“Wonderful” traffic is illegal

“God” who is driving without a license, breaks into someone else’s house and becomes the owner

In June 2019, a villager in Houhengyu Village, Shiheng Town, Feicheng City, Shandong Province suddenly broke into an uninvited guest. I saw him shirtless, picked up the farm tools in the yard and started to raise wheat. Just when the owner couldn’t figure it out, the traffic police from Feicheng brigade sought after him. The uninvited guest claimed to be at home, but the owner said that he did not know him.

After investigation, the Yangmai who broke in at midnight was surnamed God. He was undocumented, drank alcohol, and drove. The patrolling police asked him to stop for inspection, and Shenmou abandoned his car and ran into the homes of the residents on the roadside, performing this “God” operation. After a breath alcohol test, Shenmou had a blood alcohol content of 68.3 grams per 100 milliliters, which is considered to be driving without a license or driving under the influence.

When a friend gets drunk and walks together, investigate and punish drunk driving together

In February 2019, police officers set up a card on Taixing Street, Tai’an City, Shandong Province and successively seized two drunk drivers. After questioning, it turned out that the two drivers were drinking together that night. After eating and drinking, the two drove home separately. As a result, the front and rear cars were seized by the police. After investigation, the test results of the two drivers’ alcohol testers were 94 mg/100 ml and 84 mg/100 ml respectively.

Although drinking together can enhance friendship, true good friends should support each other and help each other in life, not face the dangers and punishments of drunk driving together, true good friends will not let your life be “threatened” , So let us boycott drunk driving together and let our friends go home safely.

Drunk man picked up his drunk wife and both were arrested

In July 2019, traffic police found a black car not far from Baolong section of Huanshan Road in Tai’an City, Shandong Province, and ordered the driver to stop for inspection. After a breath alcohol test, the driver actually contained 144 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. The man’s wife was drunk that night and called him to pick him up, but the man was also drunk at the time. In order to pick up his wife home as soon as possible, he took a chance and drove his car to pick up his wife. Unexpectedly, on the way home, he was seized by the traffic police.

After being arrested three times for drunk driving, what is this driver thinking?

On May 4, 2014, Liu drove a small car and drove a motor vehicle on Kanghui Street, Feicheng City, Shandong Province. He was seized by the Traffic Police Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Feicheng City. He was fined 1,000 yuan and 12 points for his driving license. Withholding a driver’s license for 6 months.

On August 28, 2014, Liu drove the same small passenger car on Fengshan Street in Feicheng City. He was seized by the Traffic Police Brigade of the Feicheng Public Security Bureau and fined 1,000 yuan for driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol again during the driver’s license suspension period. , Revoke the driver’s license and detain the administrative penalty for 10 days.

On January 20, 2017, Liu re-applied for a driver’s license with a “C1” model. At 7 o’clock on August 19, 2019, Liu was driving a small car on Xiangyang Street in Feicheng City. He was seized by the Feicheng traffic police for driving a motor vehicle while drunk for the third time. He was fined 1,000 yuan and his driving license was revoked again. Administrative penalties for detention.

Three drunk driving in six years, however, after the first two drunk driving was found, they did not deepen their understanding of the illegality, but intensified, again and again. Don’t take the slightest chance at any time, because you really can’t control the wheel of life when driving under the influence!

The towel is supposed to wipe your face, but you use it to “cover your face”

In July 2019, the police from the Wenkou Squadron of the Shandong Daiyue District Brigade was patrolling National Highway 104 in the area under their jurisdiction and found a heavy goods vehicle traveling from north to south with a fast speed and no license plate.

It turned out that the man took a shortcut to the restricted area and deliberately covered the number plate with a white towel in order to avoid punishment. He did not expect that he was caught by the police shortly after he came out. In the end, the man was punished with 12 points on the driver’s license and a fine of 200 yuan.

Being checked for obstructing the number plate, consuming K powder “shocked”

In May 2017, Xiao Mou, a post-90s man, was seized by the police from the Qianzhou Brigade of Xiangxi Detachment for covering up the number plate. Who knew he was “stunned” by smoking K powder in the corner of a nearby iron house in the name of the toilet and was arrested by the police on the spot. A positive. Upon questioning, Xiao confessed to the illegal fact of taking K powder (ketamine). Illegal Erlian, this young man is really a stubborn master. Not only does he not rush to deal with the violation, he also has to play with a panic, and accidentally plays it. Points deduction, fines, detention, and forced bans are all indispensable.

Use chicken feathers to cover the number plate to avoid “trouble”

In May 2017, the staff of the Xiangxi Detachment of the Hunan Expressway Traffic Police Station seized a small car with chicken feathers covering the number plate on the highway. Upon questioning, the driver claimed that he had bad luck recently. In order to avoid an accident, he asked the master to “dress up” the vehicle. Several parts of the vehicle were affixed with feathers, including the vehicle number plate. In the end, the man was punished with 18 points and a fine of 400 yuan for blocking the number plate and speeding.

226 illegal records, the driver did not even know

It is understood that in December 2017, the Laoshan traffic police found a BYD car suspected of being out of guarantee and out of trial through the road monitoring and alarm system. After further investigation, it was found that the car still had 226 illegal records that have not been processed. This can really help the police handling the case. Shocked.

On the afternoon of January 15, 2018, the police found this BYD sedan with a Liao B license. Seeing the police, the driver Zhao Moumou was still at a loss. Subsequently, the police brought Zhao Moumou and the vehicle involved back to the traffic police squadron, and through the traffic violation inquiry system, showed Zhao Moumou the 226 illegal records of the car he drove, including running red lights, not driving in the guiding lane, and also There were illegal parking. These 226 illegal records were filled with 12 pages, and a total of 506 points were deducted.

According to Zhao Moumou’s account, he is the person in charge of a company. This car was previously awarded to employees by the company. Later, because of the poor performance of the employees, the car was taken back by him. He did not know that this car was so Multiple illegal records. As for the situation of the vehicle being released from security and trial, Zhao Moumou generously admitted. After further inquiries, the police learned that after changing his mobile phone number, Zhao did not go to the vehicle management office to handle the information change in time. This is also the reason why the vehicle has more than 200 illegal records without his knowledge.

Park the car in the emergency lane and prepare for a “picnic”

In May 2017, the police of the Huaihua Detachment of the Hunan Provincial Highway Traffic Police Bureau patrolled the highway and found two cars parked in the emergency lane. The patrolling police leaned forward and found that there were 10 people in the two vehicles. They actually set up a cooker on the side of the highway and set up a table to prepare for a “picnic.” Upon questioning by the patrolling police at the scene, the two drivers in question claimed that the child was hungry while driving, so they set up a cooker on the side of the road to prepare for cooking.

It is illegal to occupy the emergency lane, and it is even more dangerous to have a picnic on the highway. In the event of an accident, the lives of the young and old, have you ever thought about it? For the violations of the owners of these two vehicles, the high-speed traffic police conducted a profound criticism and education, and imposed a 6-point driving license and a fine of 200 yuan on the driver.

Traffic police check the car, the driver holds an “aircraft carrier driver’s license”

On April 1, 2016, when traffic police Hao Dawei was carrying out speeding violations at the toll station of the Liuhe East Main Line of Yongliu Expressway, a foreign car was stopped for 20%-50% speeding. I saw a young man sitting in the cab, smoking a cigarette, and handing out his driving license. David Hao received the driver’s license and suddenly saw the “PRC Aircraft Carrier Driver’s License” printed on the cover of the driver’s license, which shocked him. David Hao opened it to see, that is, the ordinary C1 driver’s license. After checking and verifying on the comprehensive application platform of traffic management, the C1 driver’s license is authentic and within the validity period. Subsequently, the traffic police fined the man for 20%-50% speeding violations of 200 yuan for 6 points, 50 yuan for driving and smoking, 2 points for a total of 250 yuan for 8 points.

You have to choose a good day to get a license plate, the strange driver is planted

On the afternoon of November 9, 2018, law enforcement officers carried out investigations on illegal activities in the Wulong service area out of the city. During a routine inspection of a vehicle with a temporary number plate, it was found that the temporary number plate of the vehicle was only valid until November 2, which was considered to have expired. Temporary number plate. When the law enforcement officer asked the driver if he could show a valid vehicle number plate, the driver replied: The vehicle number plate has been processed. After looking for someone to look for a good day, the license plate will be issued tomorrow, and the vehicle number will be retrieved from the trunk while talking. brand.

The law enforcement officers informed the driver that “driving a vehicle without a motor vehicle license plate on the road” violated the provisions of Article 11 Paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, according to the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of And the “Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driver’s License” decided to impose a fine of 100 yuan, a penalty of 12 points, and require on-site rectification and display the vehicle number plate.

The drunk owner didn’t know that the tire had blown, and the car couldn’t move before calling

In May 2017, on a highway in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, a woman drove onto the highway after being drunk at 1:00 in the morning. She didn’t know if the tires were blown, and she didn’t know if the wheels were polished. In the end, the car couldn’t move before calling the police. When the police arrived at the scene, the wheels were polished! Fortunately, although the wheels of the car were polished, there were no traffic accidents and no casualties. The woman was hospitalized due to drunken stomach bleeding, and the Huaihua Detachment will investigate her traffic violations.

In the management of traffic order, whether it is illegal acts discovered or criminal facts discovered, they all reflect the lack of belief in the rule of law, the lack of respect for traffic laws and regulations, and the lack of respect for life. Punishment is never the purpose of the law. Behind every law, every regulation is full of goodwill to the entire society. Let us strictly abide by the traffic rules and travel safely!