Want to eat healthy after exercise? Think about what to eat in advance

  Unhealthy eating after exercise may counteract the effects of exercise. A study in the United States shows that if you want to eat healthy after exercise, it is best to think about what to eat after exercise before exercise.
  Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln divided the volunteers into two groups. The 137 volunteers in the first group were asked to think about eating apples, chocolate cake, or no snacks after exercise before exercising; the second group 119 volunteers Volunteers choose what to eat after exercising. The results showed that about 74% of the people in the first group chose apples, a healthy food with lower calories. This proportion was much lower in the second group, at 55%; the first and second groups had 14% and 20, respectively. % Of people choose chocolate cake, a high-calorie food.
  Researchers wrote in an article published in the latest issue of “Nutrients” that just deciding in advance what snacks to eat after exercise may increase the chances of eating healthier. If the goal is to lose weight, this study recommends that the best time to decide what to eat after exercise is “not when you are hungry after exercise, but before going to the gym”. This research confirms the findings of some previous studies that people are more likely to indulge themselves when deciding on the spot than deciding what to eat in advance.
  The researchers plan to study how exercise affects people’s appetite, that is, how people choose what to eat before and after exercise and why.