Vaccines-the dawn in the dark battle

Starting from the end of 2019, human life has gradually been changed, and even in the foreseeable future, some lifestyles that were accustomed to before may never come back. All of this is due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, which currently lasts for more than a year, causing 100 million infections worldwide and more than 2 million deaths.

In response to the new crown epidemic, my country has adopted a series of measures to control the spread of the epidemic by controlling the source of infection, blocking the route of transmission, and protecting the susceptible population. Specific measures to control the source of infection include isolation and treatment of confirmed patients and asymptomatic infections of the new crown, strict control of foreign inbound flights, detection of cold-chain items entering foreign countries and processing of nucleic acid-positive items, etc.; specific measures to block the route of transmission include It is recommended that people wear masks, wash their hands more, gather less, etc.; while protecting susceptible people mainly refers to emergency vaccination against the new crown.

Although our country is united and actively fighting against the new crown epidemic, some countries have a relatively negative attitude towards the epidemic. For example, at the beginning of the epidemic, due to insufficient understanding of the new crown pneumonia, scientists in a certain country proposed to allow the virus to spread naturally to infect the people in order to achieve ” Opinions on the effect of “herd immunity”.

What is “herd immunity”?

“Herd immunity (group immunity)”, also known as “crowd immunity”, refers to the fact that when a higher proportion of individuals in the population have resistance to a certain infectious disease, this infectious disease is not easy to spread in the population. Continued to spread. In most cases, herd immunity is achieved through vaccination, which means that after a certain proportion of vaccinated people, the entire group can be protected from infection by the corresponding infectious virus. The original intent of herd immunity does not mean that people are exposed to the infected person’s virus unprotected and build resistance through illness.

By restricting the movement of people and reducing contact, the spread of the new crown virus can be prevented, but this will have a great impact on social and economic life. Vulnerable people such as labor-intensive industry practitioners and homeless people often live in overcrowding. In an environment lacking resources, some epidemic prevention measures will burden their lives. Restricting the movement of people will also have a great impact on the economy. Therefore, it is not a long-term solution to restrict the movement of people and goods just by restricting people-to-person contact. Only by protecting susceptible people through vaccination, allowing vaccinators to reach a sufficient proportion of the population to produce a “herd immunity” effect, and blocking the spread of the virus in the population, can the world get back on track.