When a person reaches middle age, what he lacks more than money is concentration.

  Before, I thought that what middle-aged people lacked the most was money, but recently I discovered that what is more lacking than money is concentration.
  Have you walked past God? Where do you usually go from where?
  One time I wanted to make a growth manual for my child, and I needed to read an article in the WeChat collection. When I opened WeChat, I was attracted by an article about morels in a public account. After reading the article, I read all the messages, and then I went to station B to watch a video of up talking about planting morel mushrooms according to one of the messages. By the way, I brushed up other short videos of up, and then I watched the big data and pushed it to me. The other UP master’s videos about raising mushrooms… By the
  time I come back to my senses, an hour has passed. I really can’t wait to grab my neck and ask: What the hell are you doing? Does this have anything to do with the growth manual you want to make?
  When it comes to being distracted, many adults have bitter tears.
  A friend who also likes to be distracted once held a meeting and consciously wrote down the moment when she was distracted. She found that during the ten-minute morning meeting, she thought about paying the electricity bill, getting vaccinated, buying clothes, having something to eat at noon, and being on the road in the morning. Why is the black cat I saw on the side so dark…
  My friend is very self-blaming, suspecting that she is not self-disciplined, otherwise, how can it be harder to concentrate than lose weight?
  Please don’t blame yourself for your love of mind wandering. Cognitive scientists believe that “mind wandering” is the default mode of the brain. As long as the brain is not continuously performing a conscious task, it enters a “wandering” mode.
  Regardless of the already boring meetings, Daniel Gorman, PhD, a Harvard psychologist, found that people are distracted 20 to 40 percent of the time even while reading their favorite books. I’m sorry to tell you that even when I watch my favorite movies, I get distracted from time to time.
  It is said that the French writer Hugo once shaved his head in order to concentrate on writing at home (to avoid going out to play), and even great writers have to be so cruel to themselves to drive away distractions, not to mention ordinary people like me?
  After entering the information age, we can capture massive amounts of information anytime, anywhere, but focus has become a luxury. Because concentration is a one-way street, it makes sense to say that one mind cannot be used for two purposes. The less focused we are, the worse our performance will be.
  As early as 1977, Nobel Laureate in Economics Herbert Simon foresaw the situation today. He once said: “Information consumption is people’s concentration. The more information people have, the less people are attentive.”
  The advertising agent of a large Mexican radio and television network also found that a few years ago, when he made a proposal in an advertising company, it could be broadcast for 5 minutes. , which now has to be reduced to a minute and a half, because if it doesn’t grab viewers right away, they start looking at their phones.
  Of course, in addition to information overload, mind wandering has a lot to do with our personal state at the time, such as feeling stressed or bored, the work environment is too noisy, there are too many chores to deal with and worry about, and so on.
  Also, boring or routine tasks tend to distract us. So, do you know why you always want to “catch the fish” when you are working?
  So, does this mean that wanderlust is a common social problem that cannot be improved?
  no. In fact, everyone can’t keep focusing all the time. Once you find yourself distracted, you tell yourself: My God, come back soon.
  This is also what meditation advocates. To put it bluntly, meditation means that when you find yourself distracted, you can bring your attention back at any time. After repeated practice, you’ll be more likely to notice that you’ve lost your mind, and it’ll be easier to refocus on your goals.
  Secondly, you can also eliminate interference from the external environment, such as turning off your mobile phone and finding a place to work that is relatively less likely to be disturbed by others.
  The Pomodoro Technique is a very good choice, such as setting an alarm for 25 minutes, and during these 25 minutes, be sure to focus efficiently on the tasks you need to complete. It is strongly recommended to buy a mechanical alarm clock, the ticking sound is simply a spur.
  What if I have done all the above and still can’t focus?
  Then simply stop and recharge your attention, like making a cup of coffee, listening to music, or even going for a ten-minute walk outside.
  The good news is that as long as you consciously remind yourself to stay focused, it really does.