What does a god look like in a science fiction movie?

In Chinese traditional cognition, science fiction is science fiction and myth is myth, which are two completely different worlds. For example, if you put the Monkey King and transformers together, people will think you are spoof, and teacher Six may have something to say.
But it seems that in foreign countries, science fiction and mythology are often mixed together. For example, Thor is actually a character in Norse mythology, like Odin and Loki.
Marvel, DC side is the same, although Wonder Woman does not have a mythological character of the same name, but her father you are familiar with, is the famous Zeus.
Both the Thor series and wonder Woman series have won over a large number of fans.
As it turns out, when myth and science fiction mix, it doesn’t have to be a spoof.
Which brings us to the question, what does a god in a science fiction movie look like?
All shapes and sizes!
For example, Thor’s father Odin is a god, thor himself is also a god, Star Lord Quill is a god, and these people of the Eternals are also gods.
There are also gods in other science fiction works, such as the Earth god in dragon Ball, the King of the North, the King of the World, the god of destruction, the great God officer, the whole king and so on.
In general, some are indistinguishable from humans other than having superpowers, and some are not.
This difference stems from the different interpretations of the gods in each culture.
There are many myths, legends and religious stories in the world, including many gods, such as ancient Greek mythology, Chinese Taoist and Buddhist mythology, and Christianity.
Some religions are monotheistic, notably Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As the name implies, there is only one sovereign God, and he is everywhere.
Some religions are polytheistic, such as Taoism, Buddhism, and polytheism of the Ancient Roman Empire. In these cultures, the world is dominated by a collective of gods, just like the Heaven in Journey to the West, with the great leader, the Jade Emperor, and leaders of various departments. In fact, this is more like the plus version of the human world.
To be honest, if logically speaking, monotheism makes more sense.
Very simple, to be a monotheistic god, very relaxed, want to tube tube, do not want to tube on the rest, happy time to send some Gospel to human beings, not happy is a direct flood. You see how easy it is.
If you think about a polytheistic god, you have a leader above you, and a subordinate below you, and you have to go to work every day, and humans work until they’re 60 and they retire, and the god is immortal, so that means your hours are endless, which is kind of scary to think about.
No wonder, then, why gods like Zhinu and the Seven Fairies, instead of staying in heaven, fled to the lower world to give birth to their children. I’ve been working for hundreds of years. No one could stand it.
Now that we’re talking about the seven fairies, another question looms: Do gods have a gender?
I asked several Christian friends, and they said that God has no gender, so there is usually a special pronoun for God, and that is the word “him.”
Neither he nor she, but he of the gods.
According to the truth, God does not have gender, but later churches in order to maintain the patriarchy and husband’s right, they say god is male.
Hong Xiuquan, the leader of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, swore that “God is an old man”, which was certainly his opinion.
What about other religions? Does Guanyin have a gender?
Of course, you might say, isn’t it just girls?
This is another fiction of later generations.
As a bodhisattva, Guanyin has no gender, but because his duty is to deliver children, in order to facilitate women’s worship, female guanyin popular.
When I was a child, I remember watching a Hong Kong TV drama called The Great Sage of Qi Tian, in which one episode mentioned Guanyin bodhisattva, but the subtitles used “he” instead of “she”. It was very strange when I watched it at that time, but later I realized that the TV drama was about guanyin without gender.
Whether God has a gender raises another question: does God need sex?
If God had no sex, there would be no need for sex. What if god had a gender?
Sex has two meanings for humans, one is to pursue physical pleasure and the other is to procreate.
God certainly didn’t need to have children in the first place, because they couldn’t die, so it wouldn’t be long before the heavens exploded in population if they just lived and didn’t die.
Therefore, in Chinese mythology, the provisions of the gods are not allowed to move the heart of the earth, that is, the heart of love, in fact, is reasonable, is afraid that they can not control the lower body, causing the population explosion in heaven.
So sex for God is nothing more than the pursuit of physical pleasure. Does God need this?
I don’t think the gods need sex. Perhaps there is a better way for them to achieve pleasure that is similar to or even better than sex, such as eating a peach or a golden pill.
Moreover, in many religious and cultural traditions, sex is not a very honorable thing to discuss, at least not openly, and they regulate it in a very harsh way.
Of course, you can also think that this is just a kind of suppression of human nature in the name of god.
But one example of god’s attitude toward sex is that when God asked Mary to bear a child, he did not have intercourse with her. Instead, he used his power to put a child inside her.
Thus it can be seen that God repels, if not despises, human sexuality.
At this point, I don’t know if you have found an interesting phenomenon.
In a lot of science fiction movies, there are some high civilization, high class alien creatures, they are asexual reproduction, such as aliens, like Dragon Ball, friza, and the Max. They don’t need to mate with each other to reproduce. They may just need to spit an egg.
Mythological gods are the same as advanced extraterrestrials in science fiction.
Therefore, the heaven of the weaver is not because she has feelings, it may be that she did not practice to a certain realm, when she practice to a certain realm, may not be heart-stirring.
For example, you can’t imagine what the Queen Mother would be like if she wanted to go to heaven in spring!
Having said gender, again, is there a specific image of God that is older? Or a young afterthought? How about fat and thin? How about height?
There has always been a controversy about god being invisible. Some people say that God is invisible and ubiquitous. Some people say that God looks like Adam, because according to the Bible, God made Adam in his own image, so he must have had a concrete image, or else how abstract the creation of man must be!
The ghost of China always changes invisible, Sun Wukong unreal turns gao Cuilan to say with pig eight quit, you grow too scary. Pig eight quit answer: if handsome point also is not not line, be to change to change the trouble.
If you think about it, there’s a little bit of a conflict between being a god and being a god.
If god had sex, what kind of mood would he have if he had become the opposite sex?
Will there be some moves like Mary in Shy Iron Fist, like touching her breasts…
Or is it that no matter how beautiful a figure is to the gods, it is nothing to them like a doctor healing a man?
That’s another question.
So I think gods are invisible, but for some reason, they take all kinds of shapes and walk around.
A lot of science fiction movies, even mythology movies, would be very different if I had my way of thinking about god.
The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother have seven daughters, Odin will have sons, the eternals are still not out of love…
In fact, after all, many science fiction works are not pure science fiction. They may just use the framework of science fiction to tell the story of the present or the past, such as the popular “Dune” some time ago.
If it is really pure unconstrained, might as well try my view of this, there may be unexpected surprises.