Wake up laughing

   Liang Shiqiu once mentioned in his article that once he was discharged from the hospital, “suddenly seeing the sun shining in the sky”, and seeing the bustling and lively scene in the world, he couldn’t help cheering: “What a beautiful woman!” A world full of costumes!” Liang Gongding was fed up with the monotony of the hospital. This reminds me of the words of Marie Curie: “Don’t wait for the days to pass before you think of their cuteness”.
   A truly transparent and open-minded person can always realize the way of life in ordinary days, whether it is a philosopher or an ordinary person.
   I remember that when I was a child, I loved to cry. When I woke up in the morning, I felt aggrieved, with red eyes and tears for no reason. The soft-hearted mother laughed and said, “This is raising a Lin Daiyu.” Grandma didn’t like that. She took me to her house and urged me to get up with her to do housework every day at dawn. It was still dark outside, and it was very cold in the mountains, and I was about to cry without saying a word. She absolutely does not allow it. In the countryside, crying in the morning is the biggest taboo. Grandma’s categorical tone cannot be refuted: “In my house, if you cry, you will have no food, and children who cry in the morning will beg for food for the rest of their lives!” She picked up a root The thick branch is in his hand, “When we were young, if anyone dared to cry, my father would beat him up! Can’t you just laugh when you wake up? See if the chicken has laid eggs. A squirrel jumped from this tree to that tree What a day!”
   “You laugh first when you wake up, everyone will be happy!” Grandma repeated this sentence to me. In the following many dawns, when the first cock crowing sounded outside the window, grandma and the uncle next door began to “crowd”, recalling the past, strange legends, and in the end, they always insisted that “people must be hardworking and kind-hearted when they live.” , and have to live in a ‘shack shed’ every day” end. I smacked those ghost stories in the dark, and unconsciously participated in their chats, and then I realized that “Xingpengpeng” means to be happy at all times, and only when you have the heart can you have a bright future.
   How many hard times has grandma experienced? In the early days of the Anti-Japanese War, at the gate of the Japanese-owned factory, the Japanese let a dog bite her on the leg, the wound was infected, and she almost died; her grandfather died young, and her talented uncle was framed while guarding the granary and committed suicide… …But in my memory, I have never seen my grandma cry? She always looks like an “iron lady”. Every day, she “gets up at dawn and cleans the court”. She never slacks off or stops, let alone “staying in bed”. Perhaps influenced by her, my mother and second uncle always sang and acted while working, as if labor is a kind of enjoyment, and rushed to one hope after another while working.
   That’s when I completely got rid of my crying habit and “laughed when I woke up”. When I encounter difficulties at work, I think: It’s great, I can actually solve such a big problem; when I encounter difficulties in life, I comfort myself: After this time, I will know how to deal with it later. Thinking of this, the corners of his mouth got used to a firm and confident smile.
   Nine out of ten times life is unsatisfactory, so you might as well learn from Yishu: when you are unhappy, think about interesting things. “Wake up and laugh” is an attitude to life, making self-confidence and calmness the beginning of the day.