Walk towards the light

  I am a descendant of light. Our job is to bring warmth to people in the dark or difficult times. Originally, we were a group of ordinary children who were lucky enough to be selected by the ancestors of the Kingdom of Light. After we obtained a cloak of light, we assumed this special mission.
  What we didn’t expect was that after there was no day and night on the earth, there was no night, people began to “stay up”, watching the “dark circles” around people’s eyes due to continuous work, I am really sad for them!
  The ancestors of the Kingdom of Light gathered us together and said painfully: “Children, I know that you are compassionate. In order to save people’s sleep time, I hope you can find the night. When you sublimate yourself, you will understand: In the darkest corner, there will be a light waiting for you to discover.” So my friends and I set out to explore the mystery of the dark night.
  ”Wow! The misty scenery of the morning mist is so beautiful! There is also a sundog!” The companions said to me in surprise. Looking in the distance, the soft Yunhe and the soaring Dapeng are in harmony, and the bells in the hall seem to call us. My companions and I opened our cloaks one after another, holding hands on the cloud, turning around at will.
  ”Ah! Why is it raining suddenly? This way our cloak energy will be reduced! This will also extinguish our hearts, and eventually become a little black man, how can I not move!” The companion exclaimed. “I heard from the ancestors that the candle seems to be able to replenish energy.” But the rain continued to fall, and the burned wax soon went out. At this time, the bodies of our companions burst out with dazzling light, and we warmed each other, and then we were able to move forward after hugging each other.
  Later, during the trip, we were still skiing in the colorful canyons, enjoying the breath of spring in the tranquil clouds and wild, fighting against the crabs in the solemn twilight…
  After unremitting challenges, we came to a forbidden tower. “Look! The murals are still engraved with the names of the predecessors!” The mural actually wrote the story of me and my companions who have overcome difficulties and survived the hardships. I think there must be some hidden secrets in the tower. We walked to the elevator, pressed the switch, and the surrounding murals also lit up, as if telling us touching stories along the way. When we reached the top floor and were about to walk towards the lawn, an ancestor grandfather came over and said, ” Children, you will find the truth right away, come on!” We accepted our fate and walked towards the eye of the storm without hesitation.
  The eye of the storm was raging in the sand, the rocks pierced through the sky, the sky turned blood red, and the wind was very strong, and it would be blown down if you carelessly. The dark dragon is searching for photos on our only way. If anyone is illuminated and hit, his cloak energy will instantly disappear. We had to carefully pass the narrow path.
  After finally hiding in a corridor, seeing many luminous villains, dying and exhausted. We asked a villain about the situation, and he kept breathing: “The end of the corridor is too dangerous, don’t go…” As soon as the voice fell, he turned into a light and disappeared without a trace. I remembered the words of my ancestors and grandfather, and I was full of courage and moved forward again.

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