To prevent AIDS, these 3 points are very important

  In 1991, the famous British actor and director Tony Richardson died of AIDS. In 1963, he won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director for directing the film “Tom Jones”; American actor Anthony Perkins had Starring Norman Bates in “The Cry”, a kind, handsome, and neurotic dual personality lunatic who also died of AIDS in 1992… AIDS is a disease that makes people hear it. Since people discovered it, this This disease spread to every corner of the world in a very fast manner.
  AIDS, the full name is “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome”. It is a very harmful infectious disease, caused by HIV infection (HIV virus). HIV is a virus that can attack the human immune system. It takes the most important CD4+ T lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main target, destroys the cells in large quantities, and makes the human body lose its immune function. After being infected with HIV, the human body is susceptible to various diseases and can develop malignant tumors, with a high mortality rate. In addition, the incubation period of HIV in the human body is relatively long, about 8 to 9 years. The patient can live and work without any symptoms before being infected with HIV.
There are 3 ways of transmission

  In our daily work, we often encounter a variety of consultations: if a mosquito bites an HIV-infected person and then bites me, will I get AIDS? Will I be spread AIDS if I eat with someone living with HIV? Is it possible to be infected if you have sex with a netizen? …
  Actually, people living with HIV and AIDS are the source of infection of this disease. Only through contact with the source of infection through a specific route can infection occur. In general, there are three main ways
  of transmission : 1. Sexual transmission includes heterosexual contact and same-sex sexual behavior. Those who have sex with multiple sexual partners and have not taken safety protection measures are high-risk groups of sexual transmission.
  Among the newly reported cases of infection in my country, about 26% were infected through men who have sex with men. It is worth mentioning that some men who have sex with men will marry due to family and social pressure, which poses a potential threat to women of childbearing age. Some women are infected because of marriage, so it is important to do pre-marital testing.
  2. The transmission of blood (blood products) mainly includes sharing syringes for intravenous drug use; sharing needles, tattoos, eyeliner, etc.; transfusion of blood and blood products contaminated by HIV; accepting transplants of tissues and organs contaminated by HIV; using HIV contaminated by HIV Contaminated syringes and needles; sharing toothbrushes and razors with AIDS patients.
  3. Mother-to-child transmission Mothers can pass HIV to their fetus or infant through the placenta, birth canal and breastfeeding. Without any medical intervention, the probability of a mother who has been infected with AIDS transmitting the virus to the fetus or infant is 15% to 35%, and the current mother-to-child blocking technology has reduced this probability to about 5%.
  It should be noted that in daily life, handshake, hug, courtesy kiss, shared dining utensils, shared office equipment, telephones, coins, shared toilets, swimming pools or baths, etc., as well as coughing and sneezing generally do not spread AIDS.
Safe and effective prevention for transmission routes

  For AIDS, as long as safe behaviors are taken from the three ways of transmission, infection can be effectively prevented.
  Preventing sexually infected sex partners from fixing and insisting on using condoms are powerful measures to prevent sexually infected AIDS. After contracting STDs, go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time, and avoid sexual behaviors during the illness.
  Prevent menstrual blood infection and prohibit drug use. If you have become addicted to drugs, you must actively detoxify or go to professional institutions for long-term maintenance treatment. Use clean needles, do not share needles, razors and toiletries with others. HIV antibody testing must be done before using blood, blood products or organ transplantation.
  Prevent mother-to-child infections and do prenatal check-ups. Once women infected with AIDS become pregnant, they should go to a regular hospital in time and undergo mother-to-child treatment or terminate pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.
  In addition, in order to achieve the goal of controlling the AIDS epidemic, the government should also carry out AIDS prevention propaganda for different groups of people, such as migrant workers, the general public, children and adolescents. Conduct behavioral interventions for high-risk groups, actively combat prostitution and whoring, strengthen the promotion of condom use in entertainment venues, and strive to increase its use rate, so that people infected with sexually transmitted diseases can see a doctor in time. At the same time, through the Global Fund project, free anti-infection treatment is given, and all sectors of society are encouraged to participate in AIDS prevention and treatment.