an ancient pine

  The same thing, there are many views, and there are many phenomena that can be seen.
  Looking at an ancient pine, if you are a wood merchant, I am a botanist, and another friend is a painter, the three of them come to see this ancient pine at the same time. The three of us can be said to be aware of this tree at the same time, but the three of us are aware of three different things. You can’t escape the habit of your wood dealer, and all you know is how much wood is worth to do something. I can’t escape the habit of my botanist. All I can perceive is a flowering plant with needle-shaped leaves, spherical fruit, and evergreen. Our friend, the painter, doesn’t care about anything, just aesthetics, all he perceives is a green and vigorous old tree. The three of us also reacted differently. You calculate in your mind whether it is suitable for building a house or a tool, and think about how to buy it, chop it, and transport it. I put it in a certain category, note how it differs from other pines, and consider how it has lived so old. Our friend didn’t think like that, he was just concentrating on its green color, its coiled lines like dragons and snakes, and its lofty, unyielding spirit.
  From this, we can see that this ancient pine tree is not a fixed thing, and its image will change with the character and taste of the viewer. The image of Gu Song that everyone sees is a reflection of his own character and taste. Gusong’s image is half natural and half artificial. The most common perceptions are somewhat creative, and the most objective things are somewhat subjective.
  So is beauty. Beauty can only be seen with an aesthetic eye.