The spice of wild fishing

“Wild fishing” refers to fishing for wild fish in rural rivers and ponds. It is an outdoor activity loved by many elderly people and also a taste of life.
After I retired from the factory 10 years ago, I made an appointment with some old anglers to go fishing in the wild pond in the suburb. As soon as I entered the field of wild fishing, I fell in love with this outdoor sport and became a keen fan of wild fishing. In the past 10 years, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as I have spare time, I will bring equipment, ride an electric car, and anglers together to the suburbs fishing. Addicted to wild fishing, my wife told everyone: “My old man is addicted to fishing.”
Wild fishing this outdoor activity, not only can cultivate the mind, edify sentiment, but also let me learn a lot of professional knowledge of fishing in enjoy, accumulated a lot of experience. In order to master the fishing skills of wild pond, I also bought some books and magazines related to fishing, from which I learned the fishing skills of many domestic and foreign fishing enthusiasts. For example, “spring fishing beach, summer fishing Yin, autumn fishing deep, winter fishing Yang” such as the four seasons of fishing rhyming, meaning spring flowers season, fish like to play on the beach to feed, anglers with a shorter fishing rod in the riverside hook; Summer is hot, fish like to swim to the shade; When it gets cold in autumn, fish will hide in the depths of rivers and ponds. When fishing, they need to take a long fishing rod and throw the hook to the depths. But in winter, fish activities are less, like to have a rest in the sun. The four seasons fishing tips, let me get a lot of unexpected harvest in the usual fishing practice.
In many years of wild fishing, I also summed up some wild fishing skills and methods, such as carp, carp fishing wind; Parabramis, grass carp, white fish fishing downwind. Crucian carp, carp is the lower fish in the pond, the upper wind of the pond is generally calm, crucian carp, carp like to forage there, the lower hook is generally used in the bottom hook; White fish, bream, grass carp belong to the pelagic fish, and there are a lot of aquatic grass microorganisms floating on the leeward surface of the river pond, which is a good place for fish to forage. Half-water drift is adopted for fishing. Fishing, according to different wind direction with different fishing skills, often have good results. There are “long river fishing middle, round river fishing pool head” “big fish in the river, small fish beach head swim” and other wild fishing experience and experience, I also heard from fishing friends there.
Many other interesting things have happened during these years of wild pond fishing. I remember one summer, one of my anglers told me that there were a lot of wild fish in a river pond in a certain place, so HE invited several anglers to go wild fishing. Go to that day hot weather, my fishing friends and I were looking for a place to cast nest hook, waiting for a morning, but no fish on the hook. We changed places round the Wild Pond, and so did we. Busy for a long time, we have no harvest, can only say that the fishing friend cheated everyone. At noon, we have to go to town to have lunch, only I and two fishing friends brought their own dry food, adhere to the bubble in the pond. Strange to say, those fishing friends just walked less than half an hour, the hot weather suddenly changed “face”, the wind began to rain. Just then, a miracle also appeared, there was movement on the river, fish began to bite. I and the two fishing friends left behind all of a sudden busy, hand fishing rod up and down, did not stop, big fish fish were caught by us. After a while, several fishermen who had been to town for dinner came back to the river and were amazed at the bounty of our big net. In the time of a meal, they missed a good opportunity to bite.
The setting sun is infinitely good, fishing between heaven and earth. Over the years, wild fishing has brought a lot of fun and interest to us fishing enthusiasts. Several of our older anglers said we would carry on wild fishing as long as our health permitted.