Why do people get hemorrhoids? What should I pay attention to in life?

  With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people’s living and eating habits have changed, but the lifestyle The diversification of the disease has caused some people to suffer from many diseases, such as stone diseases and digestive diseases. The most common disease in daily life is hemorrhoids. The existence of hemorrhoids is an embarrassment for most people to “can only be understood but cannot be said”. Some patients even taboo to talk about hemorrhoids with people around them, always feeling that this is a pain that makes them difficult to talk about. However, can we better prevent hemorrhoids if we do not have a thorough understanding of hemorrhoids? As the saying goes, “Know yourself, know the enemy, and you will be victorious”. Only by understanding why people get hemorrhoids and how to prevent hemorrhoids in life can we truly prevent hemorrhoids.
  First, what is hemorrhoids
  Chinese popular among the “Ten nine hemorrhoids,” the joke, although it is a joke, but we can feel from hemorrhoids in the general Chinese populace with high incidence of universality, and because there are a lot of symptoms It is difficult to accurately count the incidence of hemorrhoids in clinical practice.
  In 2015, the Anorectal Branch of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine led an epidemiological survey of anorectal diseases covering 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country. The final results showed that the number of patients with hemorrhoids alone accounted for 98% of all people suffering from anorectal diseases, it can be seen that although “ten people with nine hemorrhoids” is a joke, it also has a certain degree of authenticity.
  Clinically, hemorrhoids are divided into three types: internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids. The so-called internal hemorrhoids are those located above the dentate line, that is, the lower end of the rectum. Generally, they do not exceed the edge of the patient’s anus. Only a very small number of patients may have serious problems. The problem of shedding; while the external hemorrhoids are located below the dentate line, inside the anal canal, the patient himself can feel the hemorrhoids at the edge of the anus. The patient with external hemorrhoids will feel pain, swelling, foreign body sensation and itching around the anus; and mixed Near the dentate line, hemorrhoids are formed by internal moles and external hemorrhoids with varicose plexus and anastomosis with each other, so they have the characteristics of internal and external hemorrhoids.
  From a professional medical point of view, the clinical cause of hemorrhoids has not yet been clarified. The two most frequently mentioned reasons are the theory of lower anal cushion and the theory of varicose veins. The theory of downward shifting of anal cushion believes that there is a ring-shaped vascular cushion inside the anal canal of the human body. It is clinically called anal cushion. It is composed of abundant venous vascular network, smooth muscle, connective tissue, etc. Its physiological function is Close the anal canal and control defecation. When a person is defecation, the anal cushion will receive downward pressure, so it will be pushed down, and after defecation, it will contract back into the anal canal again, when the elasticity of the anal cushion shrinks After the effect is weakened, hyperplasia and hypertrophy will occur due to problems such as congestion and downward movement, which will form hemorrhoids in the long run. The theory of varicose veins believes that there are very rich veins in the human anal cushion, which is called venous plexus in professional terms. These venous plexuses are quite special. Not only are there no venous valves inside, they are also located at the lowest part of the abdominal and pelvic cavity, and the surrounding tissues are relatively loose. These factors cause the venous plexus to be prone to congestion, blood stasis and other problems. The wall is under pressure, and the problem of varicose veins will appear over time. If problems such as sitting for a long time, constipation, pregnancy, and liver cirrhosis occur again at this time, the problem of varicose veins will aggravate and hemorrhoids will be more likely to occur.
  2. Why do people get hemorrhoids
  From the analysis of many years of clinical experience in the treatment of hemorrhoids, the reason why people get hemorrhoids is closely related to their own living habits, such as: ①Good food, spicy, stimulating things. Like long-term consumption of spicy and other irritating foods will increase the risk of hemorrhoids. Under the stimulation of hot pepper, alcohol and other substances, the veins of the human anal mucosa will be hyperemia, dilation, etc. If they are stimulated for a long time, hemorrhoids are very likely to appear; ②It is related to infection factors. In clinical biopsy of hemorrhoid patients, obvious inflammation will be found in the hemorrhoid tissue. Therefore, some scholars believe that the infection of the hemorrhoid venous plexus and the formation of thrombus are the main causes of hemorrhoids, the inflammation of the vascular intima and the surrounding veins The inflammation of the venous plexus will cause brittleness, thinning and varicose of the venous plexus, which will lead to hemorrhoids; ③It is related to the upright state of the human body. Medical research has found that the anorectum of the human body is located in the lower part of the trunk, and modern people are often in an upright state. The position of the anus relative to the heart is relatively low. Due to the factor of gravity, the blood in the anorectum is more likely to flow back to the heart. Difficulty, so it is easy to stagnate into hemorrhoids. Among animals walking on all fours, no animals with hemorrhoids have been found; ④It is related to constipation and long defecation time. When dry and hard stool enters the ampulla of the rectum of the human body, it will exert a certain pressure on the rectal wall and the upper part of the anal canal. As the arteries and veins of the hemorrhoids between the hard stool and the rectum and long tube anal layer are squeezed by the feces, the pressure of the veins will become lower and lose their elasticity. Over time, the return of blood will be blocked. However, the arterial pressure is high and has a certain degree of elasticity, so it is not easy to be squeezed, so blood can continue to flow back into the anorectum. If things go on like this, the varicose lumps centered on the small arteries will eventually increase and form hemorrhoid.
  3. What should you pay attention to after getting hemorrhoids
  From the causes of hemorrhoids, we can know what people with hemorrhoids should pay attention to, such as: ① Manage your own diet. Spicy and alcohol are undoubtedly worse for patients with hemorrhoids. In fact, in the actual outpatient treatment, patients who drink alcohol the night before and have hemorrhoids on the next day are often encountered. If a patient with hemorrhoids does not pay attention to his diet, he still eats spicy and irritating foods such as peppers, garlic, ginger, etc., which will cause congestion of the hemorrhoids and increase the physical pain. Therefore, for hemorrhoids patients, daily life The diet in Chinese must be light. The purpose of a light diet is to soften the stool and reduce the occurrence of constipation. Therefore, vegetables and fruits are the first choice for patients with hemorrhoids; ②Keep the anus suspended for ventilation when sitting and standing. Gravity, own gravity, etc. will cause the pressure of the anus to increase. Once again, the human intestine itself is long and curved, and it is often peristaltic. The pressure on the anus itself is not small. If you sit and stand for a long time , Then it is bound to aggravate the condition of hemorrhoids, and also cause hemorrhoids in some people who do not have hemorrhoid problems. The clinical suggestion is to use anal cushion to relieve the pressure on the anus when sitting in a sitting position. This cushion has a hole in the middle, which can raise the anus of the human body when sitting, promote venous reflux and inflammation, reduce swelling, and avoid occurrence Tenderness can speed up recovery; ③Pay attention to keeping the anus clean. Unclean anus will induce chronic infection of the lower end of the anus and rectum and anal canal, which will increase the number of daily bowel movements. Over time, the uncleanness of the anus will cause or aggravate the condition.
  IV Summary
  In summary, the only fully understand the reasons for the formation of hemorrhoids, know how to take preventive measures in daily life, to be able to reduce the probability of hemorrhoids attack or form, for the general public, the in-depth understanding of hemorrhoids, clearly has Greater clinical significance and value.

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