Why the supermarket can heal your unhappiness

Immediate satisfaction at your fingertips

  When we walked into the supermarket, what we saw was rows of shelves full of dangdang, countless colorful products waiting for us to approach and open. When a huge amount of information hits our faces, no matter what we were thinking in the last second, it is difficult for us not to devote our attention to the dazzling array of products in this second.
  Dangdang shelves and neatly arranged goods can easily cause great comfort for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  When we are in a supermarket, color will also have an impact on our psychology and emotions. Colorful fruits, green vegetables, colorful snack packaging… Green helps to relax people, and warm colors can easily wake up our good mood.
  After all, in order to improve work efficiency and stay calm at all times, we have spent too long in the minimalist Scandinavian style office designed by the boss.
  Visual and mental occupation is nothing, and it can be achieved by visiting e-commerce platforms. The greater beauty of the supermarket is that the things in the supermarket are not too expensive and ordinary people can afford it. This kind of consumption without too much psychological burden allows people to have great consumption freedom. What you want is close at hand, you don’t need to think about too much budget, you can hold it in your arms in a few seconds.
  You don’t need to wait to realize your wishes, you can also pick and choose, and choose your favorite products. Push a small car, as if you can own the world.
Where there are fireworks, there is life

  This generation of young people will not, like their parents, take three meals a day seriously and live a life of firewood, rice, oil and salt. Work and social pressures make young people less concerned about the quality of life in their lives. As long as takeaways, couriers, hourly workers, and taxi drivers don’t take vacations, our lives can be dealt with.
  In other words, we rarely participate in the true “deep” life. We seem to be living our own little lives, but in fact, we leave many of the necessary options in life to others. When we think that we already know how to live, but in fact, we have not yet started the course of “life”.

  However, the network world closest to us is full of values ​​output. There is a phenomenon in which you can hear a lot of surprising viewpoints. These viewpoints are wrapped in grand propositions, and every position sounds right. .
  The gap between spirit and reality is easy to make people feel at a loss. At this time, the supermarket can bring us back to the ground from the cloud of thought. From firewood, rice, oil and salt to household chemicals, in the supermarket, we can see almost all of our lives.
  Is the refrigerator at home empty? Do you want to change the sheets and slippers? Do you want to buy the boss’s homework? How much milk powder is left in the second child? Are the rice dumplings and moon cakes new? Is there a discount on the New Year’s goods? There are many questions about survival in life that must be answered, and you need to find the answers in the supermarket.
The past and the future meet here

  There is actually a deeper connection between the supermarket and us. In the supermarket, we can find memories of our past, and we can also see what our future lives will look like.
  A friend, as long as he has the opposite sex, will ask him to go to the supermarket, “Because I see those snacks and toys, I can share my childhood naturally with each other, and I can also ask the other party what he plans to buy in the future. , You can know what kind of life TA wants to live.”
  Looking at the shelves full of toys in the supermarket, childhood memories will flood.
  Indeed, the existence of supermarkets is really long, until we become adults from childhood, and we can still find traces of the past in the supermarket; until we can imagine with confidence that at some point in the future, we will come Here, buy everything that I promised to myself now and have the life I want.
  The supermarket is just a place where these two feelings can be connected.
  So, if you also have someone who wants to share your life with each other, you might as well go shopping in the supermarket, which will not only help you understand each other’s past, but also bring your future closer.