There may be a big hidden danger if you pick your nose indiscriminately!

  In daily life, the nose sometimes produces reactions such as itching and sneezing. Many people rub their noses or pick their noses to relieve the itching. Some people always pick their noses uncontrollably, even if there is no booger. Existence, I also want to pick it up when I am bored and free, I feel that it is comfortable.
  However, nostrils are not what you want to dig, you can dig them if you want, be careful there are big hidden dangers! Nose picking is not a good habit either. So how to clean your nose scientifically? Let’s see it together!
Why is it not recommended to pick your nose casually?

  Before talking about this issue, let’s talk about how “booger” came from.
  Boogers are actually nasal secretions. Our nasal cavity is full of mucous glands, which will constantly secrete mucus. The main purpose of these secretions is to ensure that the inhaled dry air becomes moist, does not irritate the respiratory tract, and at the same time blocks foreign dust and germs. As we breathe, the water in the mucus is evaporated, and dust is mixed in, and “boogers” are formed.
  But when picking the nostrils, nails can easily damage the nasal mucosa. Under the mucous membrane is a rich network of capillaries. If the level of injury is a little deeper, nosebleeds are about to flow out.
  In addition to nosebleeds, frequent nostril picking can also easily lead to nasal allergies, more likely to be infected with germs, sneezing, allergies and other symptoms. Especially when there are bacteria on the hands, the chance of infection is higher. For example, nasal tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is very common; Streptococcus pneumoniae may also enter the respiratory tract through the nostrils and cause pneumonia.
  In addition, people who often pick their nostrils will have fewer and thinner nose hairs, and the first barrier of the human respiratory tract will be destroyed, which can easily lead to colds and flu. cancer risk.

How to clean your nose scientifically

  Ordinary secretions in the nasal cavity do not need to be cleaned every day, and the nose hair itself has a certain self-cleaning ability.
  When cleaning up snot and booger, you can rinse it with running water. For patients with rhinitis or nasal congestion, nasal irrigation is also a solution worth considering.
  If there are hard objects in the nasal cavity, you can use a soft cleansing cotton swab dipped in a little clean water or light saline, and roll to clean it.
  Once symptoms of nasal discomfort, repeated nosebleeds, or bloody nasal discharge occur, you should go to a professional ENT hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and don’t delay the condition.
Regarding the nose, you may also want to ask: Can tilting your head really stop nosebleeds?

  In fact, it is not the case. Tilting your head up for a nosebleed will only make the blood that has already flowed out of the nasal cavity flow backwards to the throat, which cannot achieve the direct hemostasis effect. On the contrary, when the nosebleed passes through the throat, it will cause nausea and cough when it flows into the digestive tract, stimulate the reflux of digestive juice, and cause discomfort to the human body. Respiratory Risk.
  After a nosebleed, the correct way is to lower your head slightly, then pinch the nose with your index finger and thumb, wait for about 2-5 minutes, and it will stop. If possible, you can also apply cold compresses to the root of the nose.
Does picking your nose often make your nostrils bigger?

  The action of picking the nostrils will not physically cause the nostrils to become larger, but if the nasal vestibule is repeatedly inflamed, leading to tissue proliferation, it may change the shape of the nose.
  Although the moment of booger picking is really refreshing, for the sake of your own health, it is better not to pick your nostrils randomly.

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