What is the aura

  The so-called aura is a certain kind of desire, so that you have a strong heart, just like the hope that something will get what you want, the intensity of your desire will make that successful results can not help but run towards you.
  Everyone has a unique aura
  Many people have asked me: Hey Dr. Phil, please tell me, what is aura? Yes, the word is always confusing to people. As with many of the troubles they encounter in life, it’s hard to find a fundamental explanation. Well, aura can be attraction, magic, or some kind of spell with mysterious energy that makes people’s eyes always drawn to you, whether you are good or bad, and are noticed by people. Aura is a certain kind of desire, so that you have a strong heart, like hope for something to get what you want, the intensity of your desire will make that successful results can not help but run towards you.
  That’s my point, and it’s a common phenomenon in this world: that everyone has a unique aura, whether it brings you good luck or bad luck that you hate. It’s important to us, more important than the beautifully printed business cards we carry in our pockets all day. Maybe you don’t fully understand, so I’ll tell you a story that I personally experienced as a child.
  Maybe it was 1960, or maybe earlier or a little later, when I was barely ten years old, I followed my father to a lavish reception with a lot of Hollywood movie stars in attendance. It was a modern era, full of extravagant decorations, beautiful actresses, and well-dressed businessmen and politicians, all of whom were the darlings of wealth and power. But when a woman appeared on the stage, all that had just been opulent and magnificent became dull. She shone so brightly that everyone was captivated by her, couldn’t take their eyes off her, and couldn’t help but walk up to her, hoping to shake her hand, talk to her, and even be honored by a glance from her.
  It was a long time before I learned her name: Marilyn Monroe, a woman who immediately attracted everyone’s attention wherever she appeared! She stole everyone’s attention, all in one. If someone still asks me what is the aura, I think this is the best answer, and need to add to it flashy accessories? It is the halo on top of one’s head, just like the impression Marilyn Monroe gives people.
  There is only one Marilyn Monroe in the world, but each of us has the ability and opportunity to shine like her because we all have the potential to do so.
  Give in to your innermost desires
  It’s an undeniable fact that great people have a natural magnetism, and you’re just one step away from it.
  Maybe you are envious of those social stars and workplace celebrities around you, who are so active and happy, whose bosses appreciate them, whose clients like them, whose colleagues admire them, who have everything they need, and who can easily succeed in whatever they do.
  ”Hey, you can do it too.” There may be an inner voice that says this.
  But your instinct immediately replies, “No, how can I? Look at him, he’s so confident, so capable, he can do anything! I’m too small!”
  If you think this way for the rest of your life, you will live your whole life in the emotions of envy and inferiority tangled with each other. Your aura is the gray, let you go bad luck. And those people are just the opposite, they take advantage of the red, red hot.
  The reason? Because you do not desire, do not imagine, do not have the courage to make changes. This is certainly the opposite aura in determining your situation.
  A person’s aura begins to gradually form when he is young.
  The beautiful, sweet baby is right in front of you, and look, he is full of the desire to grow, everything is for growth, and he will grow up!
  Your own desire and stored power determines your future, shows you the direction and drives you persistently towards the “sun” of your life. But few people know another equally important law, the law of submission. You can only give up your old thinking, change your behavior patterns, completely surrender to what is right inside, and mobilize the positive forces of your whole body to provide enough space for your energy to attract the inner desire to move toward an ultimate goal.
  Just like when I decided to become a good psychologist and prepare to enroll in the University of Michigan. When the ideal was determined, my body immediately went into action, helping me to mobilize all the energy in my body and discard all the elements of the past that were contrary to it. My mind leans toward it, my spirit prepares itself, and even the way I speak, the logical basis of my thinking, can’t help but submit to it!
  But remember, dear friend, that such a state often arises from your own change, and not from fate!
  The five mysteries of aura
  Smile: A smile makes people more approachable and is the first element of attraction. Smile to show your goodwill, open the door to your network, but also for your success to add a layer of insurance.
  Manner: Manner is not a gesture, not a gesture, not some kind of hypocritical skills, but a state of mind, is that you should have a broad-minded and noble taste regardless of gains and losses. This requires you to improve the inner quality, not just obsessed with going to training schools to practice those flashy gestures and expressions.
  Experience: Are you able to make good use of all the advantages you have? What can you learn from your past failures and successes, which are valuable assets that you cannot give up? To be good at drawing useful lessons from successes and failures is an indispensable part of making your aura strong.
  Courage: How high your desire for something and how much courage you have to do something determines the height you can reach. Only if you dare to move forward and fight for it, your aura will have an unstoppable conquering power, which is much more important than the aura.
  Skill: Yes, the right skill, it is an integral part of the aura. Your speaking skills, work skills, thinking strategies for people in the world, work and career opening layout and other small links, often determine your aura, your attractiveness to others and cohesion is strong enough.