Why is the baby crying suddenly

  Novice parents will be particularly anxious if they find that their baby suddenly cries loudly for unknown reasons, especially at night. When crying, the child’s face gradually turns red, the mouth area becomes pale, the abdomen is swollen and tight, his legs are blocked up, his feet are cold, and his hands are clenched. The above symptoms can not be relieved by coaxing or breastfeeding, sometimes lasting for several hours, sometimes it is paroxysmal. Eventually, it stops with exhaustion of crying, exhaust or bowel movements. This phenomenon is usually called infant colic.
  The cause of intestinal colic is pain caused by strong contraction of the smooth muscle of the intestinal wall or flatulence in children. It is the most common type of acute abdominal pain in children. It often occurs at night. It is more common in infants less than 3 months old. Seen in children who are agitated, excited, and irritable.
  When a child’s colic attacks, he should hold the child’s head on his shoulders, pat the back to expel the excess air in the stomach, and gently massage the child’s abdomen with his hands. You can also use a cloth-wrapped hot water bottle to place on the baby’s abdomen to cause intestinal cramp Be relieved. If your child has severe abdominal distension, you can use Pediatric Kaisailu for defecation and exhaust, and closely observe the situation. If you have fever, pale face, repeated vomiting, blood in the stool and other symptoms, you should be sent to the nearest hospital for examination immediately to avoid delaying the diagnosis and treatment time.