When you are unhappy, try these 16 little things

  Have you been very hard and tired lately? Suddenly feel very depressed? Every day, I was overwhelmed by negative emotions and was full of dejection. No one can go smoothly, and if we just perish, we will only be swallowed up by anxiety and sorrow. Instead of giving up on yourself, face it positively. The following 16 little things can enhance your sense of happiness and help you get out of negative emotions——
  1. Put on your headphones and repeat a single one of your favorite music. Be careful not to be too melancholic Music, be brighter.
  2. Buy a bunch of flowers you like, pick a beautiful vase, and put the flowers in.
  3. If possible, pick a cute pet for yourself.
  4. Watching comedy movies while eating snacks.
  5. Perform a general cleaning, put on new sheets and quilts, and bask in the quilt.
  6. Go to the vegetable market and feel the crowd.
  7. Chat with your best friends.
  8. If you have time, go travel.
  9. Go to the gym, go running, go swimming, in short, go to exercise, after a sweat, the body and mind will relax.
  10. Read an interesting book quietly.
  11. Change hair style.
  12. Learn a skill: baking, swimming, dancing, foreign language…
  13. Clean up your mobile phone and computer desktop, delete useless photos and software.
  14. Buy some toys that you wanted to buy but didn’t buy when you were a kid, and treat yourself as a child.
  15. Learn to save money, keep accounts carefully, and arrange your own money reasonably.
  16. Take a comfortable hot bath, put on music, and sleep beautifully at night.
  No matter how unhappy you are, remember that there are people who love you and are worthy of your love in this world. You should bounce back when you reach the bottom of the valley.