Water the flowers first

  A company wanted me to provide training services in human relations, and the implication was that the company’s problems were people.
  The president said to me: “The employees in every store are like this. They ask a question and answer a question. They don’t take the initiative and don’t know how to attract customers. They don’t know anything about the products in the store. I don’t have sales skills, and I don’t know how to sell products to those who need them.”
  So I went to observe a few stores, and sure enough, the reason was still a mystery.
  The president said: “I ask the store managers to lead by example, spend two-thirds of their time on sales, and the remaining one-third on management. Their performance far exceeds that of their subordinates, so our training targets are these store employees.”
  I noticed something, so I said: “Let’s study it again.”
  He didn’t take it seriously, thinking that he already knew the crux of the problem and should start training directly. But I persisted, and within two days the real cause was discovered. Under their distribution of responsibilities and salary system, the store manager always puts himself before others, and attributes all the performance in the cash register to himself. Usually the business hours are half deserted and half hot, so the store manager entrusts the thankless work to the shop assistants, such as inventory, stocking and cleaning, etc., while he is busy collecting money behind the cash register. No wonder the sales performance will exceed the shop assistants. .
  Later, we adjusted the salary system and the problem was solved. The core of the new salary system is: only when the shop assistants earn money, can the store manager make money. After combining the needs and goals of the store manager with those of the store staff, the problem of interpersonal relationship training no longer exists. The key is to establish a truly win-win reward system.
  More often than not, the problems stem from the system, not the people. No matter how good a person is in a bad system, there will be no good results. If you want to enjoy the flowers, you must water them first.