When the world is in turmoil

After the discovery of the new crown variant Omicron in South Africa, the whole world was in chaos and chaos.

The new crown has tossed the world for two years, and now there is a more powerful Omicron. Seeing that it will also enter in 2022, it will indeed make people confused. Ask: Big brother, it has been two years, and the middle is not done. ? point out? Can humans be better? When will it be fine?

After two years of the epidemic, working remotely from home for 4 months, and relying on courier delivery to make a living, I actually don’t feel much about Omicron.

The most frightening time was the first year of the Spring Festival. There were very few people on the street. The restaurant was selling vegetables stored in its own cold storage at the door. I was walking on the sidewalk and didn’t know what I was facing, and I didn’t know how long it would last. Third, I don’t know what’s going on around me, I’m really worried, I can’t help but speed up the pace.

Two years later, at least people now have the necessary knowledge and means. Although new variants emerge in an endless stream, pharmaceutical companies have the ability to come up with new solutions within 100 days. It’s really sad, but it’s still okay.

I’m more concerned about the changes the epidemic has brought to my life – it’s December, and I haven’t been to the cinema once for a whole year. The last time I turned on the TV was to watch a TV show, and then the TV in my house went into hibernation.

I left Beijing once in two years, and I still took the bus to Hebei. I don’t remember at all whether I went back to my hometown.

Life seems to be the same as before, but I know it’s not the same anymore. Any outing has costs and risks.

It reminds me of this every time I pull out my green code and show it to others.

I have a new nightmare, in which I pull out my phone, no matter how I click the green code, the screen is blank, and the security guard stares at me blankly, like a contemptuous audience staring at lame magic The teacher saw what tricks he could come up with, so I had nowhere to go in the dream until I woke up in a hurry.

Sometimes I ask myself: If it weren’t for the epidemic, would you honestly update it every day?

I’m not sure, maybe tomorrow the world will announce the end of the epidemic, and I’ll just go somewhere to revel, and it’s entirely possible to stop for three to five or seven days.

The fact that it is still being updated can only mean that there is no place to revel, and it is still living under the principle of less going out and less people.

On the day Omicron appeared, did I think I should let it go? That means I don’t see how many new patients are added every day, I don’t track the progress of medicine, even if they run out of the Greek alphabet and 26 variants are running on the earth at the same time, I’ll look aside.

It seems like this can take back a little control, life is life, and it shouldn’t revolve around the epidemic.

While I don’t know when it will end, I know that day will come.

This is a metaphysical question: why do some virus variants break out on a large scale, and some go silent after they come out?

Why do some pandemics spread around the earth three times and then disappear suddenly? This is still a mystery. Explanation and summary are always later than phenomena, but believing in metaphysics is better than waiting in uncertainty.

The epidemic will always end, and the point is to find what joys in life will be found before it ends. So far I’ve tried cooking, exercising, reading, listening to music, and I’m wondering if I should try painting or Lego. There has to be something that makes people forget about the hustle and bustle of the world and get into it instead of turning themselves into a public health expert. Or I can also think so, maybe somewhere in the world, someone is writing the “Decameron” of this era, and then how to find him/her as soon as possible.