Top 10 bonuses you can’t miss in 2022

  1. Niche farming dividends. Many fruits and vegetables we eat today are raised with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Is it possible to have a small farm that can satisfy all the vegetables and fruits of hundreds of households? I think niche farms will emerge, and the field-to-table marketing revolution will kill the middlemen.
  2. Small and micro handicraft industry dividends. Small and micro enterprises should be freed from the idea of ​​large-scale operation, create scarce products by hand-manufacturing, and release their energy from the gaps in the competition of large-scale mass-produced industry giants. As a small and micro enterprise, don’t belittle yourself. Your most effective ability to fight against big brands is “scarcity” and “handmade”.
  3. Vertically segmented service industry dividends. Rather than more, it is better to be more refined, and the dividends of the service industry of vertical segmentation have greatly increased. At the same time selling noodles and noodles, it is better to only sell a bowl of noodles. Even if you sell powder, you need to subdivide it.
  4. The tide of luxury goods ebbs, leaving the wind of domestic products. There will no longer be light luxury between luxury goods and Taobao products. In 2022, any luxury-related products will not be mainstream, and domestic products will be the mainstream.
  5. The explosion of geographically iconic products. Intangible cultural heritage has been particularly popular in the past 10 years. However, in 2022, it will be geographically iconic products that are really popular. Creating scarcity is never as sustainable as scarcity itself.
  6. Metaverse with fire parallel products. 2021 is just a warm-up of the Metaverse, and 2022 is the first year of the Metaverse. Although it will still remain in the conceptual stage, it does not prevent capital from converging towards the Metaverse. After all, the core competitiveness of pain point marketing is to pay for fear of being eliminated, not because of its actual value.
  7. The collaboration of human and technology creates new financial freedom. The first three industrial revolutions were the separate innovation of talents and technology, and the spiral of technological innovation and knowledge innovation. The fourth industrial revolution will create a large number of skilled workers who understand operations, and it will be possible for one person to challenge the entire river and lake. Phenomenal legends will emerge one after another: one person destroys or achieves a large enterprise; the marketing value of personal IP surpasses that of enterprise IP.
  8. Smart pensions store huge dividends. In the past, everyone always thought that the pension industry is a sunrise industry, but it has been losing money. Why? Because artificial intelligence has not been brought into the pension industry, the cost is too high, and there is no way to develop if the cost is high. Therefore, with the emergence of a large number of intelligent robots and the application of intelligent industries in the future, the intelligent cost of the elderly care industry will decrease, and this industry will become hot. It is worth mentioning that the best way to target older users is membership marketing.
  9. Anchors bringing goods will become a new round of wealth freelancers. In 2022, the main mobile application software will form a closed loop around the anchors bringing goods, and the materials and equipment matched with the marketing scenarios will also enjoy a wave of dividends. We-media is surging, everyone is a self-media, and even the training and education industry around anchors will be extremely popular.
  10. There are more and more freelancers. This will redefine employment and re-employment. Unemployment at home will become a new trend, and the free combination of cyberspace will become a new trend. The competition for “home” terminal communication positions and scene marketing have become difficult points in marketing management. The dividends of office buildings, street shops and shopping malls will further disappear, and mobile marketing will usher in the strongest outbreak in history.