There are free everywhere in life

I made an appointment with an intermediary to see an office building, but he was in a traffic jam. There is a cafe next to the appointed place. I thought it better to wait for a cup of coffee. As a result, I was attracted by a baked colored lead book placed at the front desk. I asked the shop clerk for paper and pencils. While drinking coffee, I copied it from the colored lead drawings, so that my whole body and mind were immersed under the rusty nib. Later, the intermediary was late for 3 hours, he was very embarrassed, but I did not show any impatience because of his lateness. In order to thank me, he helped me get an office building with the best location at a very favorable price.

This reminds me of the “Diary of Venice” written by Acheng. He said that he went to Venice and grabbed Ben Cui Lingqin’s “Diary of the Teaching Workshop” to relieve boredom. The term “relieving boredom” is quite interesting. Isn’t travel itself not relieving boredom? But in his view, Venice is like a “fu”, and it is a bit oppressive. On the contrary, the “Xianbi” that seems to have nothing to do with the text at the beginning of the “Taofang Ji” is very refreshing and makes the article open.

Put in life, “Xianbi” can refer to things that seem to have nothing to do with the business, but happen to contribute to some fun or success. Wouldn’t it be better to prepare for life if you have some “free writing” from time to time!

In order to improve my professional English, I bought an audiobook and scanned the QR code of each article to listen to the audio from my mobile phone. There are so many people and things in my family. In order to keep myself focused, I choose to go out and listen to the audio every day. Since you want to go out, why not go to a beautiful park. While plugging my headphones, I walked around the park. In this way, I listened for an hour every day, and at the same time I walked for an hour. I am usually lazy. I can go out without going out, and eat a lot, so my weight has soared in recent years. But after persevering for almost a month, I felt that my waistband seemed to be a little loose. I weighed it and found that I lost two or three kilograms. This kind of “intentionally inserting willows” can make me happy. One of the things I look forward to the most every day is to go for a walk in the park.

Her daughter has recently become obsessed with making desserts. She bought matcha powder, fish gelatin, electronic scales and the like on a treasure, but she did it only once. I’m a little bit dissatisfied with her “thinking out is coming out”, but I don’t know how to persuade. However, the delicate electronic scale caught my eye. I think I am a person who has no connection with the kitchen. Although I take three meals a day, the effect can only be wrapped in the belly, but it is far from being exquisite. I also tried baking bread, but I did it once like my daughter and didn’t continue, because that frustration really hit people. Now a small electronic scale is waiting for me, I am ready to do something with it. I searched the video of making bread and remembered its basic ratio: 250g flour, 3g yeast, 30g white sugar, 115ml milk, 12g butter, 1 egg. I will live, but for such a soft face, all hands are covered with suede. If I can’t pull it out, I’m a little worried. But when the butter was finally kneaded in, the dough slowly became smooth and the hand felt particularly comfortable. So I was suddenly shocked: It turns out that when things are most difficult, you need to persevere again, and then you won’t have a hole in the sky! Through this wonderful process, I also understood the importance of an open attitude. At the same time, I told my daughter what I felt like a story, which was much easier to accept than a serious preaching.

Others are happy with how many books they have read in a period of time. My lover laughed at me, “hoarding” was just a gesture, but I didn’t take it seriously. I will buy interesting books mentioned in the articles I usually read, books I heard from friends, and books that I have encountered in physical bookstores. Of course I may not have read all those books, but what does it matter? It’s like going to a restaurant to order food, order more, taste more, and pack up after eating, and become an expert next time. I like to “check” the bookshelves inch by inch when there is no one in the middle of the night or quiet afternoon, choose a book that is full of interest according to the mood at that time, and read where it is counted; sometimes I will continue to sleep for three days and two nights, sometimes I feel “almost.” The important thing is that you want to be around when you want to read, and reading should not be a painful thing. At the end of each year, I clean up the bookshelves to make room for new books. This kind of “reading method” of hoarding first, then reading, and mainly hoarding seems to be partial, but it actually greatly improves the interest and efficiency of reading.

Treat the “free pens” in life with an open and positive attitude, and make sure that they will become “the pens of the gods,” which is probably the most beautiful way to make life full of life.

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