Without reading, our lives are limited

  Things will always change automatically, just go with the flow.
  There can be no purpose in reading books, just downloading materials in the information library. Or continue to restore past memories. If a book is written too well and read to the essence, it will make people restless and agitated, unable to let go, read before going to bed, read after waking up, and cannot do other things.
  During the break, I read Nietzsche and Song History alternately, and bought some radioactive materials. For Kodansha’s entire set of Chinese history, I will first look at the Song Dynasty part. I would like to know some overall information about the reality of “formation, dwelling, bad space”. Historical retrospective thinking not only stores information in the database, but also enables people to have an overall understanding of the positioning between the vast time and space and individuality.
  Song Huizong’s biography is well written. The details are fine, the attitude is objective, and a large number of historical materials are cited, but the author himself does not express his presuppositions and positions. Seeing the description of the grand lantern festival of the Lantern Festival in the Song Dynasty, I couldn’t help feeling a surge of sadness in my heart. No matter how exquisite the porcelain is, it may be swept to the ground before your eyes, falling to pieces. There is nothing immortal in the world.
  The book describes the heavy snowfall when Kaifeng was defeated, and the people waited at the south gate, waiting for the emperor to return from the enemy camp. After Huizong abdicated, he was still forced to leave his hometown in Taoist robes.
  A good book can provide some concise and powerful coordinates.
  Without books, our life is quite limited. Books are the only medium we use to meet the wisdom of the past and distant times and places.
  I’ve been actively hoarding books and bought a lot of overpriced books. I worry that these books will not be available or unseen in the future, and this hunch is possible.
  Some time ago, I read a book by a certain author. He taught at Harvard, and must have been trained as a child, and the words are elegant, and the descriptions and illustrations come to life. Read the opening chapter and be impressed by him. He talks about his life journey and memories of his hometown in his early years, with a sincere heart. This inner charm is absorbed by the reader through the text.
  When a person sits down to read or write, he is temporarily freed from the shackles of the outside world, from his own needs, and is with the clear inner consciousness. This can be maintained as a lifelong habit.
  The writer needs to build signposts through words and be clear about the path he is trying to point out. Readers need to be able to recognize and understand these signposts in order to find the way in the author’s mind. But in the end, writing and reading are the stones across the river. If you cross the river, you can leave the stone behind.
  Literature is personal expression, full of idiosyncrasies, without uniform standards. If you don’t study and rely solely on basic talents, you have a limited way to go. Whether you write with your head or your intuition, being able to write about human nature and spiritual activities is a necessary foundation.
  Now that video and video are the mainstream, I like reading more than ever. I feel the longer and far-reaching characteristics of text than video images, and the effect of reading on the human spiritual system. Reading needs to be studied, trained, and continued in depth. When comprehension improves, the meaning behind the words can be clearly understood, like a cluster of flames shining brightly for a long time… At this time, the joy of reading will arise.
  A book that suits you is worth reading over and over again, every time you read it is always new.
  What kind of truth can be learned in the book. Self-education can last a lifetime.