Walking is a technical job

Lao Guang’s face was red, and he walked out. This caused a shock in the community. The hospital experts gave up treatment for a person who was seriously ill. He actually relied on walking to get out of his mind. The old people all learned from him. He laughed: “Walk! Just walk!”

“It’s not that simple, there must be a secret!” An old man expressed doubt.

The person who can escape from death is not an expert, but an extraordinary person. Let’s see who is the old light? Engaged in scientific research work, loves to delve into research, the previous nickname is “light science”. It stands to reason that the older the scientific researcher is, the more popular it is, but the old man is not up to the point, and he has to be hospitalized repeatedly after retiring. Medicines replace food, and soups replace drinks. The last time he was hospitalized, the hospital had already issued a critical illness notice, but as soon as Old Guang came over, he insisted on being discharged. His wife had no choice but to follow him.

When he got home, he didn’t want to lie down even more. First, with the support of his wife, he strolled around the community with a cane. Later, he threw down his crutches and wandered around the community. No one pays attention to the thoughts of a man who had been seriously ill and escaped from death.

Just like this, day after day, suddenly one day, someone saw Old Guang again and was shocked. Old Guang was reborn and refreshed!

“Old Guang, you can share the secret of walking!” someone asked.

Old Guang said, “Then, I just want to say wherever I want. I also agree that walking is a technical task. For example, if you walk, you are in a good mood, but you are walking, there is a dog walking in front of you blocking the way. You can’t go around from the left to the right. Are you very angry and your whole mood is bad? When I walk, I tell myself that no matter what the situation is, I must relax my mind. Don’t let anyone or anything influence this mood. Think about it, a person can’t even control his own mood, what else can you control? External things are ever-changing, and you can’t control it, then be an appreciator honestly. To live, first be a competent audience, and then Only when you are a qualified protagonist can you work hard to adapt to the big world, only then can you feel the kindness of the big world, and then you can integrate yourself into the big world, and then become energetic…”

“Papa…” Applause resounded through the small garden of the community.

From then on, the old people in the community began to follow the old light. They didn’t rush and were happy, walking all the way to have fun. They used their mobile phones to take pictures of the clouds in the sky, the flower beds, and the interesting things on the street. Walking, admiring, shooting, and sharing with each other, each face is full of smiles, eyes are rushing with hope, and I feel kind to everything and scenery, as if everything in the field of vision is beautiful and good It’s interesting and interesting, seeing where it’s crooked, righting up, seeing who needs help, stepping forward…a group of “old children” are cheerful and helpful. This has become a major sight in the community.

Lao Guang feels sincerely gratified about this. Many years of technical research have yielded little results. After retirement, researching to improve everyone’s mood gives him a sense of accomplishment that he has never had before! It seems that the technical task of walking can be used as a future research direction.

Lao Guang began to collect information about walking on the Internet, from human acupoints to age occupations, from fast walking, slow walking to walking before and after meals, and the impact of walking on various diseases. Lao Guang discovered that walking barefoot and wearing Walking in shoes, on what ground, there are many knowledge. Summarize item by item and communicate with you…

Because of the new media, new things in this community quickly spread to the Internet, and there are shoe companies and fitness institutes who are looking for cooperation. The old people in the community came to congratulate when they heard the news. They discussed how to let more people know about such a good result. Everyone laughed and joked: “The same is walking. Why do some people walk wider and wider, and some people walk? You’re gone as you walk? Everything is learned, you have to think about it, and you have to talk about science. You really deserve to be’light science!’