Winter lip care tips

How much do you know about lip problems

  The lip is the sexiest part of the female face, and it is also the part that is most easily overlooked for maintenance. Compared with other parts of the body, the skin of our lips is very thin, there are no sweat glands, no sweat, less oil secretion, and very few protective pigments. Therefore, the lips are easily damaged by ourselves and the external environment, causing lip problems.
  ● dry lips
  weather is cold and dry, wind and sun and other factors, will cause dry lips and peeling. Some people have very dry mouths, but they are too lazy to apply lipstick, thinking that a lick may relieve the dryness. Licking the lips on the surface is moisturizing the lips. In fact, the evaporation of saliva will take away more water, which will not only cause dryness and desquamation of the lips, but also may cause lip diseases.
  ● lip
  lip Although there from birth, but if you do not do a good job moisturizing, often pouting, smoking, use of straw, are likely to increase or enhance the lip.
  ● darker lip color, lip weeks dull
  exclude some pathologic factors, lip color, lip weeks dark darken may be due to several reasons.
  Many people apply sunscreen or use clothing to cover their face and body without sun protection on their lips, but they don’t know that their lips will become dark without sun protection.
  If the cleaning is not in place, the lipstick and lip glaze are usually not removed, which may cause pigmentation and darken lip color.
  Over-cleaning Some people are afraid that their lips will be dirty and wipe them back and forth desperately. However, repeated friction and stimulation may cause the stratum corneum around the mouth to thicken and look dull.
  Lip licking, tearing the skin of the mouth, and not moisturizing can easily cause inflammation of the lips and form inflammatory pigmentation.
  ● cheilitis
  lips erythema, when the situation dryness, scaling, cracking, swelling, itching or burning, etc., there may be suffering from cheilitis. There are many kinds of cheilitis, mainly introduce the following common cheilitis.
  Contact cheilitis This is the most common type of cheilitis, including irritant contact cheilitis and allergic contact cheilitis. The former is mainly due to chronic lip licking for a long time, and cold and dryness, wind blowing, or oral topical tretinoin drugs are also incentives. The latter is often caused by contact with toothpaste, lipstick, fruits, etc., especially spices and preservatives.
  Exfoliative cheilitis may be caused by long-term lip licking. In addition, allergic reactions caused by lipstick, lipstick and other substances are also common causes.
  Solar cheilitis is mainly caused by long-term sunlight or intense sunlight. Other risk factors include advanced age and smoking.
How to do lip care

  ● cleaning
  when the lipstick or lip with a waterproof sunscreen products, the need for makeup to the lips, is preferably used special lip makeup product, it should be gentle wiping removed.

  ● Moisture
  can apply some lip balm with moisturizing function to keep moist lips. So how to choose the lipstick that suits you? Lipsticks can choose lipsticks containing sodium hyaluronate, ceramide, squalane and other ingredients, which can help repair the skin barrier while moisturizing; choose lipsticks containing castor oil, jojoba oil, petrolatum and other sealants, It can effectively lock in moisture and make lips softer; choosing lipsticks that contain moisturizing and repairing ingredients such as allantoin and vitamin E can relieve chapped lips.
  It is best not to choose these lipsticks: lipsticks containing salicylic acid, phenol and other exfoliating ingredients, although they remove the dry skin on the lips, they also damage the cuticles of the lips. The moisture in the lips is easy to be unable to retain, and the more you apply it, the drier may be Some people choose to use a disposable lip mask, which is similar to a facial mask. It can moisturize the stratum corneum for a short time and quickly. It is not a problem with occasional application. However, long-term use of lip mask is not recommended, including self-prepared honey and aloe vera. Natural Lip Mask”.
  Lipstick is best applied vertically. Because the lip lines caused by dry lips are arranged vertically, it is easier to apply the lip balm to the gaps of the lip lines by repeatedly applying the lipstick up and down. And try to let the lip balm stay on the lips for more than 2 hours, or choose to apply thickly before going to bed.
  ● sunscreen
  when skin care, skin care not only to do the work face, the lips should take good care of them. The delicate lips should be protected from UV rays. You can choose a sunscreen lipstick with SPF30+ or ​​a lipstick with sunscreen effect. Of course, wearing a mask in the current epidemic can also play a certain role in sun protection.
How to prevent and treat cheilitis

  Preventing cheilitis can start from not licking the lips, moisturizing, and avoiding incentives. For those with obvious swelling and itching, weak corticosteroids can be used for short-term topical, with a lipstick that does not contain irritating ingredients such as fragrance. When the condition is severe and recurrent, it is best to go to a regular hospital for specialist treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment opportunity.
  Finally, some women with darker lip colors will try to bleach and tattoo their lips for themselves or to please their spouse, but these require the operator to have a higher level of medical care and sufficient hygiene and safety. If you go to some irregular and unhygienic places, and there is no adequate care after the operation, it may swell into a “sausage mouth” from the light, or cause infection and scars. Out of health considerations, I still hope that everyone will take less risk, accept the original lip color, and do daily lip care.