Traditional culture active on Douyin

  Douyin is a short music video focused on young people. It is rich in content, fresh and fashionable, and has attracted the attention of countless netizens. Inspired by it, some inheritors of traditional culture have also kept pace with the times. With the help of Douyin’s propaganda power, traditional culture has moved out of the original niche circle and into the public.
Pass the essence of Chinese martial arts

  Chinese martial arts used to be an important survival skill for ancient Chinese. With the development of Chinese history and civilization, it has gone through thousands of years. Nowadays, most people can only feel its charm through a film and television drama related to it. Few people are engaged in the promotion of Chinese martial arts.
  Fortunately, recently, “Martial Arts Ajie” set off a “martial arts fever” on the Internet.
  ”Martial Arts Ajie”, whose real name is Li Mingjie, is a young and handsome “post-95” boy. Li Mingjie learned martial arts from an early age, and for the “heroic dream” in his heart, when other little friends spoiled themselves in the arms of his parents, he had repeated boring basic skills exercises in the practice room, regardless of the severe cold and heat.
  Hard work pays off. The outstanding performance made Li Mingjie successfully enter the national martial arts team, won the national martial arts championship many times, and boarded the stage of the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. As a martial arts person, Li Mingjie is not afraid of injury or hardship, but he is afraid that martial arts will become “unpopular”, so he has always regarded the promotion of Chinese martial arts as his duty.
  After the vibrato became popular, Li Mingjie was keenly aware that the 15-second short video spanned the barriers of region and time. It is best to promote Chinese martial arts through it. So, he registered a vibrato account and showed off all kinds of super-difficult martial arts moves and martial arts performances. Sure enough, with only 8 works published, he quickly garnered 150,000 followers and received 1.52 million likes. Netizens called them “addicted” and “heroes are here”. Some celebrities have also a message:! “! Show China’s treasure, the essence of China, China will become more colorful.” “Thank you for your hard work with hard to carry forward the tradition of Chinese martial arts we”
  accidentally became “red network “Li Mingjie is very happy, but what makes him even more happy is that he made Chinese martial arts go to thousands of households.
Cross-border inheritance

  The buckle is a traditional symbol of Chinese culture, which has been inherited since the Han Dynasty and is deeply loved by people. After the advent of cheongsam, the buckle has become a decorative element that cannot be ignored on cheongsam. A one-foot-long wire rod, after being coiled, sewn, wrapped, wrapped, and other techniques, turns into a delicate and lovely pipa buckle and goldfish buckle, which not only adds to the cheongsam, but also enhances the cheongsam’s taste. However, with the accelerated pace of life, most Chinese women are inconvenient to wear cheongsam due to work and other reasons, so the buckle is far from the sight of most people.
  How can I make the disk buckle fire? As the designer of Ruifuxiang, an “intangible cultural heritage” and a “Chinese time-honored brand,” Sun Chenxu “after 85” has been thinking about this issue.
  In order to inherit the ancient skill of buckle, Sun Chenxu and several other designers of Ruifuxiang spent a lot of thought. They had ingenuity, made the name of the bride and groom into a buckle, and nailed them on their Chinese wedding dresses; they also pioneered the idea of ​​making the buckle into decorative objects such as brooches, necklaces, hairpins, and various pet shapes. They even boldly innovated, and cooperated with the old-fashioned noodle shops in Jingcheng to make the plate buckle patterns appear on the noodles… Nevertheless, only a few people saw these plate buckles.
  On one occasion, a pair of young customers came to the Ruifuxiang non-heritage display area. After seeing different shapes and exquisite crafted buckles for the first time, they were amazed, and then asked the designers for various details while taking out The mobile phone takes video and uploads it to Douyin. The number of likes on the video has skyrocketed as soon as the video has been uploaded.
  Seeing this scene, Sun Chenxu thought: We can also use Douyin to promote the button. Just do it, he immediately took photos of these beautiful “bringing in a boudoir” button and uploaded them to Douyin. He didn’t want to just finish sending them, and he received continuous praises. Later, Sun Chenxu uploaded several small videos of making buttons, all of which received attention, praise and reposting from netizens without suspense.
  Because of the vibrato, the buckle was injected with new vitality and charm of the time, just like a tall fairy transformed into a girl next door, kind and earthy.
It’s more exciting to change the drama platform

  Kunqu Opera is an ancient Chinese opera drama, known as “the ancestor of one hundred operas, the master of one hundred operas”, and was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage in 2006. However, even today, even the famous performances, the audience is often middle-aged and elderly. In this regard, Jiang Ke, the inheritor of the Kunqu Opera, looked at him anxiously.
  At the age of 13, Jiang Ke was recruited into the Shanghai Theater Academy with the probability of selecting 1 out of 400 people, becoming one of the fifth batch of heirs to the Kun Opera. However, when she graduated in 2015, the “Kun 5th Class” selected by the same group as her has been reduced from 60 to 30. Some classmates kindly persuaded her: “Kun Opera is slowly being forgotten by people, you should change it as soon as possible.” Jiang Ke believes: “Kun Opera represents China’s culture six hundred years ago, and its cultivation and accumulation are of a high standard. It’s just that there is no platform for everyone to contact.” After
  entering the Kunqu Opera Troupe, Jiang Ke performed with some well-known Kun Opera artists on many occasions. The seriousness and awe of the old artists moved Jiang Ke very much. But the embarrassment is that very few young people come to the show.
  At that time, Jiang Ke just fell in love with Douyin and saw a lot of people singing and singing videos. She released a drama version of Douyin’s ancient red song “My General”. Unexpectedly, the video received a selection of recommendations as soon as it was sent out, and netizens praised her for her “beautiful figure and attractive singing”, and even more impressive “how beautiful the opera is” and “Chinese art is so profound”.
  This made Jiang Ke realize that Douyin is a platform that can promote Kun Opera. Since then, she often updated videos about Kun Opera, patiently and in detail answered questions raised by netizens, and established a fan base. Fans all said that they hadn’t heard Kun Opera before, because after watching her video, they started to understand Kun Opera and paid attention to her every performance. Seeing more and more people support Kun Opera, Jiang Ke strengthened her belief in inheriting Kun Opera, and she wanted to make Kun Opera, an “old antique”, a new opportunity in the mobile Internet era.
Grandpa Ji Gong vibrates to promote positive energy

  In the 1980s, a series of classic film and television drama works appeared in China, such as “Jigong”, “Journey to the West” and “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. The classic characters have grown up with generations and become indelible memories. .
  ”Hahaha! Poor monk, I’m back again, hahaha…” This is a well-known performing artist, You Benchang, who greeted everyone with his vibrato. In the video, You Benchang is also like Ji Gong in the TV series “Ji Gong”, wearing a broken monk’s clothes, wearing a broken monk’s hat, holding a broken fan, shaking his head and singing the classic little song “Shoes are broken, hats are broken, the robes on the body are broken …”Represents the free and easy of Ji Gong’s “no worries, no worries, no sorrow in the world”.
  How did 86-year-old You Benchang think of playing vibrato like a young man? It turns out that the elderly have always been active on the stage of the drama, rehearsing for no less than two hours a day, and have also set up a performance course to teach performances in person, constantly motivating students to move forward with the frustrations of their young age.
  After learning that Douyin is currently a popular online platform for young people, You Benchang decided to take the opportunity to promote Ji Gong’s spirit again and promote positive energy. .
  At the beginning, many netizens couldn’t believe that this was You Benchang himself. After confirming that it was his old man, the video was praised more than 3.7 million times. Even the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League praised the old man. Many netizens expressed their tearful thanks to the elderly You Benchang, and the message area was full of positive energy. Many netizens lamented: “The 80-year-old grandfather is still pursuing his dreams. What about our young people, why not fight? “Indeed, You Benchang’s old man keeps working at an advanced age, and his dedication and fighting spirit are in themselves the best words and examples for hundreds of millions of young people.
  In the past year, more than 1.3 million traditional cultural content have been published on the Douyin platform, with nearly 15 billion views and views. Thanks to such a huge number, the traditional Chinese culture active in Douyin has successfully moved towards the younger generation and has been inherited and promoted in new forms.