Wild Elephant Valley Fright

  Zoologist Jack was invited by the famous Harry Ivory Carving Company to solve a thousand-year mystery: When an elephant is dying, he will leave the herd and go to a mysterious place to welcome his end. Think about it, how much ivory there should be in that mysterious place, so finding an elephant cemetery has become a dream of many people. Maybe this is too tempting, somehow the famous “Fortune Weekly” smelled the news.
  In order to ensure that the plan went smoothly, the president of Harry Company sent him two bodyguards Reid and Busen, as well as a retired military dog ​​Cary. As soon as Jack and the others entered the Wild Elephant Valley in the Masalobi jungle in Africa, Aum, the local guide that the company found, greeted them warmly. Everyone is ready to enter the Wild Elephant Valley. Everyone wears a fully automatic submachine gun and a satellite global positioning system.
  The world-famous Wild Elephant Valley is densely forested, covering the sky, and various rattans entwined among the trees. It is really a kingdom of birds and beasts. Except for Aum, all the people could not find North. After feeling for a long time in the jungle, they didn’t even see the elephant hair, so they lay down to rest under a banana tree. Suddenly there was a sharp call for help from women in the jungle. Jack and the others jumped up and went over and took a look. Oh my God, they saw a gorgeous blonde girl chased by an old elephant running around the tree. Seeing her face pale, panting, her condition is extremely critical. Jack hurriedly waved to Reed, and the two whispered. Reid sneaked away quietly. After a short time, I heard a bean-like gunshot sounded in the distance. The elephant was startled, soaring to the sky with a roar of his nose and flicking his nose, rushing towards the place where the gunshot was shot, and being crushed by the jungle A way. Jack made a trick to get away from the mountain and saved the blonde.
  Jack waited for the girl to calm down and asked, only to realize that her name was Annie, an adventure lover. She wanted to tease the old elephant out of curiosity, but almost lost her life. Speaking of this, she said gratefully: “Thanks to your rescue!” What made Jack and the others overjoyed was that Annie was playing with an old elephant, which seemed to be a sign of dying. Jack gave Annie an excited hug.
  With clues, Jack and the others, with the help of Aum, followed the trail, and it didn’t take long for them to find groups of wild elephants on the edge of a clear river. The faces of several people turned purple with excitement. Jack told them not to annoy the elephants, otherwise everyone would be in danger. As long as you keep an eye on the old elephant, you are not far from the thousand-year mystery!
  The old elephant seemed to understand everyone’s mind, and walked slowly from the elephant group into the woods from time to time, and then reluctantly walked to the middle of the elephant group to enjoy the bath given by the wild elephant group. Sometimes it kindly touches other elephant trunks with its nose. Jack looked at the opportunity and quietly fetched its feces. After a test, he was relieved and concluded that the old elephant was dead soon. Everyone high-five each other, and it seems they will be triumphant soon.
  It didn’t take long for them to discover the abnormal behavior of the old elephant: the old elephant turned over the food given to it by other elephants with its ivory arched to the ground, and kept wailing up to the sky. The elephant group also began to surround it, brushing its body with its long nose, as if making the final farewell. “Haha, we are about to succeed!” Busen smiled triumphantly. Jack glared at him. How did he know that animals have feelings too! Before long, the old elephant slowly walked towards the depths of the jungle under the silent gaze of the elephants. “Quick, keep up!” Before Jack could speak, Reid began to urge Orm to follow the old elephant. The group of people chased after the thorns, cutting their clothes and stabbing their hands and feet as if they had been given a stimulant injection. Annie also wrapped her head in her clothes, leaving only two eyes to see the way. She didn’t fall for half a step, and she took the time to draw a road map.
  Finally, after walking around the boss, the old elephant slowly walked towards a cave on the hillside that was invisible to the naked eye. Jack was so excited that he motioned everyone to stop and slowly raised the high-powered binoculars. He saw the old elephant use his long nose to poke away the dead wood and weeds across the entrance of the cave, and he also grabbed a large stone. In the past, he resolutely entered the hole, and then stretched out his long nose to sweep the dead wood and stones again, sealing the hole, the scream mixed with the impact of the stone, stirring everyone’s eardrums——
  Jack, lying in the bushes, finally breathed a sigh of relief, while Reid and the others were whispering to the cleverness of the elephant. But Jack didn’t care about it. He quickly marked the geographic coordinates of the elephant cemetery with the GPS, and then wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it in his personal pocket. At the same time, the road map drawn by Annie was proofread and returned to her, and she was asked to keep it carefully.
  But early the next morning, before Jack and the others had time to have breakfast, they saw Anne anxiously telling Jack that the road map to the elephant tomb was gone! Everyone was a little discouraged when they heard it, and they have to rely on it to get out of the jungle. Several people hurriedly looked around, but they didn’t find a piece of paper. Jack said with a cold face: “Are we any gangsters? Why don’t we search for it!” So under Reid’s supervision, Annie began to search the bags that everyone opened. Nothing! Could it fly or not? Everyone, you stare at me, I stare at you, and a chill rises in my heart. When Annie found Aum, he turned around and suddenly raised the gun. Jack was about to open his mouth, and Aum pointed the gun at him: “Shut up!” Then he forced the four people into a corner. He ignored everyone’s rants, and a white slit appeared on his black face: “Dear guys, I’m here not just for a small amount of labor. I have been ordered by my grandfather to get a symbol of bravery. Ivory! But please don’t worry, everyone, I will only take one ivory, I will not be greedy!” Then, he forced Jack and the others to throw the gun helplessly. He fastened the gun together with his hands and feet, and used the gun to force them to the elephant cemetery. Reed and Busen were so angry that they were tricked by this kid. They said they would not lose the face of bodyguards!
  Several people walked slowly to the entrance of the cemetery, but they were dumbfounded. The entrance of the cemetery was blocked by a big rock! Aum began to force everyone to push the stone, but Jack and the others did not move away. Aum started to get angry: “Hurry up with a stick to pry, otherwise your head will bloom!” No way, Reid cut down a big tree as a crowbar, everyone worked hard together, just listened to the “boom”, the big rock rolled After going down the hillside, the pungent smell of carrion made everyone sick. Annie couldn’t help but vomited, and Aum was a little dizzy. At this time, there was a long howl from the cave. “Not good!” Before the words fell, the dying elephant dashed out, almost hitting Om, who was looking at the entrance of the cave. At this time, the submachine gun in his hand rang, “DaDaDa–” A hornet’s nest appeared on the head of the old elephant, and fell to the ground with a mournful cry, with dark red blood flowing out of him. Jack saw it, and there were long tears in its eyes. It exhausted its last bit of strength, and gave a few long howls at Annie, scaring Jack and the others into a cold sweat.
  Aum took the gun and pushed Jack and the others into the elephant’s cemetery. Suddenly, they were all shocked by the scene before them: piles of ivory, smelling of carrion in the dark hole, it seems, When elephants are dying, hiding themselves is to prevent greedy people from stealing their ivory! Aum ran over, his black face was full of smiles: “Haha, this is it! My family will never be discriminated against again!” As soon as he bowed, he put a tooth on his shoulder. And then pointed the gun at Jack and the others: “Don’t get too close to me, be careful that the gun will go off!” The group slowly withdrew from the cave. As soon as they reached the hillside, Aum suddenly threw the gun at Jack and the others. Turned around and ran into the jungle.

  Jack and the others hurriedly took the guns back. Before they could breathe out, they saw the Orm Rabbit running back again: “No—no! The elephant is coming!” Jack took his ear and listened to the jungle. There was a peculiar “click” sound made by elephants trampling on banana trees. There are not a few elephants who hear the sound. The four people saw Om’s panic, and immediately felt a sense of imminent disaster. Jack’s mind was spinning quickly, and he was thinking about countermeasures.
  The elephant’s “click” is getting closer and everyone’s heart is about to jump out. “Quickly, the elephant is angry, and my elephant language is not working anymore. Go up the tree soon!” Jack climbed up an oak tree nearby, and Reed and Busen also climbed up a slightly smaller tree like monkeys. Oak tree. Annie tried to climb twice, but was unsuccessful. She was so anxious that she was about to cry. Jack shouted from the tree: “Water, water, dive into the water.” When Annie heard it, she rushed into the water and suddenly took herself His head was covered under water. However, because of lack of physical strength, Aum saw the elephants rushing in a row before climbing the tree. The gun in Aum’s hand rang again, and several elephants fell to the ground. The other elephants seemed to be shocked. Stopped. “No, don’t shoot!” Jack shouted hoarsely at Aum. He knew that if the elephant was angered, all of them would be trampled by the elephant’s revenge. But Om could hear nowhere, he swept at the elephant herd again, and several more elephants fell. Taking advantage of the gap between the elephant’s pause, he quickly climbed up to the tree where Reid and Buson stayed.
  The elephants were obviously irritated. One of the elephants howled at the big tree a few times, like an offensive horn, rushed towards the surrounding trees separately, and then slammed into the big tree desperately. The people on the tree clung to the branches for fear of being shaken off. The branch where Reid and the others were staying had already split a hole, and someone must immediately move it to a thinner branch next to it. But the three of them are clutching the branches tightly, and no one wants to take risks. Aum was at the bottom, he kept yelling at Reid and them, and quickly pulled him up. Unexpectedly, Buson stretched out a leg, but kicked it viciously towards Om, and then he heard Om scream and fell under the tree. “You, how can you do this!” “Shut your stinky mouth! Otherwise, everyone is dead” “Yes!” Before Reid finished speaking, he heard another scream from under the tree , Jack turned his gaze to see that the thick thighs of the two elephants had already stomped on Aum’s body. In the blink of an eye, Aum turned into a pool of blood, and an elephant still used its long ivory. Picked Aum up, and threw the skeleton out with a shake of his head like a demonstration. Jack couldn’t help closing his eyes, tears swirling in his eye sockets, and were about to come out-before
  Jack opened his eyes, he heard a woman screaming: “Come and save me!” It turned out. It was Annie who was hiding in the water and was attacked by the crocodile. She ran to the shore fiercely, and the elephant was suddenly attracted by her colorful clothes. An elephant attacked her. Jack yelled: “Annie, be careful!” Then he shot a bullet into the water. The elephant was forced to turn a corner, and suddenly fell into the quagmire of the water, unable to extricate itself. The ferocious big crocodile saw that it was delicious again, then it wagged its tail and jumped up to have a full meal. At this time, an astonishing scene happened: three or four elephants attacked immediately when they saw something bad. Two heads pounced on the ferocious crocodile. One elephant plunged its ivory into the crocodile’s wide open mouth, while the other stretched out its long nose to wrap around the crocodile’s neck. The crocodile was struggling and turned up in the water for a while. Splash-Two elephants next to them went to launch a “rescue operation” against their companions who were stuck in the mire. One end wrapped the nose of the companion with its nose, and the other was wrapped around the front legs of the companion, and then came two big elephants. Elephant, rolled two stones with his nose and threw them in the water, then went into the water and arched his companion with his buttocks——
  While the elephant was moving away from the object of attack, Annie had stumbled and ran to the tree where Jack was hiding. Jack kept firing his guns on the ground while sliding down quickly. He wanted to help Annie climb the tree, but An elephant still caught Annie who had fallen, and Jack did not dare to shoot for a while because he was afraid of hurting Annie. Seeing that things were not going well, a black shadow jumped down from the tree. It turned out to be Kari. It rushed on the top of the elephant’s head. The elephant hesitated and threw Annie out with a shake of its head. Poor Kari was trampled into flesh by the elephant’s feet. Jack called Annie and climbed back to the tree. At this time, the sky was a little dark, and the “battle” over there was over. The crocodile was surrounded by a pool of blood, floating on the water, and the elephant sunk in the mud. Was also rescued. For a while, Ye Xianggu had some deathly tranquility.
  Buson just probed the tree, but unexpectedly was spotted by an elephant under the tree. It slammed into the big tree. Buson didn’t pay attention and fell off immediately. He shouted: “Ah, Reed, you kid–” There was no sound in a moment. Jack is waiting. He knows that the elephant’s eyes are like amblyopic people at night. At night, they have a chance to escape-but the thought that only him and Reid are left makes his heart sour.
  After a short while, the elephant slowly retreated, and the darkness swallowed them. Jack yelled: “Reid, Reid!” Reed replied. He saw that Jack was safe on the ground and then slipped down from the tree. As soon as Jack was about to say something, he felt something against his waist. “My professor, give me that coordinate map. I can spare you not to die, otherwise–” Reed pointed the gun. His waist, “You, you, what are you going to do?” “What are you doing, tell you the truth, I was helping Harry’s company find ivory. You thought I would suffer so much with you, it’s just fun!” Did you take Annie’s road map?” “Yes! I’ll make a fortune with two kinds of babies! Ha—” Strangely, Reid fell down slowly after half laughing, Jack Seeing Annie holding a big wooden stick standing behind Reed, it turned out that Annie was only stunned by the wild elephant and was not dead. Jack yelled, “Anne, you are not dead!” He ran over tightly. Hugged Annie. The two moved to a safe place hiding the dead elephant in the dark. Jack, thinking of the enemy in the dark, was too scared to sleep. Annie was very relieved, and she let out a loud noise after a while. In the middle of the night, Jack couldn’t stand it anymore, and fell to the ground.
  When it was daybreak, Jack woke up from his sleep and suddenly found himself tied to a tree, and Annie was sitting leisurely beside him eating. This shocked Jack: “Anne, what is this?” Annie revealed a secret that surprised him: she was a reporter from Fortune Weekly, and she was commissioned by the president to explore the secrets of the millennium. It. Speaking of this, she pointed to the elephant’s graveyard with her hand: “That’s a treasure house!” Jack was so angry that his eyes were almost glaring: “I’ve caught your trick, but you are leaving alone. I won’t go out!” Annie smiled at him: “Don’t worry! I have a GPS, they will find me soon!” Jack was a little desperate, he snarled wildly, and Annie raised it. The coordinate map and the route map in her hand: “Friends, no one will come to rescue you! You can be with them, I will be on the road after I eat!” Not long after she had spoken, she listened to the jungle again There was the scream of elephants. Annie was taken aback: Is the elephant back again? Seeing Jack screamed into the sky again, Annie understood: “You learned the cry of elephants that brought the elephants!” She ran away, but the elephants had already rushed over, and she made a miserable cry. call!
  Later, Jack used elephant language to make an elephant untie the rope that tied him. He destroyed the coordinate map and the route map, rode on an elephant, and slowly walked out of the Massarobi Forest. He wants to seal the mystery of the millennium forever in the vast virgin forest.