I’m such a nice guy

  Get up early in the morning, before six o’clock, when you can meet the sun.
  As the years go by, each day will have its own form.
  Form is good, and good things get a sense of solemnity when placed in good form.
  Greeting the sun in the morning is the most formal. When your arms are stretched out towards the sun in the east, when you see the sun and the sky, there is a cool message entering from the palm of your hand. I love the feeling most, a new day flowing into your life from here.
  At the same time, all living things are also welcoming the sun.
  Morning glory is the most sensitive, otherwise it would not have such a beautiful alias as “Chaoyan”.
  It is very beautiful to meet the sun with hundreds of plants on the roof.
  I’m such a nice guy.

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