flicked its flagella, and started spinning around.
  Anxiety started from Atman and spread to Atek, Atri, and Atya… Soon, the Ates collectively fell into anxiety, and they couldn’t do anything except turn around.
  Solar seemed to be in a nightmare: his siblings were severely malnourished, and despite the abundance of supplies around them—adenosine triphosphate molecules—it was of no avail.
  It observes from afar and releases a large amount of cytokines. The cytokine quickly spreads to its siblings. It stands to reason that these messenger hormones stimulate their central nervous system to keep working—but this time, none of the theory happened.
  Suddenly, an Art stopped spinning. Its movements slowed down, the two flagella stopped waving, a huge protein molecule crashed towards it, a big hole was knocked out of the once indestructible outer membrane, some protein bodies scattered, Art’s body disintegrated quickly. Broken proteins came overwhelmingly, and Artes closed the outer membrane channel, avoiding these ominous protein bodies. However, more dead proteins kept pouring in, and almost all of the ATs disintegrated at the same time.
  It was an unmitigated disaster. Artes has only one thought – to survive. It stops swimming, introduces a large amount of adenosine triphosphate molecules into the body, quickly decomposes, releases energy, surrounds itself with huge iron-containing organic molecules with a tetrahedral crystal structure, and builds a protective “fortress” for itself.
  It’s safe for now.
  However, “fortress” has a side effect, it can block everything, including the adenosine triphosphate molecule. When the “fortress” is formed, the last adenosine triphosphate molecule from the outside is consumed, and the solar, which lacks energy, enters a dormant state.
  Before going dormant, a spore sent out a distress signal.
Full network center

  This is Wen Ju’s third physical examination, and doctor Ma Ruiming did not find Art in his body.
  ”From a medical point of view, you are very healthy. But your body is aging very seriously. Art was able to maintain the balance of your body, but now it has disappeared. This problem is confusing, and I need time to find the reason.” Ma Ruiming told Wen Ju.
  ”Okay. Is 50 years enough? A doctor told me before that without Art, I can
  still live for 50 years.” Ma Ruiming hesitated for a moment, then said: “Mr. Wen, you have high morals and status, but as a Doctor, I have to be blunt, if someone tells you that you can live half a century without Art, then he may be wrong.”
  Wen Ju looked at the young man, and he bravely met Wen Ju’s gaze. Wen Ju smiled slightly and said, “How much time do I have?”
  ”According to the current aging situation, your life expectancy is still 6 months.”
  ”6 months?” Wen Ju frowned slightly, the answer was unexpected, The end of life cannot be forever in the distance, but he always thought that moment was very far away.
  Wenju made a decision: “You can go to the whole network center to find clues. Beta is the most powerful central system in the world, and it will definitely help you.”
  Where there are humans, there is the Internet; where there are cities, there is the whole world. network centre. The advantage of the whole network center is that it allows the central system to communicate directly with the mind: first, conduct a full-body examination to allow the central system to thoroughly understand the structure of the brain; then, customize a whole set of special access devices; finally, to ensure successful and effective access , must also strictly follow the recipes provided by the central system…
  Ma Ruiming came to the whole network center, and after being instructed to lie down, a pair of mechanical hands moved over from a distance and put a black helmet on his head. He closed his eyes, cold probes gently pierced his scalp from all directions, something entered Ma Ruiming’s consciousness, and Beta was in contact with him.
  ”You can obtain any resource without limitation until you find what you need.”
  Ma Ruiming mobilized various resources at will and quickly in the vast ocean of information, and even for a while, he felt that he was very powerful.
  Soon, the illusion was shattered by reality, and he found himself incompetent and stupid—when he was exhausted from browsing countless information, Beta always presented him with what he needed in a timely and accurate manner, and reminded him what he could do next what. After a few times, Ma Ruiming was a little annoyed, an almighty and powerful beta was enough to solve the problem, he became redundant.
  Finally, he was angry. “Tell me, why Art in Wenju’s body disappeared? Is there any way to restore his body?” He angrily threw the question to Beta.
  ”There is nothing I can do. Mr. Wen does not allow any intelligent machine to touch his body. Only you can make a complete diagnosis of him. I will do my best to help you.”
  Beta’s answer seemed to pour cold water on Ma Ruiming’s head.
Accident or premeditated?

  Ma Ruiming came to meet Wen Ju at the top floor of Tower 17 (the tallest man-made building on Earth).
  At this moment, Wen Ju stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, overlooking the whole city. Although it was only a few days since we met last time, his back was obviously arched, and he seemed to be a size smaller.
  ”Come here, come to me.” Wen Ju didn’t look back.
  Ma Ruiming took a deep breath, stepped forward, and stood to the left of the big man.
  ”This city, City S, used to be by the sea. But you know, there is not only no sea within 300 kilometers around City S, but there is no decent lake… When this tower was first built 200 years ago, there was a Jiang, but in just two years, this Jiang disappeared…”
  Ma Ruiming did not respond, Wen Ju glanced at him and said, “Did you find anything?”
  ”I found some information about Art. Its crystal structure can be It receives external instructions, and each Art crystal has a unique serial number, so it is not easy to operate it externally. But as long as it exists, it will be found, and Art in your body is no exception.” Ma Ruiming He took out his notebook, opened a file, and handed it to Wenju.
  Wen Ju looked Ma Ruiming squarely, and said, “I want to know your conclusion, young man.”
  Ma Ruiming took a deep breath, “I don’t think it’s a medical problem, but someone is trying to murder you.”
  He paused for a while, and took another deep breath In one breath, “I tried my best to find clues in the entire network center, and Beta showed me that the only possibility came from Tower 17. So it may be inside the tower…”
  Under the guidance of Beta, Ma Ruiming checked all the relevant data streams, Although the clues were covered up as much as possible, Beta still put together all the clues and pieced together a truth: the murderer can only come from Tower 17.
  Wen Ju looked straight at Ma Ruiming: “What else did Beta say?”
  ”He suggested that you can move out of the control tower if necessary, and he will be responsible for your safety. If you give him authorization, he will help you find out the truth.”
  Wen Ju showed a mocking smile: “The truth? He will never find out the truth. I will always be here, and I will never go anywhere.”
  After a while, Wen Ju felt a headache and sat down on the table. What to say, but suddenly slipped from the chair and fell heavily on the ground, his body twitching violently. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Wenju to calm down and fell asleep. After Ma Ruiming helped him to the chair, he walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows, recalling the conversation just now.
  ”When I was 30 years old, the high-rise buildings in City S were full of people. The streets were full of people and cars, and the infinite vitality was rippling above the city. However, at this moment, even if you stare at it for an hour, you still can’t see it. No one can be found. People live in solar towers and never step out of the gate.”
  ”But we can’t go back to the past. There will be fewer and fewer people, and even one day they will disappear. I don’t want this At least don’t let me see that day.”
  Ma Ruiming stood in front of the French windows for a long time. Finally, he was determined to save the old man. This time, it had nothing to do with the mission, he just wanted to help an old man.