Veterinary drug API quotation: ​Flofenicol 475, Doxycycline 590, Tilmicosin 360, Gentamicin 1510, Apramycin 205…

Market Analysis of Veterinary Drug Raw Materials

Broad-spectrum antibiotics penicillins:

Penicillin Potassium Industrial Salt – The market capacity and supply are relatively concentrated. Mainstream factories have raised their quotations , attracting a lot of attention. The consumption of inquiry and procurement is normal (transaction is 145-160 yuan / billion) , and the current market price index is running at a high level.

Amoxicillin — the quotations of mainstream factories are high, the recent market performance is stable, the market attention is high, the transaction price is high (transaction 250-265 yuan/kg) , and the current market price index is running at a high level.

Amide alcohols:

Florfenicol– After the market transaction price has been adjusted up and raised in the previous period, the recent performance has been stable, the market has received high attention, and the price range between brands is relatively large (transaction 445-475 yuan/kg) .


Oxytetracycline and oxytetracycline hydrochloride– mainstream factories’ quotations remain stable, market trade positions are low, market inquiries increase, and the current market price index rises steadily (Oxytetracycline traded at 86-88 yuan/kg, oxytetracycline hydrochloride The transaction is 100-110 yuan/kg) .

Doxycycline hydrochloride (doxycycline)– mainstream factories have raised their quotations, the news of production shutdown and maintenance has been released, the contract performance has been delayed and the supply has been limited, and the supply shortage has intensified ( transaction 575-590 yuan/kg). The mainstream factories are still willing to raise prices, but At high prices, the trading volume dropped significantly, and the market price index in this issue was running at a high level.


Erythromycin thiocyanate– mainstream factories have high quotations, limited supply, market prices follow up, and the domestic and foreign markets are highly concerned (transactions are at 385-400 yuan/kg) . The current market price index is running at a high level and continues to pay attention.

Tylosin, tilmicosin, tyvalosin– mainstream factories are in short supply, trade channels are willing to open positions, inquiries are active, transaction prices have rebounded in the early stage, and downstream demand consumption is not prominent, and the wait-and-see mood still exists (transactions Jiutai is around 265 yuan/kg, fosti is around 345 yuan/kg, tilmicosin is around 360 yuan/kg, tiwanmectin is around 545 yuan/kg, and tiamulin is around 210 yuan/kg) , the current market The price index is stable and gaining momentum, and the inventory at low trade prices is low, so pay more attention.


Streptomycin Sulfate — The market supply is relatively concentrated, the quotations of mainstream factories are high, and the market price index remains stable (transactions are at 260-285 yuan/billion) .

Apramycin sulfate — mainstream factory veterinary products have increased production capacity, stable market quotations, average market transactions, and small price changes (transactions are at 195-205 yuan/kg) , and the market price index remains stable in this issue.

Neomycin Sulfate – The production capacity of veterinary products in mainstream factories has increased, the market transaction is not prosperous, and the competition from suppliers is intensified .

Gentamicin sulfate– Mainstream factories for veterinary products are concentrated in supply, and the market supply price is high (veterinary products traded at 1480-1510 yuan / billion) , the transaction is not good, the market price index is weak, pay attention to the release of news from mainstream manufacturers.


The upstream supply of sulfonamides is relatively concentrated, the recent market consumption is not good, the prices of mainstream factories have loosened, and the market price index fluctuates at a high level. Pay attention. (Sulfachlorpyrazine sodium is around 340 yuan/kg, and sulfamethoxine sodium is around 285 yuan/kg)


Enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin– mainstream factories have concentrated supply, high upstream raw material prices, firm quotations from factories, limited orders, and market transaction prices (enrofloxacin hydrochloride traded at 250-275 yuan/kg) , the market The price index fluctuated at a high level.

Antipyretic and analgesic:

Analgin — mainstream factories are limited in operation, the supply of goods in circulation is relatively concentrated, and the market price index is running at a high level (transactions are at 90-95 yuan/kg) .

Paracetamol – Affected by upstream raw materials and other factors, domestic mainstream factories have firm quotations and concentrated supply (transactions are at 65-68 yuan/kg) , and the market price index is running at a high level.

Carbasalate calcium – the supply of mainstream factories is general, the factory production capacity is relatively scattered, the market transaction price changes slightly (the transaction is about 45 yuan/kg) , and the market price index remains stable.

Acetaminophen (Sygnett):

In the early stage, the influencing factors were weakened, the production capacity of factories was gradually restored, the supply of goods was relieved, and the market transaction price fell slightly (transaction 68-78 yuan/kg) . The current market price index remained stable and weak .