Won the fate, lost to the character

  Empress Liu of the later Tang Zhuangzong was originally from Weizhou Cheng’an (now Handan Cheng’an County) and was born in poverty. His father was a doctor who traveled from rivers and lakes. Liu has been wandering with his father since childhood. Unexpectedly, a war caused her fate to reverse magically.
  In this year, Jin Wang Li Ke led a large army to attack Weizhou, looted Cheng An, and deputy Yuan Jianfeng captured Liu, who was only five or six years old, and then sent her to the queen mother to be a maid. The queen mother looked at the little girl smart and taught her to sing and dance. By the end of the day, she was already standing tall and thin, and her son Li Cunxu fell in love with her at first sight. When Li Cunxu became the emperor of the founding Tang Dynasty, Liu was established as the empress.
  When Liu was still Mrs. Wei Guo, an old man in a ragged clothes came from outside the palace, claiming to be Mrs. Wei’s father. Li Cunxu called Yuan Jianfeng to ask, and Yuan Jianfeng said: “The minister first found Liu was in Beiwu, Cheng’an, when she followed an old man with a yellow beard.” Li Cunxu asked him to identify, and Yuan Jianfeng said: “This is the old man.” Mrs. Guo came out to meet her father, but unexpectedly she denied, saying: “When I left my hometown, my father had unfortunately died in a chaotic army. I remember I still cried and cried with my father’s body. The old man in the country is here to pretend to be a cheat! “It turned out that Liu was now competing with the Korean wife of the royal family for the position of queen. He often boasted about his noble birth in front of everyone. Now a sudden beggar-like father appeared. Angrily angry, he even ordered the whip to serve his father himself.
  The birth father’s vacancy always made Liu feel uneasy. She became a queen and finally found herself a dad named Zhang Quanyi. When she came to Zhang Quanyi’s house for a drink, she told Li Cunxu with affection that she had lost her parents since she was a child. When she saw the old man, she missed her parents and asked to recognize Zhang Quanyi as her father. Han Feng, a bachelor of Hanlin, quietly reminded Li Cunxu that since ancient times, the queen, who was the mother of the world, had not worshipped the minister as his father. But she couldn’t hold back her sincerity, Li Cunxu agreed to her request. Zhang Quanyi was terrified and often gave gifts and tributes to Queen Liu to express his gratitude.
  Before becoming a queen, Liu often sent people to the market to buy some dried and fresh fruit, and then posted it in the palace to use it in the market to sell it, and it was quite profitable. After becoming a queen, under her suggestion, local officials came to Beijing to worship and would prepare two gifts, one for the emperor and one for the queen, so the treasures in her palace piled up like a mountain.
  At that time, years of warfare, the treasury was scarce, and the palace property was full of sweat. In the four years of Tongguang (926), a minister said after divination: “I am afraid there will be a rebellion in the palace, and I should disperse the warehouse money to eliminate the disaster.” Li Cunxu agreed, but Queen Liu refused: “My husband and wife won the world, although Martial arts are also due to destiny. Since destiny is in heaven, what can others do to us? “The next day, the officials of Zai and others pleaded with the emperor in Yanying Hall. At this time, Queen Liu came out from behind the screen, holding three small silver basins in her hand, a dressing dressing, followed by three young sons. She said: “Everyone said that the palace is rich in wealth, but they are used for rewards at any time. Now only these things and three young sons are left. Please sell them to support the sergeant!” The prime minister ran away in shock.
  I am not afraid of opponents like God, but I am afraid of teammates like pigs. Under Queen Liu’s “assistance”, Li Cunxu worked for the Tang Dynasty, which had been painstakingly built for thirty years, and it took only three years to lose hearts and rebellions. Four years in Tongguang, the rebels invaded the palace, Li Cunxu was injured in the arrow, lying down under the corridor of Jiangxiao to drink water. At this time, Queen Liu was busy packing goldware in a leather bag, only asking someone to send a bowl of cheese, and Li Cunxu died after drinking. Empress Liu fled to Taiyuan with a large number of gold and silver treasures, and wanted to use the money to repair a nun, relying on the Buddha to take refuge. It was just that the Buddha failed to bless her. After Tang Mingzong learned of her whereabouts, she ended her dream with a three-foot white damask.
  The most precious wealth in a person’s life is not gold or beautiful jade, but character. “The Book of Changes” writes that “gentlemen carry goods with virtue”, without the support of virtue, no matter how much fate is given, in the end, it is nothing more than a bamboo basket to draw water.

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