What have you done

   Recently, more and more people came to the mayor to protest, asking him to drive a man named Lewell out of the town.
   Some people say that Lewell is a liar. Under his instigation, the child is no longer honest and learns to deceive, and every mouth is all kinds of lies.
   Some people say that Lewell is a robber who robs the child of all his free time, and is getting more and more reckless, even intending to steal the child’s time to eat and sleep.
   People were talking, and in people’s mouths, Lewell seemed to be a heinous villain.
   Hearing the people’s accusations, the mayor’s expression became serious. He believed that what everyone said was the truth, and that Lewell should really be driven away, and Lewell should not stay in the town. “However, I want everyone to see something more important.” After Lewell left the town, the mayor summoned all the residents and said to them, “These are some images of Lewell during his stay in the town. ”
   On the big screen, people saw that after Lewell arrived, he used all kinds of tempting games to make the children addicted and addicted, until they abandoned their studies and gave up their lives, and they only had games to clear level by level.
   Just when people were about to curse Lewell again, the mayor stopped them: “No, no, that’s not my point. I want you to see, what are you doing when Lewell is bewitching the children? “People are turning their attention to the big screen again – some people are working, some people are sleeping, some people are dancing, some people are chatting… In short, people are busy with their own things, immersed in their own world, completely unaware of the people around them. The child didn’t even notice and turned a blind eye to the sudden intrusion of Lewell.
   “Yes, Lewell is really bad. But what I’m trying to say is, what have you guys done as parents? If you think it’s all good to get rid of Lewell, then, I guarantee, there will be another one. Lewell is here. I hope that before the next Lewell arrives, we can pay more attention to children and care for them, so that we can truly protect them.” After the mayor finished speaking, people’s faces turned red.