Xiaomei picking forsythia

Laomayi Natural Village is deep in Guanshan Mountain, South Taihang, and is said to be a village. Its owners moved to the mountains and settled down, leaving only a stone-enclosed courtyard where they were waiting alone, in disrepair and dilapidated.

This is the autumn season. Hu Xiaoqun and Su Xiaomei hurriedly finished the work outside the mountain. Before Xiao Miao looked out, he entrusted his young son to the elderly mother-in-law, Liu Shiying, and ran here. Pick forsythia during the mature season.

Speaking of forsythia, people are not unfamiliar. It is a blind medicine. In Chinese medicine, it clears away heat and detoxifies, relieves pain, disperses wind and heat. It is mainly used to treat ulcers, swollen and toxins, and Western medicine is mostly used to treat upper respiratory tract infections. To say that forsythia is wild, there are many mountains and wild places, but some places are rare, some are dense, some places are more knotted, and some places have only leaves and no fruit. Now Hu Xiaoqun and his two found that his hometown on the mountain was full of dense forsythia seeds. They were only pleasantly surprised that they did not dare to come out. It was like finding a treasure and digging a gold mine. .

At first, Hu Xiaoqun drove an old and broken round, pulling Xiaomei and the picking Forsythia Mountain to go through the field. When the sky was unknown, he went up the mountain and got a big black downhill. He went back and forth a day, which was too much effort. They simply cleaned up the abandoned old house and brought simple cooking utensils and coverings. They simply couldn’t live anymore.

This won them a lot of time.

They were often dark, and the mountains were still dark, and they went on the road with their flashlights and shallow feet, and waited for the big ridge behind the house to pant, and the sun also exposed on the top of Dongshan Mountain. They separated and disappeared into the bushes on the hillside not far away, and began to pick forsythia.

Xiaomei’s brother Su Xiaohu went to work at the county medicinal materials acquisition station. He told her that she came to Qianmen Road at the beginning of the year, and patted her chest to guarantee: Sister, you just pick it. What’s more on the hillside of our hometown is how much you pick. .

The temperature difference between the day and night in the ravine is large, and the sun rises in autumn and it is also hot. They didn’t even drink water, Xiaomei said something was wrong. She only stared at Forsythia in her eyes, hurriedly picked this tree, climbed the hill and picked another tree. At noon, I ran far away and did not go back to cooking. I filled my stomach with biscuits and instant noodles. I took a glass of water and took a nap under the tree and then dried.

The sun was about to set, and Xiaomei kept on handing, urging Hu Xiaoqun to pack and take care of her, she kept picking. It’s just that they got black, they were too tired, and they walked loosely and loosely on the back mountain road. As in the morning, no one spoke, this time it was too tired to say. Their faces were sunburned and black, and their lips were white, and their black eyes were deep in their eye sockets. When they saw people, they saw light shining inside.

Hu Xiaoqun’s picking forsythia is not as good as Xiaomei’s hands and feet, but he has brute force. The wet forsythia that was taken off was more than a hundred pounds per bag. He clipped the bag to the armpit, clipped two bags to the left and right at once, climbed the ditch and crossed the hill, and walked on the ground. After a period of time, the forsythia accumulated enough, he took the car to the house outside the mountain, dried it, and hoarded it in the east wing.

After a long time, as soon as the door was opened, there was a fresh, slightly bitter breath. Bags of bags of forsythia are sturdy and squeezed together, making people look at them with unspeakable comfort and pride. Xiaomei said that she could sell thousands of yuan, and Xiaoqun smiled. They have deep expectations in their hearts.


Xiaomei rarely came down the mountain once, and saw her daughter Fang Fang who came back from school. Her son was gone for half a month, as if she didn’t know her, but she squinted and squinted, calling him to stick out his tongue, make a grimace, and not affectionate , As if to have a diaphragm.

At this time, mother-in-law Liu Shiying suddenly remembered something and said to them: Xie Xiaoliang from Laoqian Street came to the house and found it.

Xiaomei looked at her mother-in-law with some surprise: What is he doing?

Liu Shiying said: no.

Xiaomei got upset: What did he do to me?

Sure enough, after dinner, I heard someone shouting. She hurriedly turned on the lights in the courtyard to welcome it, and Xie Xiaoliang entered the door.

As soon as I sat down, I asked casually: What about the small group brother?

Xiaomei said: Tired all day and fell asleep.

Xiaoqun heard it in the inner room and shouted: Xiaoliang, what’s the matter with your sister-in-law, I listen.

Xiaoliang responded: “It’s okay, let’s talk.”

The mother-in-law Liu Shiying smiled and said: I still take care of the child to sleep, and I have to go to school tomorrow, just say anything.

Xiaomei yawned, stared at Xiaoliang, and motioned him to say quickly that she had to rest early, and she had to go into the mountain early next morning.

Xiaoliang saw Xiaomei’s eagerness, and it was not good to grind it again: Sister Mei, would you like to make a fortune?

of course? Xiaomei was straightforward.

Xiaoliang smiled: I heard that you picked a lot of forsythia?

Xiaomei said: You collected it?

Xiaoliang said: If I don’t accept it, it will make you earn more money.

Xiaomei was shocked again.

You can rest assured that this method is clever and will not cause an accident. He glanced at Xiaomei as if telling her a big secret.

Xiaomei was surprised when she heard it: it would not be mixed with sycamore seeds.

Xiaoliang was overjoyed, and hey said: It really made you guess.

Xiaomei’s complexion suddenly dimmed, and he waved his hands again and again: Xiaoliang, I said uglyly on the head, so that we could live on the street, and if we looked down, we wouldn’t see it.

Xiaoliang said: Forsythia is medicine, is it not medicine? It’s not a bad thing to mix it, it can be fully charged, and it sells more money. Besides, the one who climbs up and down is so tired that his nose is crooked, and he can’t pick up a few forsythia. Good pick, is it not a matter of saving effort and making more money?

Xiaomei finally understood Xiaoliang’s true intentions.

She said without worry: Xiaoliang, I don’t have this guts.

Xiaoliang said: You sell me forsythia, I mix it, it doesn’t matter to you. It’s my business to go to jail and go to jail.

Xiaomei was embarrassed to hear this again. If we were to pick Forsythia for a good price, who sold it to us? But Xiaomei is now afraid and unwilling to promise him.

At this time, Hu Xiaoqun lying in the room shouted: Xiao Liang would give it to him if he wanted to receive it.

Mother-in-law Liu Shiying also heard the doorway in the east, and also shouted at the outside: they dare to buy, we dare to sell, what are we afraid of?

The words of mother-in-law Liu Shiying and her husband are like two bombs blowing on Xiaomei’s head. She only feels that her head is buzzing, and there are hot things flowing quickly in her mind.

Look at Xie Xiaoliang again, a pair of ambitions that must be won, he found a cigarette, smiled: Sister-in-law, don’t be too stubborn, I still want you to make more money?

That sycamore seed is so good, why do you want to blend it? Xiaomei listened to Xiaoliang show off with some pretentious gestures, and couldn’t help but interrupt him.

Xie Xiaoliang was saying that at the happy place, he was interrupted by people, and he was stuck in the conversation box. It seemed that he had been aggrieved. He suddenly uttered an octave: I am kind. I have a high price of Forsythia, a large amount of consumption, and the market is two or three. For ten yuan a catty mile, the price of sycamore seeds is low, and the dosage is small. If one of the two items is mixed, you will get all your forsythia. The sycamore seeds will be divided into half for you. Fortunately, I will pay for tobacco and alcohol. There is no shortage of places and it is easy to harvest.

Xiaomei listened to Xiaoliang’s oily tone and said, neither answering, nor expressing her position, she froze there for a while and fell into contemplation.

Xie Xiaoliang saw that Xiaomei had dared to interrupt him, but now the mud-carved wood sculpture was dumb and silent, thinking she was persuaded, he was a little excited: the ideal thing is to understand people, let’s add a sycamore seed to the forsythia What kind of anti-seasonal vegetables do we eat without medicine? It’s still alive if we eat them. How bad is it to mix a medicine with our medicine?

Hu Xiaoqun must have been infected, and got out of bed and lifted the curtain. Liu Shiying in the east repeatedly trained his grandson, believing that he could not hear the words outside.

Now somehow, the family who had been honest and upset suddenly became uncomfortable in the face of interests, and was distracted by a little bit of little head, and was completely sleepless.

Hu Xiaoqun, who is usually dumb and dumb, also joined in consciously, standing on the side of Xie Xiaoliang and doing his wife’s ideological work for others. He held a big cigarette nest in his hand, pressed it in his mouth, took a sip, swallowed the smoke into his stomach, and held it for a while before the thick smoke seemed to slowly come out of his nostrils. … The words spoken are like smoke from the nostrils, which can choke people.

But Xiaomei was interrupted as soon as she exited: Crawl back to sleep, what’s the matter?

The small group asked, boring, and murmured between the throats again. The large throat knot on the front neck moved hard, swallowing two saliva, and the muffled voice shrank back.

Liu Shiying couldn’t stand it anymore, and came out with a curtain, complaining for his son: Hey mother, what’s not to say, small group is no longer good, he is also his father, the length is the stick, the height is the individual, what? Can speak that way.

As for her mother-in-law, Xiaomei did not dare to find fault, but she did not answer the call. She also made up her mind. She did not want to take the risk. She also doesn’t want to make this cheap. She finally picked some forsythia, but also to sell it according to her brother’s official channel. She wanted to make this money just right. She didn’t want to go to the muddy water, in case she didn’t make her reputation bad. That’s a life-long stain, I can’t pull it off if I want to pull it off.

Xiaomei said frankly: Xiaoliang, we didn’t offend anyone, so come and go, don’t make it unpleasant for this matter, I will make it clear, I won’t do it, we don’t do well in the river.

Xiaoliang is also generous: You can rest assured that, I believe. What I want to say is that all of us in the village dare to do it. Why do you think you will do it? This makes me say you.

Xiaoliang finally couldn’t hold back, and wanted to go on, glanced at Xiaomei, still unmoved, and quickly turned around, but Xiaomei sat still, and Liu Shiying quickly stepped forward to play the rounds: you are also working hard, The woman’s family is dead, timid. Wait a minute, don’t go to your heart, we will add up.

When Xiao Liang was going out, she made an annoying sentence: “Sister-in-law, you are a good person, but you are too stubborn. Okay, let me just say that, turning her head and squinting her, she walked out of the courtyard a little unpleasantly.”

Xiaomei rolled her eyes in the dark and didn’t answer his words.


In the following days, many people in the village picking forsythia secretly do something secretly. This kind of thing is like smoking a big cigarette. Once it starts, it becomes addictive. Like flu, it always infects a batch. people. Xiaoliang suddenly became the God of Wealth in this area of ​​the mountain. He was flattered and greeted by the people. The god mysteriously called to let Xiaoliang come to the door to guide the experience and show up. All day long, he walked around in the east and west, hurriedly and strangely, he secretly instructed people to distribute large and small packages of sycamore seeds to various courtyards, blended it, hit the packing car, and went to the ground. The road by the village was pulled, and then pulled in all directions.

Xiaomei sometimes met Xie Xiaoliang when he came out of the mountain. His black and thin body was now even thinner. A black faux leather jacket exuded the choking and sour smell in the blowing wind. But Xiaoliang didn’t seem to care about it. The phone roared loudly, and he looked so full of energy.

One morning, Xiaoqun drove Xiaomei uphill with his old broken wheel again, and drove to Qingshi Shangcun. It was not yet dawn. There was a slight shadow on the opposite side, and when he walked in, he could see clearly It was Lao Huo at the northern end of the village. Xiaoqun quickly stopped and Xiaomei shouted: Uncle Cousin, what’s the matter?

Old Huo and Hu Xiaoqun’s father, who was called as a cousin, were cousins. This relative, in the words of Shanren, said that it’s a donkey’s tail hanging a stick. The cousin is not a shit, let alone another generation, but old Huo loves to climb relatives.

Now Lao Huo stepped forward to stop the car in such a hurry, there must be something to say.

He opened his mouth without a chin before opening his mouth. This smile made his two small eyes narrow, his wrinkled old face twitched all over, a soft and tender love appeared, he stopped laughing and opened the mung bean small Eyes, Xiaomei could see clearly the light in his small eyes, Xiaomei couldn’t help pumping, only to feel the surrounding air solidified.

Xiaomei said: Uncle Cousin, just say anything.

Old Huo said that Xie Xiaoliang.

Xiaomei took the words and said: Uncle Cousin, look, what can we do with this fake thing?

Lao Huo said: Xiao Liang told me everything, did not let you and everyone get rich together?

Xiaomei said: Uncle Cousin, I think, I don’t have much money to make, it’s enough to spend, why do I have to do this kind of thing, in case it is found out above, how shameful.

Old Huo was uncomfortable with Xiaomei’s words. He wanted to persuade her to work with Xiaoliang, but now she was reasonably poor, and quickly changed the topic: Xiaomei, Xiaoliang said so, I didn’t Think about it, don’t you think of you two drilling in the old forest all day long, running down the mountain, it’s not easy, you want to make more money, small group, do you say?

Xiaoqun glanced at Xiaomei, then turned to look at the cousin in the far room, a smile squeezed from his face, and said perfunctoryly: Uncle cousin, you are also kind.

Xiaomei then replied: Kindness is kindness, there are some things to see how you think.

Lao Huo didn’t work for a while, said she couldn’t move her, and quickly rushed to the round: if you go back and think about it, if you figure it out, let’s do it. If you can’t figure it out, it’s like a wind blowing in our mountains.

Xiaomei thought, this cousin must have obtained the foreign money of the second expert Xie Xiaoliang. Before that, Xiaomei had heard that this cousin, old Huo Ai, had a small bargain. Pheasant hare gave him, and he accepted with pleasure. Looking at it now, he must have benefited from Xie Xiaoliang, otherwise, how could he help him speak, but she said nothing if nothing happened: Nothing, uncle, just talk about it.

Cousin Lao Huo’s face became solemn, and seriously, the school seemed to be doing a very solemn ceremony.

Lao Huo said: You don’t do it, others do it, when you can’t tell the world.

Xiaomei also said very firmly: you can rest assured.

Lao Huo said: This thing is known to you and me, Xie Xiaoliang knows, we know in the mountains, no one but us, if something happened…

Old Huo didn’t say anything, and the two mung beans stared at her sharply, Xiaomei felt a chill, and could not help shaking his shoulders twice, eagerly arguing: Uncle, words But you can’t say this. There are no impenetrable walls in this world. Sparrows fly over and shadows. You can’t put injustice on me.

Lao Huo said: Naturally, you made the statement clear, and I also opened the skylight to speak brightly. Xiaomei, if you mix a sycamore seed, everybody mixes it. If you don’t mix it alone, you said that something happened, do you still doubt you?

Xiaomei was suddenly stuck by his cousin’s words. He didn’t answer the words for a long time. Even Hu Xiaoqun felt that the uncle had said too much. He couldn’t be silent anymore, his head stalked, his eyes glared, and he opened Thick voice: Uncle, can’t say that.

As soon as Huo Huo’s voice fell, he knew what he had said, so he quickly stopped, and the stiff blade face was a little bit bloody again, and he smiled again, and his palms flicked his face at random, and his breath seemed hurried: this is Uncle Cou Mouth, people are old, old people can’t hold the door, Xiaoliang is not at ease, please let me bring a sentence, you just know, just fine.


As usual, Xiaomei stopped the car, and the two proceeded to their destination along the winding mountain road.

The autumn mountain added a layer of chill, and the flowers and trees all withered and fell. The only tree species known as Cotinus coggygria was frost-resistant and cold-resistant among the ditch slopes, clusters and clumps, blooming red in the mountains, like a flame , Became the embellishment of Qiushan.

Changes in the seasons have brought the footsteps of winter closer, and Xiaomei is still working tirelessly like a bee like a spring silkworm, still under the frost and cold morning dew of twilight.

She must rush to pick up the remaining forsythia before the arrival of severe winter, otherwise the season will not be forgiving, and once the winter is subjected to severe frost, the full and dense forsythia seeds will lose their medicinal value and want to harvest it again, Can only wait for the reincarnation of the next season.

They were really crazy to pick forsythia. Xiaomei didn’t even let go of the moonlight and ran around for more than ten years to grab the forsythia forest furthest away from the station.

Hu Xiaoqun couldn’t eat too much, but he didn’t dare to squeak. Xiaomei went out. A woman’s family can bear it. What can a big man say? And now the forsythia close to home has let them pick, and they pick farther and farther.

This is even worse for Hu Xiaoqun. The mountain is rolling and the mountain is deep and the ditch is deep. It is difficult for people to climb up and down. It is hard to say that he has to carry a large bag and a bag on his shoulders. He often comes down one day and is tired and tired. He lies down at night like A dead dog generally doesn’t want to move, sometimes turning over on the bed, he can hear the crunch of the bone joints, as if it is about to break. A pair of hands, dry and rough, the bones are surprisingly large, and the thick cocoons are like bronze nail caps welded on the hands.

During this period, Hu Xiaoqun went down the mountain two more times to transport forsythia seeds out of the mountain. One morning, when he drove out of the car, he met Xiaoliang and saw no one around. Xiaoliang said to Hu Xiaoqun: Xiaoqun, There are no people in your family.

Xiaoqun grinned and smiled: Then what else can I say, let others get rich and let others make it!

Xiaoliang said: The whole village will come out of your home Xiaomei, dead ribs, the stone in the jar is stinky and hard. Hey, kindness has become donkey liver and lungs.

Xiaoqun said: I was born with a life of suffering and suffering. Others send people home, and we don’t have eyes.

Xiaoliang said: brave the brave, starve to the coward.

Hu Xiaoqun was even more confused. He couldn’t help looking out onto the rural fork road at the south end of the street. On the highway, cars still ran around, going to school, going to school. The peddlers shouted forsythia and rang out from time to time in the village, everything was in order.

Lao Huo appeared to be coming out of the ground. He immediately arrived at Hu Xiaoqun’s car and he scolded Xiaoqun and complained: “You didn’t say a word when you were out of the mountain. It hurt your cousin’s backpack and bag. Return?

Xiaoqun smiled happily and hurriedly said: Let’s go.

Lao Huo said: Wait a minute, after a while, I will go back and settle the account. Speaking and ordering the general shouting Xiaoliang: There is not much money, don’t let your uncle wait for it, go and talk about letting me take it away!

Xiaoliang shouted: Uncle: Don’t panic, fear what, don’t hurry into the mountains, fear that your nephew will not eat?

Old Huo Wen seemed to think of something suddenly, his small eyes twitched around his eyes, his head twitched left and right, and he suddenly said: By the way, Xiaoliang I said to Xiaomei, but Xiaoqun was listening, Xiaomei refused to say, what can I do? However, Xiaomei still understands people, and others will not go back, but they will never let you be scared and worried that they will be exposed.

Xiaoqun quickly plugged in the words: Xiaoliang brother, uncle, my family Xiaomei is definitely not such a person.

Xiaoliang nodded slightly and looked at Hu Xiaoqun for a while. The eyes of the man looked even poisonous to Old Huo.

In a stalemate, Shi Qiushan at the alley of the other side called Lao Huo to pay the bill. According to seniority, Qiu Shan called Lao Huo Uncle, and Lao Huo discovered that the second villager Qiu Shan in the neighboring village was also present. Old Huo scolded Qiu Shan again. Farting walked fart, and turned his head to ask Xiaoqun: Let’s go together.

Xiaoliang’s mobile phone rang, and he turned his back to pick up the phone. Hu Xiaoqun could not see his expression at this time, and could not hear what he said, but he still felt that he had again today from a loud burst of laughter Good entry, he felt the excitement in every pore and hair of Xiaoliang. The small group was a little lost and sad, whispering in his heart: Now this matter is becoming more and more invisible.

Lao Huo took the money and was about to say hello to Xiaoqun, and was yelled by Xie Xiaoliang. He saw that he closed the phone cover, and he rushed to Lao Huo’s heel, mysteriously covering half of his face with his hand. Lao Huo whispered at the root of his ear, and Lao Huo’s old face was also covered with a layer of mystery, and then they smiled knowingly.

On the way back, Lao Huo sat in the tricycle for a while, grabbed the handle of the front stop of the car with his hand, and flaunted today’s entry, said and encouraged Xiaoqun to talk about Xiaomei: Ye Li, putting the money under his eyes Don’t earn? Your cousin is not a character, but cadres of large and small teams have done it all. Now he is still the deputy secretary of the village. He has never seen him in the world.

Speaking along the way, Lao Huo arrived at the door of the house. The small group stopped and Lao Huo said: Afternoon, let’s go after dinner.

Xiaoqun said: Xiaomei is alone on the mountain, I have to rush back.

Lao Huo said: Well, don’t keep you, you can talk to her again.

The small group said: I will try again.


When Xiaoqun saw Xiaomei, she told her bit by bit what she heard outside the mountain, but she just cut the words and was cut off by Xiaomei, turning her eyelids to whiten him, Xiaoqun would not dare to go down said.

Hu Xiaoqun’s eyes were saturated with wet sorrow. This sorrow urged him to grow old. Those in their early 40s must be grayed out.

The small group swallowed, and Xiaomei didn’t speak again. After a long time, the two looked like wooden bodhisattvas. You looked at me and I looked at you.

Xiaomei apparently fell into deep thought again, her hands moved quickly between the branches, but it did not affect her thoughts at all. She remembered Xiaoliang again. She had been wondering about this person. Why should a good business be adulterated? She always thought that something would happen sooner or later, but her husband’s news from outside the mountain said that not only did nothing happen, but she was doing quite well. She was puzzled again and blamed herself, as if she had really become a pedantic fool and an outlier. Thinking of this, she felt a pain in her heart, as if a wound was bleeding blood. She thought, anyway, this year’s forsythia season is almost over, and I won’t talk about it this year. After finishing this work, he will go out to meet his younger brother, talk about the work, solve his confusion, and then take a look at the old lady and younger brother. Xiaohu is the only child. After his father died ten years ago, his mother has followed him. Although she doesn’t have to worry about supporting the old man as a damsel, she still has to look at each other. The girl in the junior high school became more and more disobedient. In the mid-term exams, she was pulled down a lot, and her son was spoiled by his grandmother. At this point, she couldn’t get rid of her relationship and had to strengthen discipline.

Hey, but now the filial piety and mother’s responsibilities have been thrown away to pick a forsythia,

I put another big black, and finally finished the forsythia on this side of the mountain, said to go away, picked up pots and pans overnight, carried the last bag of forsythia over the ridge, loaded it into the car, and it was still dark. The small group of couples went out together, and the one-year job of picking forsythia was temporarily ended.


The mountain road bends, and the wind brand winds in three rounds. The mountains on both sides of the road are layer by layer, with a clear outline, like a paper cut twisted out, and one or two grey finches are flying by in front of the car. At this moment, Xiaomei felt that Dashan was so beautiful, and she felt reluctant.

As she approached Yamaguchi, Xiaomei’s cell phone in her shoulder bag hurriedly rushed out. She hurriedly picked it up from the bottom of the bag to pick it up. It was her brother Xiaohu’s call: Why didn’t you pick it up? Xiaohu complained about her.

Xiaomei explained: The signal on the mountain is bad.

What happened to you, do you know?

Xiaomei didn’t hear clearly, and waved her hand to let Xiaoqun stop the car. Xiaoqun didn’t know what was going on, and it was not easy to stop on the downhill. Xiaomei removed her mobile phone and screamed: parking, deaf?

The small group suffocated and mumbled: “It’s a car, and even a mule horse must pull the reins!”

Xiaomei couldn’t be more anxious: you are less nagging.

The car finally stopped on a gentle slope. Not far away, an old mistletoe stood on an open field. The small group glanced at the mistletoe and Xiaomei’s flushed face and shiny eyes because of excitement. He sighed sadly in his heart: I might as well be a tree.

Xiaomei didn’t care at all, only to answer the phone.

The younger brother Xiaohu said: Some of you have adulterated into the forsythia, the above is found, and the county will come down to check tomorrow.

Xiaomei was generally frightened: yes?

Xiaohu said: Sister, I can make a joke for you, I ask you our forsythia is ok.

Xiaomei calmed down: no, absolutely not.

Xiaohu said: Then do you know who made the fake?

Xiaomei knew that, but she lied to her brother for the first time: I really don’t know this.

Xiaohu said: Let’s be fine, come down and ask what to say.

Xiaomei said: You can rest assured!

Hanging up the phone for a long time, Xiaomei was stunned by the mountain path, and Xiaoqun urged her to get in the car: What is there to say slowly at home.

Xiaomei sat in the car in a trance, and said: Speak strictly, not to anyone.

Xiaoqun yelled and drove out of the mountain again.

Sure enough, as his brother Xiaohu said, the next morning, just after having breakfast, Xiaomei heard someone knock on the door, she opened the street door, and Lao Huo brought a few strangers in, Xiaomei recognized at a glance, and his brother Xiaohu also came. He turned around and asked Lao Huo: Uncle, how old are you?

Lao Huo said: Some people say that the fake forsythia is out in our village. It’s a big deal. Our village has no secretary now. Can I come?

Xiaomei thought that this was the case. Old Huo didn’t say that she really didn’t know that this cousin was still the leader of Murakami. Only then did she understand a problem. No wonder Xie Xiaoliang dared to be so arrogant, and Old Huo dared to be so fooled. Head head.

Lao Huo stopped talking and hurriedly introduced that this was the leadership of the County Medical Administration to understand the situation. Introduced to Xiaohu, Lao Huo smiled: This does not need to be introduced.

Xiaohu smiled, and Xiaomei smiled.

The leaders asked some questions, how many forsythia were picked, and there was no adulteration. Someone asked her fiercely, who is in the village?

Xiaomei shot a group of people, glanced at her brother, and said quietly: I don’t know, I only care about my own business, I don’t believe you come in and see.

Speaking of Xiaomei, she screamed that Xiaoqun took the key. She took the door key and opened the lock herself, and a fragrance of natural medicine came to her nose. When a group of people came in, the hut looked narrow. A leading man owed his body and took out a forsythia. He sniffed the nose. A young man broke the forsythia shell. Several people laughed and said that this is The superior forsythia is not fake, not at all.

Lao Huo teased and said: I haven’t deceived the leader, maybe there is something wrong with the village, so I have come to my village.

A group of people didn’t answer Lao Huo’s words. The people who took the lead praised Xiaomei: Do you think that Xiaohu is a good comrade in the unit, can her sister be good?

A group of people smiled, Xiaohu smiled, and Xiaomei smiled shyly. The person who went out and led the way said lamentably to the face of Lao Huo: there must be something wrong with the forsythia here. Anyone who reports rewards will be punished if the situation is not reported.

Old Huo looked uncomfortable, but he tried to hide it.

After the old Huo led the people away, Xiaomei told the mother-in-law Liu Shiying and Xiaoqun what had just happened.

Liu Shiying said: I have listened in the house, this old Huo Shendao miles, he is uncle, Xiaoliang is his nephew, can the uncle speak to his nephew? He was sloppy.

Liu Shiying sighed again: We are far away from the emperor’s high mountain, and we have no head at all. It’s up to old Huo to let it go. Let him be fooled, as long as he can coax, he is a good man.


One morning after three days, the county came, and the car drove directly to Xiaoliang’s house and arrested him.

This time, the small village seems to have exploded, and it is full of people, saying everything.

While condemning Xie Xiaoliang, people also focused on Xiaomei. Xiaoliang’s cousin Shi Qiushan swears on the chest swearing: If she didn’t sue, I’d closed my eyes. When he said this, Shi Qiushan’s fierce and fierce look shot his breasts loudly, and his eyes gleamed out with the vicious light of poison and fear.

Someone was impatient and counterattacked him: Qiushan, there must be evidence to speak, and there should be no justification for hurting people.

Qiu Shan’s eyes were glaring and round, seeming to burst out of his eyes: Unbelieve to ask Lao Huo to ask, I am uncle’s bowl of water is flat, will not be wronged.

Someone believed it and sighed: Hey, a donkey ran out of the flock, so Xiaomei, you are so sad? Xie Xiaoliang’s mistakes are not good, everyone can follow him to make some money, you are good, you don’t make mistakes, you play high, but you hurt me, I hate you, what is your picture.

Xiaomei’s behavior is clear to me. You made your urine muddy, and you can’t recognize the good or the bad. What you said is impossible. You are chewing your tongue and not afraid of pus.

Knowing that you are good with her, who can still have a distance? By no means who lays down who. Don’t make your speech too ugly. Whoever is good is always going to whom.

Despite the mixed opinions, Xiaomei did not have an impenetrable wall, Xiaomei didn’t hear it in person, but she still felt strange. This kind of feeling was like a morning fog, you couldn’t catch it, you couldn’t touch it. , Can only be observed by eye. For example, a group of people are talking and laughing. As soon as she appears, she stops immediately, and then another topic will appear, but this topic simply cannot attract such interest. Sometimes she walked in front, and the people in the back whispered that she heard vaguely, as if to say she sue Xiaoliang. Xiaoliang is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Sooner or later she will let her go?

Xiaomei’s heart hurt like a scorpion.

There was no empty words in the mouth. Sure enough, within a few days, Xiaoliang came out. In private, someone whispered: Old Huo came forward, and Xiaoliang’s family made money and gave Xiaoliang out.

The released Xiaoliang was not annoyed at all, and became even more distraught. He let out cruel words, as long as he knew who was the one who told him, and he did not end with him.

Xiaoliang has been scolding endlessly. The people in the whole village knew that he was scolding Xiaomei. Someone came to the house to remind Xiaomei that Xiaomei was still able to stand still, but Liu Shiying couldn’t stand it and said, “What?” Whoever provokes the dog, who provokes him, and he thanked his family not to provoke it, and did not open the dog’s eyes, the people of Hu Family Portal bullied?

Once again Xiaoliang drank too much and scolded again on the street. Liu Shiying came out and pointed at Xiaoliang and asked: Who are you scolding?

Xiaoliang begs his face: I scold the South Wall.

Liu Shiying said: Scold the South Wall to scold your South Wall.

Xiaoliang said: Who told me who I scolded.

Liu Shiying said: Who sue you, you make it clear.

Xiaoliang said: I need not say, who told me who knew.

Liu Shiying shouted: Xiaoqun, you come out.

Xiaomei heard the sound.

Liu Shiying asked Xiaomei in front of Xiaoliang, did you sue?

Xiaomei said: I haven’t.

Xiaoliang said: You didn’t tell, who else?

Xiaomei said: Whoever told me to sue, let him come out, I confronted him face to face.

Suddenly, a Jincheng Suzuki motorcycle stood in front of her with a squeak. A long-haired man stepped out of the car and walked towards Xiaomei. Before Xiaomei could figure it out, the man shouted at Xiaomei: you woman The turtle bones are miles!

Xiaomei recognized Shiqiu Mountain next to Zhuangwazhuang.

Xiaomei said: Qiushan, put your mouth clean.

I scold you for being light, believe it or not, I smoke you. As he spoke, he stretched his arms and leaned towards Xiaomei.

At this time, the small group happened to meet. I really should have said the saying: Honest people are not annoyed. I saw his eyes glared round, two fat legs hurried toward Qiushan, shouted: Qiushan, you ate thunder, you moved her to show me.

Qiushan did not show weakness, and pointed to the small group: this kind of woman just stubbornly beats up, is a raw product, a mouse broke a pot of soup, and disturbed the good things of the whole village.

Xiaomei said: Qiushan, don’t help Xiaoliang bully people, and don’t make me hurry.

Xiaoliang said: What can you do?

Xiaomei said: Don’t talk nonsense by yourself.

Xie Xiaoliang said: Well, I will go to ask Uncle Huo to say it again, I have my own way and I will figure it out.

Just go. Xiaomei also responded straight.

Xiaomei’s mother-in-law was not weak, and shouted: I will go too. He followed behind Xiaomei.

Upon seeing this, Xiaoqun glanced at Xiaomei, and then at the mother, and stepped into her own array.

Qiushan also cheered on the side: “Identify you and see how you are.

Xiaomei said: There is no such thing at all, and even his old Huo dare not talk nonsense.

Mother-in-law Liu Shiying said: No, no. Old Huo Horai is also a cadre of Murakami, and he will not talk nonsense.

Xiaoliang said: This is what you two said, but remember it for me. Don’t curl your tongue up.

Xiaomei said: It’s what I said, who messed up his tongue and killed his family.

The small group said: Don’t shout, wait for the clarification of its own statement.

Two irreconcilable people clamored anxiously, no one was afraid of anyone, and wandered arbitrarily through the insignificant streets of Beixiaotun, and walked to Lao Huo’s house under the mountain.


Beixiaotun is a new village that has only been formed in recent years. Most of them are old households who moved from Laoma Station. The new village is just such a small street that can be worn at a glance. At this time, it is just a free moment after lunch. Almost half a street of people have gathered on the small street, as if a stone fell into the pool, stirring a pool of still water, rippling up and down like ripples, and the violent dispute between the two sides was shocked like a sound wave. Street, these shocked people not only join in the excitement and look strange, but also have a heart of their own, maybe they are involved in this dispute, after all, they are involved in the forsythia fraud incident made by Xie Xiaoliang, They also wanted to find out who was behind the move, sue the official, and cut off their wealth. Among them, there are also some people who are unwilling to talk to their own family and whisper: Lao Huo, he testifies, can he testify? His testimony may not be a good witness!

A group of people were noisy and clamoring. When they came to the door of Lao Huo’s house, Lao Huo just came out of the door. And now he is a big thing, and he can’t go.

A group of people, dozens of pairs of eyes stared at him like dozens of searchlights, and then looked at Xie Xiaoliang, Shi Qiushan, Xiaomei, Liu Shiying one by one, dazzled, like a steel needle straight Stare at him.

Seeing this, Old Huo seemed to understand a bit, so he pretended to be calm: a man on the hill, but he didn’t see his head when he looked up.

Xie Xiaoliang spoke first, shouted uncle, and said openly: You are a cadre of our village, you are a fair man, you are judged, I want to make money, and I am not alone. Pleasantly, fooling me in the background, not acknowledging. “Xie Xiaoliang deliberately went round and round, but he said Su Xiaomei from time to time to say these words, which made Su Xiaomei resentful, and he couldn’t hear it anymore, so he interrupted and said: Xie Xiaoliang, don’t refer to chickens and scold dogs there. Bury the ground, whoever sue you to be the old Huo face to make it clear.

Xie Xiaoliang said that no one is stupid, need to say?

Su Xiaomei said: Let Old Huo say that.

Everyone focused their attention on Lao Huo again. Lao Huo was a knowledgeable person in the world. He was not afraid, but he was really embarrassed at the moment.

Liu Shiying stood up: Lao Huo, you are a cadre, just listen to your fair words, in the end is it my family’s complaint.

Old Huo hurriedly replied: Who said? I did not say.

Liu Shiying said: I know you didn’t say it, just want you to say who said it.

Lao Huo said: How can I know, ask me, it is better to ask the South Wall.

Old Huo stared at Xie Xiaoliang, and Xie Xiaoliang also looked at him straight and straight.

Lao Huo said: What did you say?

Xie Xiaoliang: I said so. Things are there.

Old Huo said to the slime: It makes sense to say.

Liu Shiying counterattack: there is a reason.

Xie Xiaoliang got angry: did you blame my uncle?

Liu Shiying said: I still call him light.

Seeing this, Old Huo stretched out his hand and scratched his unkempt hair, smiling unnaturally: living on a street, there is something to discuss, don’t be noisy!

This sentence made Xiaomei both arrogant and funny, she was a little impatient: Old Uncle Huo, you just said a word.

Liu Shiying also immediately said: Is it right, is it not, is it embarrassing?

Others also coaxed: that is.

Lao Huo was in trouble. He was in the door of the old cousin and one in the door of the old uncle, but Lao Huo was very embarrassed.

To tell the truth, he did not hear Su Xiaomei say that he was mainly involved in the fraud incident. Out of self-protection, he also had to face Xiaoliang, but in front of him, Xiaomei and Xiaomei’s mother-in-law were not good.

Hey, don’t fall into this field alone. He has never been caught in the middle as a deputy for decades. Like a sizzling barbecue, he is fried on both sides. At this point, even he himself is wondering, how do I It’s no longer a mix of people.

The small street was silent for a while, and I saw a white cloud passing over the street of the mountain village. The mountain not far away stood in the solemnity, with a face stretched majesticly, and a group of gray tits also mixed with this street. The echo echoed on the branch, whizzing and chasing, and now fluttering away.

At this moment, Lao Huo was suddenly uncharacteristically breaking the deadly silence. Mung Bean’s small eyes suddenly widened with exaggeration. The wide pair of small eyes pulled a wrinkled old face into a stiff and terrible, seemingly stiff The tickled arm suddenly raised a rough and arrogant arc in the air, and he suddenly became arrogant and raging: ask me, ask me to say, logically speaking, the big guys have done it, you don’t do it…

Hu Xiaoqun, who had been silent for a while, heard Lao Huo’s absurd “mantra”, then he couldn’t hold back anymore, stopped drinking, and rushed forward, Liu Shiying also opened his voice and scolded, this time it was really abusive Too.

Xiaomei couldn’t hear it anymore, and he defended with a scream. She doesn’t give her this uncle far away face at all now.

Seeing this, old Huo, despite Xie Xiaoliang’s entanglement, didn’t know what to mumble, and no one could hear clearly. After reading this passage, he could no longer stand, and took the opportunity to withdraw and ran back to the mountain.

Liu Zhiying was not reluctant, chasing his back and shouted: Can’t go, can’t go, how many gifts did people receive, how many confessions did they eat?

The small group also shoved their arms, and said disdainfully in their mouths: Uncle, even an outsider! He said, but looked at Su Xiaomei with anxiety.

Qiushan jumped out: There is no need to confront, you think about it, if everyone else is mixed, you don’t mix it, not who you are?

Xiaoliang put oil on the fire: the lice on the head of the bald head-clear.

Xiaomei was also annoyed by this sentence. The annoyed Xiaomei was not the original Xiaomei. She was blushing with anger and her lips were trembling. She raised her arm and pointed straight at Xiaoliang and Qiushan: You are a thousand knives. With your shit logic, I said, I don’t care about things that don’t hinder me. You’re retaliated for what you did. That’s God’s will. In the end, the paper can’t hold the fire. Well, since you said so, I’m going to I’m asking you, what happened if I sue, wouldn’t anyone dare to mumble when you did something bad? Xie Xiaoliang and Shi Qiushan, I can’t be afraid of you, who do you think you are? How amazing are you? It’s not that both legs have a shit belly. With a good day, however, take the wrong way and tell you that people do ethics for retribution. If you don’t change yourself, you will have to be bad.

She was sharp-spoken, full of voice, and brought her awe of power, cracking, like putting a crunchy firecracker.

Xie Xiaoliang didn’t expect that, in a hurry, Xiaomei would break out and say: Well, you didn’t say it.

Su Xiaomei looked at it, and there was no fight. He only said what people are doing and what the sky is watching. He groaned and walked away from the chaotic scene with her mother-in-law and man.

Xie Xiaoliang’s eyes narrowed, and then suddenly opened, pouring out a fierce burning light.

Qiushan greeted arrogantly on the side: “Go, Brother Liang, this is not the end!


One night a few days after the storm in the mountain village, Xiaomei’s house was stolen. The stolen place was the East House where she stored Forsythia. A large hole was pried open by the outside of the house. A forsythia was stolen before the house could be sold. Both the township police station and the Municipal Public Security Bureau came and saw the fresh footprints left on the scene, as well as the very clear tricycle tire marks, and slipped south to the village on the provincial road.

People from Xiangli County also came, and Xiaomei’s younger brother also came. Everyone comforted her. This case must be resolved and the loss can be recovered.

The leader who came to the house last time to check fake forsythia also came and said: Xiaomei, you are the leader of law-abiding business, and you must not let good people lose money, even if the case cannot be solved, you will never let good people lose money.

Xiaomei, who had been stolen forsythia, was in a bad mood while waiting for the case to be handled. The actual incident was only a month away. Xiaomei felt like it had passed half a century. In the days when she lived, Xiaomei was suffering physically and mentally, and no one looked good. The girl returned on Sunday. She quarreled with her and saw her son arguing with her son. She has been thinking subjectively that she is working day and night up and down the mountain. She wants to make this home better and let her children fight, but now there is not much better. The children have also let her down. She also thinks of her husband Hu Xiaoqun. Without a fight, if the husband was incompetent, this Xie Xiaoliang wouldn’t dare to bully her by daring him.

She scolded Hu Xiaoqun in her heart and scolded Xie Xiaoliang and Shi Qiushan badly.

On the day when Xie Xiaoliang was taken away again, a yellow wind blew in the Taihang Xishan area. The wind stopped in the evening, and the snow began to rise. The first was the small one, and then the denser and the deeper, the more urgent, without waiting for the twilight, heaven and earth It became a color, white and clean, the night covered everything, and the snow covered everything. Xiaomei got up from the bed all at once, and saw the snow everywhere through the window, and it was still floating. Somehow, when she saw the snow, Xiaomei’s heart hurt a little, and she quietly got tears from her eyes.