You are the best insurance

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Shuilan sent me a WeChat message, saying that he would send me a mask. Because of the new crown virus, the most lacking of the 2020 Spring Festival is not blessings, but masks. Although we didn’t go out much during the Spring Festival, our only a dozen masks have run out of ammunition and food, and we are about to resume work. I am worried about this. At this time, someone will send masks, not just sending charcoal in the snow. I just feel it. I accumulated virtue in my last life.

Shui Lan said that she just happened to accompany her godmother and father back, so she brought me a mask by the way, so that I would not be too moved. I have known Shuilan for more than 10 years. She seems to be laughing and caressing on the surface, but she is extremely careful and sincere. The friends she believes will treat you heartily. Such a cheerful and unpretentious character has won her many sincere friends.

For example, the godfather and godmother she mentioned were actually her clients. I once joked that if you continue like this, when she quits the insurance, it is estimated that the relatives will be able to line up. Will they be able to come by then? She said seriously: “Parents can’t confess indiscriminately. If they do, only the pair will be recognized. If they recognize too much, they won’t be able to serve. Besides, with my connections, middle-aged and elderly people who are as generous as my godfather and mother buy insurance. It is estimated that the whole city will get this pair. It is difficult to recognize more.”

I laughed, this guy always used her touching things to make fun of herself. And the serious version I know is that her godmother and father are indeed rich people. The various insurances she bought in her hands, based on my layman’s calculations, the commission she took, it is estimated that the next 10 years will be inadequate. worry. But the rich are not fools. Instead, they are especially wary of all those who try to get close to them. How does Shuilan win their recognition and support step by step? Not every insurance manager can follow suit.

Twelve years ago, Shui Lan was an intern nurse in a tertiary hospital. Four years ago, she was a full-time mother without a job. Today, she is already an account manager for a large insurance company, and her sales performance is among the top five in the region.

Refuse to be a housewife
I have never understood why Shuilan puts a good nurse in a big hospital without doing it, but has to come out for insurance. Although insurance sales staff do a good job and earn more money than nurses, the odds of achieving “feelings” are rare after all. Moreover, in the eyes of the public, nurses work more decently than “selling insurance.”

Shui Lan said that after she got married and gave birth to a child, she resigned with her husband Dahu’s insistence because no one had the child, and took the child full-time until the age of 5. If it weren’t for some changes in Dahu’s words and deeds, she might still feel at ease with her husband and children at home, believing that it is still a fairer marriage model for men and women to be married.

What breaks this “fairness” is Hu’s increasingly macho style. Hu, who has been working as an official and part-timer in a public institution, began to laugh at Shui Lan’s bloated figure intentionally or unintentionally. Shui Lan can bear all these, just treat him as a joke. The most unbearable thing is that Da Hu started to care about it at home.

Once or twice, Shui Lan endured it, but Da Hu was obviously intolerable. Once he drank too much, he unexpectedly said that if he hadn’t married her, she was a little nurse from the countryside, she would be very sad. Now she has to thank him for his “sex faint and intellect” in such a worry-free day.

Shui Lan had a big quarrel with Da Hu and formally proposed to end her full-time mother’s life and go out to work. Looking at Shuilan’s resolute attitude, Dahu realized that his words and deeds had gone too far, and in order to make up for the relationship between the two sides, he took the initiative to ask the trust relationship to help Shuilan contact the hospital and become a nurse.

“I refused. If I rely on his relationship to find a job, I will be looked down upon by him for the rest of my life. A friend of mine happened to be doing insurance. He said that he has free time in this business, and he can take care of the children, do a good job, and earn more. I thought about it all night. Later, I disregarded Hu’s objections and went into the business decisively.” The blue tone was full of rejoicing, and then said, “Sister, it’s very realistic and sad, isn’t it? If you don’t make money, let’s not say that others look down on you. Forget the original vows, trying to trample you under your feet and make you bow your heads forever.”

One day, she will be who she wants to be
In the insurance work, Shuilan has done a great job. In her words, the industry she chooses must be done well while crying. With professional sales knowledge and good after-sales service, she has slowly accumulated some customers who trust her. In a fellowship meeting in Da Hu, Shui Lan met a couple who were engaged in business. They were her later godfathers, Mr. Wu and Mrs. Wu.

That day, when they were sitting at the same table during the meal, Shui Lan discovered that Mr. Wu was a diabetic and had been taboo. Shui Lan used to be a nurse in the Department of Endocrinology, specializing in caring for diabetic patients. At that time, she kindly told them some precautions and nursing knowledge. I didn’t expect to mention something that would win their favor.

“I just gave them some care and care just when they needed it. They have been considering high-quality pensions. It just so happens that our company has such a pension insurance for high-end people, but the cost is very high. After careful consideration, they still buy Not only that, they also brought me into their social circle. This is a great recognition and encouragement for me.” Shui Lan said with emotion.

I said that I really don’t understand the world of the rich. From the perspective of my poor people, with millions, do I need to buy such a huge amount of insurance?

Shui Lan didn’t make fun of my short-sightedness, and said thoughtfully: “Sister, we have to work hard to make money. You see, with a strong economic backing, there are countless choices and plans.” When she said this, she thought. The light is flowing, I think that is an ambition and determination to move to a higher level of life.

Based on my understanding of Shuilan, I know that one day, she will become the person she wants to be. Because she is her own best insurance.