The Princess of Dubai sent a letter to the British police calling for investigation into the kidnapping of her sister 21 years ago

   According to news from the BBC on the 25th local time, Latifah, the UAE Princess of Dubai, who revealed that her father had been imprisoned, wrote to the British police asking them to re-investigate the kidnapping of her sister Princess Shamsa in the UK 21 years ago.
   Prior to this, the BBC released a shocking video secretly shot by Latifah on the 16th, which attracted the attention of the United Nations. In the video, she looked nervous and described in a very quiet voice in the bathroom how she tried to escape from Dubai in 2018, but after failing, she was kidnapped as a “hostage” by her father and imprisoned in a “villa prison”. She said: “I am a hostage and I have no freedom. I am imprisoned by my father in this prison. I have no control over my destiny.” According to the
   report, Latifah is not the first princess to try to escape from Dubai. There is also an escape from the royal family in the Middle East.
   Latifah’s sister and Princess Shamsa of Dubai, 39 years old, is one of the 25 children of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Chief of Dubai.
   In the summer of 2000, when she was only 18 years old, Shamsa tried to escape the family. She escaped from her father’s Longcross Manor in Surrey to nearby Chobham Park. The Guardian quoted an email from Shamsa to an immigration lawyer saying that on August 19, 2000, Shamsa was forcibly taken away by four UAE agents wearing guns on a street in Cambridge and was subsequently injected. Sedatives. At 5 o’clock in the morning the next day, the helicopter took her from England to France, and then she returned to Dubai by private jet.
   Since then, Princess Shamsa has disappeared from public view.
   According to the report, although the British police only received Latifah’s letter this week, she wrote the letter in 2019 when she was locked in a beach house guarded by about 30 police officers. In order to avoid revealing that she had a way of communicating with the outside world while in captivity, Latifah wrote in the letter dated February 2018, which is before she tried to escape.
   “She was enslaved, oppressed, abused by family members… She wanted to seek asylum in the UK where her family lived permanently. A few months later, she was kidnapped.” Latifah wrote in the letter, not only that, but her My sister was also tortured and was kept in solitary confinement and was not allowed to communicate with the outside world. “She was tied with a cane. This is what I experienced personally during my imprisonment.”
   Latifah once sent a video to a human rights organization in Dubai According to China, her sister Shamsa was imprisoned in Dubai’s Zabir Palace. She had to rely on others to lead her away. She could not even open her eyes. Someone gave her a bunch of medicines to control her and turn her into Like an anesthetized “zombie”, she can no longer resist, just an empty shell.
   “She really loves Britain,” Latifah wrote. “All her best memories are about her time there.”
   As a child , Shamsa spent some time in England and received a Western education. In an interview with the BBC, Shamsa’s cousin said: “Shamsa has always wanted to make changes for women, especially women in the Arab world. However, all this has been opposed by Shamsa’s father, who prevents him from Sa continues her studies, including college.”
   Princess Latifah said in the letter that her sister was illegally kidnapped on British territory. She asked the British police to pay attention to her sister’s case because it would allow her to regain her freedom. This is also the only thing she wants in life.
   According to the British “Daily Mail” previously reported, in 2001, after Shamsah managed to get in touch with the Cambridgeshire police through an immigration lawyer she had met earlier in London, the Cambridgeshire police launched the first kidnapping investigation.
   The head of the investigation team asked the Royal Prosecutor’s Office to go to Dubai to interview potential witnesses, but this request was rejected.
   “No one can give me a reason.” The person in charge of the investigation team said.
   The case was then shelved, and the police did not conduct a review until Shamsa released another message in 2018. However, because it is very rare that allegations involving the head of state fall on the police table of other countries, the investigation finally reached a dead end due to the so-called “insufficient evidence” and “significant sensitive factors.”
   During the investigation, Sheikh’s assistant made representations to the British Foreign Office. The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that it did hold information related to the alleged kidnapping of Princess Samsa, but refused to hand over the files about the case to the court on the grounds that “disclosing the details of this case may damage bilateral relations between Britain and Afghanistan. “.
   According to the BBC report, the Cambridgeshire police stated in a statement that Latifah’s letter will be the third time the police are investigating the kidnapping case, and that this letter “will be part of an ongoing review”, but due to this incident Very complicated, so there are some details that are not suitable for public discussion.
   Since the release of Princess Latifah’s video, it has received widespread attention. Although the UAE responded that Latifah is currently “being treated at home and is being cared for by family members and medical professionals. The situation is improving and will return to public life in due course.” Human rights organizations and UN agencies still appealed. The UAE, I hope they can provide evidence that the two princesses are still alive.