Woman looking for UFO

At a carnival, Charlie saw a charming girl sitting in the corner, looking depressed, so she stepped forward and politely asked: “Beautiful lady, my name is Charlie, I seem to be troubled to see you, what can I do for you ?”

Facing Charlie’s conversation, the girl stopped talking and finally asked mysteriously, “Do you know UFO?”

Charlie had heard from movies and news, and nodded. Seeing Charlie nod, the girl immediately got interested, and then told him the reason for her troubles.

The girl said that her name was Anna, and she saw UFO in person while traveling on Granville Island six months ago. It was a cold night, Anna was walking alone, and suddenly found four light spots floating in the sky. From their irregular movement trajectory and extremely fast speed, it can be seen that it is by no means a human-developed flying machine. Anna was fascinated, and at that moment, the four light spots flew straight towards her. Anna was terrified, but her legs couldn’t move. Then, a strange light cast on Anna, Anna realized a sense of inexplicable relief. That light soon disappeared, and then Anna knew nothing.

When Anna regained consciousness and found herself in the same place, the four light spots were gone. After Anna went back, she told everyone she encountered this bizarre experience, but no one believed her, because Anna could not provide any related videos or photos, everyone regarded her as a liar, so Anna would be so depressed .

After listening to Anna’s story, Charlie shouted: “Oh my god, I was traveling on Granville Island half a year ago. I saw the four light spots that night. I told my friends about it, and no one believed it. , I later hid this secret in my heart, who would have mentioned it by you today.”

Anna grabbed Charlie’s hand with excitement and said, “It turns out that I was the only one who witnessed the situation that night. You are my soulmate and my witness. I’m so happy!”

Has Charlie really seen the four spots that Anna said? Of course not. He didn’t even know where Gransley Island was. This is just the means he used to talk to him, he fell in love with Anna.

Anna really quickly became fond of Charlie, and the two chatted for a long time. Anna said: “Since I saw UFO, I was determined to find UFO again… I hope to have a man who understands me and accompany me on the journey to find UFO.”

Charlie listened and smiled slightly: “I would like to be such a man.”

In this way, Charlie was in love with beautiful Anna while accompanying her to find UFO. Charlie felt such a happy life.

Once, the two went to a restaurant to eat and met Charlie’s old classmate Martin. Martin quietly asked Charlie: “Brother, how did you find such a beautiful girlfriend?”

Charlie said fifteen to ten, and Martin praised him again and again. Suddenly, Charlie said, “Yeah, buddy, you’d better check where is Gransley Island. I don’t want to wear it in the future.”

Martin patted his chest and said, “Relax, it’s on me.”

Charlie and Anna got along for another period of time. Gradually, Charlie discovered that Anna’s obsession with UFO was almost crazy. She often drove Charlie around the world because of a hearsay. For a long time, Charlie was not exhausted, and her wallet could not be eaten. On several occasions, Charlie politely persuaded Anna, who knew that Anna seemed to have changed after hearing this, crying and making trouble, and even threatening to commit suicide. This made Charlie helpless, he even had the idea of ​​getting rid of Anna.

One day, Anna heard that a UFO appeared on a mountain to the north. She immediately pulled Charlie and headed towards it. When they reached the foot of the mountain, it was getting dark, and Anna insisted that Charlie climb with her. On the way, they met a climber who was going down the mountain. The climber kindly persuaded: “It’s too late, you don’t want to climb anymore. The weather forecast said that there will be a snowstorm tonight and it will be very dangerous on the mountain.”

But Anna did not listen to the advice, and said fiercely: “What is your matter for us to climb? This is our freedom, you have no right to interfere!” After that, she pulled Charlie and continued to climb.

After more than an hour, the two finally reached the top of the mountain. At this time, it was completely dark. Charlie felt that the snowstorm was coming from the cold, so he persuaded Anna: “Maybe the person said just right, we still go down the mountain first. Right.”

Anna disagreed, she also ridiculed Charlie as a coward. Charlie was trembling with cold. He restrained his anger and said, “Anna! I will say it one last time. I will go down the mountain with me now, otherwise we will all freeze here!”

“No! On Gransley Island, I encountered UFO in such a cold environment. It is very likely that UFO will appear tonight. Now that I go down the mountain, my previous efforts will be in vain.”

This passage completely ignited Charlie’s anger, he roared: “Enough, Anna! I don’t want to accompany you to play this UFO-finding game anymore. To tell you the truth, I have never been to Gransley. Island, I don’t even know where this island is.”

Anna asked in disbelief: “What? You are lying to me?”

Charlie said: “Yes, I don’t even believe that there is UFO in the world. Now that I’m going down the mountain, I don’t want to freeze to death in this ghost place!” After that, he went down the mountain alone.

After walking for a while, Charlie’s phone rang, and he was surprised that this place could still receive signals. At first glance, it was Martin’s call. After connecting, he only heard Martin say: “Thank goodness, I finally got it!”

Charlie asked, “What’s wrong?”

Martin said in a panic: “Aren’t you asking me to check Grangers Island? I finally found it today, oh damn it! That’s not an island at all, but the world’s largest psychiatric hospital with the most dangerous prisons in it. Anna, the mentally ill, escaped from there six months ago. She has killed four men who accompanied her to find UFO. Hurry up and leave her!”

Having said that the signal was broken, Charlie fought a chill, not only because it started to snow, he also heard the rapid footsteps coming from behind, and looking back, I saw that in the night, the grim Anna was holding a mountaineering pick. Cleave him. Charlie flashed aside, the mountaineering pick fell on his shoulder, Charlie screamed and fled in a hurry, Anna chased and shouted at the back: “Come back, you liar, I will kill you!”

Charlie ran desperately, but there was a cliff in front. Charlie slipped without stopping, fortunately he grabbed a raised stone on the edge of the cliff. At this time, Anna also chased over and saw Charlie hanging on the cliff. Anna lifted her foot and kicked on Charlie’s hand, growling: “You guys are all liars, you must die!”

Seeing to be kicked off the cliff, Charlie suddenly shouted to Anna: “God! Anna, look up! UFO really appeared!”

Anna really looked up. At this moment, Charlie released a hand, grabbed Anna’s ankle, and then pulled hard, Anna fell off the cliff all at once…

Charlie struggled to climb up the cliff, but at this time he was still not out of danger, because his cell phone and flashlight were lost, he could not find the way down the mountain in the dark. He was cold and tired, and finally fell into the snow, and his consciousness began to blur. Although the wind and snow gradually became smaller, he could no longer walk.

Suddenly, Charlie saw four light spots in the sky flying toward him, oh my! Did UFO really appear? When the light spot was getting closer, Charlie heard through the sound of the engine, it was not a UFO, but a rescue helicopter, and the light spot was the searchlight on the helicopter!

It turned out that the former climber was not at ease after returning home, and notified the local fire brigade of this matter. The fire brigade sent a helicopter to rescue and successfully found Charlie.

Soon, Charlie was rescued in a helicopter, and a rescuer asked: “We received a notification that there was a girl who went up the mountain with you. Where is that girl now?”

Hearing this, Charlie hugged his head and said in pain: “I don’t know, but I guess, maybe she finally found her UFO…”