Wonderful research is more joyful

Men prefer to “death”

  Scientists from the University of Newcastle in Australia tell you with research: men are really stupid! Related results were published in the famous “British Medical Journal”. The subjects of the scientists’ research are Darwin Prize winners. This is not an award for scientific research, but for someone who has contributed to the improvement of the gene pool of the entire human race by destroying himself in an idiotic way beyond common sense. In layman’s terms, it means “death”. For example, a terrorist was awarded an award for sending a bomb mail, but it was returned because there were not enough stamps on it. As a result, he opened it to check it on the spot and was killed. The researchers found that in the 20 years since the Darwin Awards were created, a total of 318 individual candidates had participated in the selection process, of which 282 were men! Dr. Dennis Lundlem of Newcastle University said: We call meaningless, rewardless and very dangerous, even deadly risky behaviors “stupid risks”. He also doesn’t know why men like to “play dead”, maybe it is to win the awe of others, maybe it is to get future bragging talk, but the result of too much work is that there will be no future.
After 23 minutes of hand chopping, sanity collapsed

  According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Bangor University and SBXL, a consumer research institution, invited 40 respondents to simulate the process of shopping and selecting products, and performed MRI scans to observe changes in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It was found that when the subjects first started to go shopping, the function of this part was more active. After about 23 minutes, they began to lose their sense of money, and it was difficult to resist the temptation of special offers.
The more advanced the sanitation, the more popular the handsome boy

  In order to test whether the theory that “men’s masculine traits represent genetic health” is true, psychologists from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland conducted an online survey on the mate selection preferences of 4,500 women in 30 countries around the world and found that the quality of medical care is directly related to women’s mate selection: In countries with better public health, women prefer handsome men; but in countries with poor sanitation, masculine men are more likely to be favored than handsome men. For example, Sweden has the highest proportion of women who prefer handsome men; in Brazil, where the quality of medical care is the worst, women prefer masculine men; as for the United Kingdom, where the health level is in the middle, the proportion of women who prefer handsome men is as high as 60%.
Eyes can heal bear children

  Scientists at the University of New South Wales in Australia have announced that eyes may be the cure for some unruly children. Rochelle Lunrut, a professor of infant and adolescent psychiatry at the University of New South Wales, published an article saying that children with bad behavior can be divided into at least two different types. The first is violent. Such children make up the majority of misbehaving patients. They are highly prone to impulsive rage when they feel threatened, but regret their misbehavior afterwards. There are many effective ways to treat such children, such as helping children learn to control their emotions and behaviors, and helping parents learn to communicate with their children. The second category is the cold type. These kids express their rebellion in a cooler way by seeming insensitive to everything and how other people’s feelings seem to mean nothing to these kids. Previously, there was no apparent effective way to treat such children. Research that Lenruth is participating in has found that such kids aren’t just pretending to be cool, but that they’re really bad at detecting changes in other people’s emotions. An important reason for this is that these children do not pay much attention to other people’s eyes, which is the most emotionally expressive part of a person. Based on these findings, the researchers instructed the callous children to pay attention to the eyes of others. As a result, the bear child’s ability to distinguish the emotions of others has greatly improved. Lunrut believes that the current research results prove that eye therapy is worthy of further research, and may become a new way to treat cruel children.
Cosmetics make menopause earlier

  To attend some important occasions, of course, it is necessary to be beautiful, and the girls will inevitably wear makeup and paint their nails. However, researchers at the University of Washington found that this beauty comes at a price. Certain chemical ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products can disrupt the natural secretion of human hormones, causing menopause to advance 2 to 4 years. Researchers analyzed blood and urine samples from nearly 31,600 women and found 15 chemicals that disrupt hormone production, including phthalates. Commonly used to soften plastics, phthalates are widely found in plastic packaging, perfumes, lipsticks, body washes, skin care products and nail polish. Women with high levels of these chemicals had menopause, on average, two to four years earlier than study subjects with lower levels of these chemicals, the results showed. This is the first large-scale study of the link between endocrine-disrupting chemicals and menopause.

Husband accompanying childbirth, childbirth is more painful

  Many women hope that their husbands can accompany them when they give birth. However, the latest research by British scientists shows that not only does the husband accompany the childbirth, but it does not help to reduce the pain of the mother, and may aggravate the pain. The researchers conducted experiments on 39 women, comparing their feelings of pain when their husbands or boyfriends were with them and when they were away. Researchers stimulated the women’s fingers with laser pulses, monitored changes in their brain waves and asked them to rate how much pain they felt. The results of the experiment showed that these women did not feel less pain when they were accompanied by their partner, and many of them felt more pain than when their partner was away. One of the researchers, Dr. Caitlina Fotopolu of University College London, said that the results of this study show that whether to choose a husband to accompany the birth should vary from person to person, mainly depending on the maternal personality and the way of dealing with pain.
Superman T-shirt helps test scores

  Pine, a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, explained that when students wear Superman T-shirts, they feel that they are superior to others. When they are asked to estimate the weight they can lift, they also tend to think that they are better than students wearing ordinary clothes. stronger. Studies have shown that people unconsciously embody the symbolic meaning of clothes, which means that people’s mental abilities and perceptions are affected by clothes.
  In another experiment, Pine had a group of women wear swimsuits and sweatshirts on a math test, and the latter performed better.
Adopt a daughter to prevent old age

  As the saying goes, raise children to guard against old age. Really? According to a study by Princeton University in the United States, adopting daughters is the only way to guard against old age. In families with sons and daughters, the responsibility of caring for the elderly is mostly borne by daughters. The researchers analyzed data from a multi-year follow-up survey of more than 26,000 elderly people over the age of 50 in the United States in 2004, and found that daughters spend an average of 12.3 hours a month taking care of the elderly, while sons only spend 5.6 hours. CBS News quoted report author Angelina Grigoryeva, a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at Princeton University, as saying: “Daughters spend more than twice as much time as sons each month on caring for their aging parents, or Say almost seven hours more.” The study also showed that in families with both children, gender was the single most important factor in determining how much care the children took on as parents. “If the son has sisters, the care work will decrease; on the contrary, if the daughter has brothers, the time spent on caring for the elderly will increase,” Grigoryeva said, “This means that the sons hand over the responsibility of caring for their parents to the sisters. “Sons mostly step into caregiving when they don’t have a sister or spouse. “The obvious fact is that the majority of elderly care in the United States is done unpaid at home by family members, usually adult daughters,” Grigoryeva said. In addition, if the elderly are female, it may be inconvenient for them to be taken care of by their sons. While men are increasingly sharing housework and childcare, there is still a stark gender gap in care for the elderly, she said.
The sound is different is to fall in love with TA

  It sounds unlikely. However, a recent study in the UK found that no matter boys or girls, when facing the object of their liking, they will subconsciously change their voices, and the pitch will become lower. There will also be different tones to give yourself more opportunities. Researcher Dr. Bishanski said that if a girl likes a boy who doesn’t have much attention, she will raise her voice; but if the person she likes looks like Andy Lau and has too much attention from the opposite sex, the girl will Tone down, because it helps make her stand out from a group of female competitors. According to Bishanski, studies have shown that men prefer girls with a high pitch because it signifies femininity and youth. This study also led her to speculate that the reason why women lower their pitch may be to show different values, because a lower pitch may represent ability, maturity, and dominance.

people are getting stupid

  The study published in the British journal New Scientist pointed out that the intelligence test of Danish men enlisted in the army showed that since 1998, the average IQ test score has dropped by 1.5 points, and a similar phenomenon has been seen in the United Kingdom and Australia. Studies have shown that human beings have passed the peak period of intelligence, and people’s IQ is no longer rising, and even began to decline. Some scientists pessimistically predict that it may take several hours for our descendants to understand what we understand at a glance. thing.