The world in the eyes of insects

  What is the world like in the eyes of insects? Scientists once tied a camera with its own power supply and storage device to the insect, hoping to record the world the insect sees. But no matter how lightweight these devices are, they weigh tens of grams. For insects weighing only a few grams, they can be said to be tied to a boulder.
  Recently, scientists have built an ultra-light camera with only 025 grams and glued it to the back of a beetle. The device transmits the black and white photos and videos (160×120 pixels, 5 frames per second) captured in real time to a nearby smart phone. From the mobile phone screen, the squirrel is like a giant bear with a height of more than 3 meters, and the truck has become a mountain.
  The main part of the device consists of a miniature camera, a robotic arm that manipulates the camera’s viewing angle to move, as well as a Bluetooth chip, a transformer, and a lithium battery. At present, the equipment is only suitable for large insects, such as some larger beetles, etc. If it is to be installed on a bumblebee, the quality of the entire equipment must be reduced to 0.1 to 02 grams. If it is to be installed on fruit flies, the mass of the equipment must be between 0.01 and 0.05 grams.

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