When you are ill, you should pay attention to reducing the burden on your body.

Some time ago, many people were sick. After the illness, the body felt very weak. Therefore, they tried their best to give the body “a supplement”, in order to restore the health state as soon as possible. I understand the urgency of this mood, but after illness and rehabilitation period of dietary conditioning, is really urgent, why? Let me tell you something slowly.
First, talk about the diet after illness, many people have a fever, knowing that their immune system is fighting a fierce war with foreign viruses, so they want to supplement a large amount of protein, to help the immune system. But at this time there are two problems, one is “can not eat”, fever will make digestive enzyme activity affected, it is easy to lose appetite, if forced to take in a lot of food, it is likely to nausea, abdominal distension, but to help the body; Second, at this time, the body is in a state of total resistance to external evil. If you add a lot of protein, you need to provide a lot of energy to digest it. For the body that is already short of energy, this is not worse. It’s also important to note that proteins, especially animal proteins, may exacerbate the inflammatory response, and one of the reasons that some diseases eventually become severe is that the inflammatory response is so intense that it leads to inflammatory storms. Therefore, during illness, do not deliberately supplement nutrition, light diet but help the body to concentrate on “fighting”.
Say this recuperation period of conditioning, many people after the disappearance of symptoms, began to eat and drink retaliatory, boiled fish, spicy shrimp, shabu hotpot, barbecue…… Would like to eat a fat man, at this time, the appetite is satisfied, but your fragile spleen and stomach, can tolerate such a powerful meal? People who fell ill some time ago basically have gastrointestinal symptoms, and even for a long time after the fever, there are bitter mouth, hiccups, abdominal distention, which is that your spleen and stomach function has not fully recovered, in this case also let them add full power overload operation, you think, the spleen and stomach is not tired out! However, if the spleen and stomach collapse, “lack of food and straw”, and external pathogens invade again, your immune cells will go limp, and it is strange that they will not be infected again!
Others feel that they are too “empty”, rushed to take a tonic. At this time you have to make sure that the evil has been driven out, if still coughing sputum, runny nose, then wait, first think of a way to drive out the evil, at this time the most important thing is to keep the human body diverging channel unblocked, and tonic is closed, it through the solid table, strengthen the human external defense line, if the evil has not been eradicated, once the door closed, The pathogen is sealed in the body.
So my friends, when we are sick, we should first “reduce the burden” on the body. When the body is running normally, we can make up for what we need, don’t you think?

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