The secret of WeChat avatar

  Recently, I suddenly found that my WeChat friends are full, and I can only reluctantly delete some people. Just when I went through one by one, I found that the profile pictures of WeChat are really weird, and some of them also used my photos as profile pictures, so I clicked on his Moments and saw that they were all copied from my dynamic. I can endure all of these, but what I can’t bear is that, after a closer look, the gender of the other party turns out to be female.
   This style of painting immediately seemed very strange.
   I don’t know if you have noticed, but WeChat avatars often imply certain personality characteristics and consumption characteristics of this person. For example, people whose avatars are in suits and leather shoes with their hands crossed on the lower abdomen are basically people in business or service industries, such as insurance company salespersons or sales consultants. The characteristics of these friends are very enthusiastic. For example, I gave a like in the middle of the night, and she immediately followed the clues and asked me if I needed to buy an accident insurance for my family. This really surprised me.
   Generally, the spending power of these friends is not particularly strong, because most of them are still in the stage of hard work, so don’t think about making money from them. If they don’t make money from you, they will feel that they are losing money.
   Another type of avatar is a suit and leather shoes, sitting upright, usually with a domineering hand resting on the armrest of a chair, this type of friend is often a middle-level leader or boss with a small career. Because they are still in the stage of not knowing how to prove their success to others, some people will hold a Buddha bead in their hands. Of course, the worst quality is Daigen’s large gold chain, and then reveal the big logo all over the body. These types of people are often frequent visitors to the bathing center. If you give their friends a thumbs up, saying you are awesome and envious, you are my ideal person, and they will be very useful. When the time is right, some small collaborations will come to you.
   What kind of people have the most spending power? The avatar is the kind taken during travel. The reason is very simple. Everyone has realized the freedom of travel, and consumption can naturally keep up. Even if they are very stingy, they still have a heart that longs for freedom. Don’t ask me how I know that, because the car salesman in the 4S shop said that when I added my WeChat account, I looked at the avatar I took while traveling, and I felt embarrassed for not slaughtering me.
   What do some people who take photos of couples as their headshots mean? The avatar means that the other party has declared sovereignty, so it is basically impossible for these people to cheat.
   Contrary to this, what avatar is the most likely to cheat? People who take artistic photos. Because this type of person has requirements for life, and the use of artistic photos implies his disapproval of ordinary life. At this time, if someone appears in his life romantically, he can develop an artistic life. Of course this is not absolute.
   Most of the people who use animal photos as avatars are full of love. People who use dogs as avatars are loyal, and people who use cats as avatars need others to pamper them, which is understandable. But I found out that a friend used a weasel as an avatar, so how do others feel when chatting with him? As long as he speaks first, others will think that he is here to celebrate the New Year.
   There are also quite a few friends who use constellation patterns as their avatars. Such friends often believe in fate, and their circle of friends is basically fortune information. They tend to be mystics, don’t talk to them about reason, or you’ll lose these friends.
   One of these friends asked me to face north one night, and then join the astral link at twelve o’clock in the evening, saying that there will be a mysterious force in the universe at that time. I did and really felt the mysterious power because my neck was sore the next day.
   Of course, some friends use celebrity photos as their avatars, either because they think they look like that celebrity, or they really like that celebrity. I found that there are a lot of girls who use Hepburn photos as their avatars, which is easy to understand and refreshing. But a boy I know also uses Hepburn’s photo as his profile picture, and I specifically asked him why. He said that he felt that he was Hepburn in his heart, so scared that I never dared to talk to him again, I was afraid that “Hepburn” would like a good-looking boy like me.
   By the way, most entrepreneurs like to use mugshots, indicating that a company must have a narcissistic personality, staring at himself every day, and feeling that he will fall in love with himself. Looking at myself every day is not disgusting, it must have a strong heart. There are still quite a few people who like to use cartoon characters as avatars. What do you mean? It shows that their hearts have not grown up, at least they want to keep a childlike heart, such people are not very reasonable, after all, they are still children. Don’t ask me how I know that, because my wife uses this avatar.
   After I told my friend about this theory, a person with a blank profile picture said to me, “Can you analyze it for me?”
   I said, “Do you feel that all the images in the world can’t express your attitude towards life?”
   He said, “Yes.”
   I said, “Do you feel that the world is out of place for you and unworthy of you? ?”
   He said, “You are so right, how do you know?” I said, “Anyone who praises you will feel right and freedom”