When we talk about love

  You shine with love. However, you have also loved others before meeting. You have all been married, like us. Even before this, you may have loved other people…if anyone of us had something wrong-please forgive me for saying so-but if someone of us has something wrong tomorrow, I think the other one will Sad for a while, but soon, the one who is alive will run out and fall in love again, and it will not be long before there will be another new one. All of this, all of the love we talk about, is just a kind of memory, maybe not even a memory.
  We were sent off by life and are preparing to start all over again.
  But he still stayed at the window, remembering that life. They used to laugh, they used to hug each other until they burst into tears, and everything else — the cold weather and the place he was going — was not in his mind, at least for now.
  When we talk about love, we talk like knowing what we are talking about.