The moon

  Moon, the darker the night, the brighter you are, the smoke will not stain you, and the dust will not pollute you. Are you a mirror hanging high in the vast world?
  You come out every night, but every night is not the same; after a few days, you will be full, and after a few days you will lose again; if you are so full, you will be so flawed! I understand, Yue, Daqian world, if you have pride and sorrow, you will be able to take it all out. You have shown it, sadly wishing for your fullness, and your eyes wanting to be pierced; you are full, but you are deeply regretful, because you are going to be defective again. You have been like this for thousands of years, how many people have accompanied you, whether it is an emperor, a commoner, a scholar, or a villager, the proud person is proud, the sad person is sad, first is proud and then sad, sad and proud… In this endless change all disappeared, but you are still the same, get eternity! To people, you are the osmanthus tree that is constantly being cut down, and to you, people are the Wu Gang who cannot rest. Wu Gang is an immortal and can last for a long time, but do people have to pay this kind of work with a short life?
  What a wonderful riddle this is! From ancient times to the present, how many people have thought in all kinds of ways, but how can they be incomprehensible, or obsessed: will die for war, and each other die for remonstrance, sorrow, joy, separation, and reunion are attributed to the destiny; Enlightenment, ask the immortals, indulge the mountains and rivers, escape into the empty door; or get erect and scolded you, saying that you are only for the bright moon, there is nothing but bright light, only the icing on the cake when you are proud, and fueling the fire when you are sad, it is a face The kind-hearted yin woman is a peaceful and peaceful Yuantan who drowns her life.
  Yue, I know this is wronging you and misinterpreting you. You appear in the world, clear and bright. Your existence, your own, is to explain the world, and it is to make a revelation to the world: everything is your shape, a circle, a circle is completed!
  Just imagine that the earth revolving around the sun is round, and its orbit is also round. The pinball played in the hands of a child is round, and when it bounces, it also rotates in a circle. A circle is motion, so the wheels can run and the waves can spin. Isn’t that how people are? No matter how young a person is, he needs to be an elder; when he is old, he has the same characteristics as a child. Old and young are round joints. After winter comes spring, and after spring planting and autumn harvesting comes winter again. Tigers can eat chickens, chickens can eat worms, worms can eat gangs, and gangs can beat tigers. It is just such a constant negation of negation, over and over again, not all at once, returning to a new circle again and again. Therefore, I am no longer confused by failure, no longer maddened by success, no longer sad for old age and death, no longer happy about having children. Can I know what I was entrusted with in my previous life? Can you know what will become of me after I die? Life is everything, there is joy in life, there is suffering in life, and there is joy in suffering. Like a leaf, when I should be born, I will come alive, grow my green, show my shape, and when it is time to fall, I will happily go and let other leaves fall from my scar new born. I do not seek longevity of life, but I want to deeply bless my beautiful work, walk through my semi-circle steadfastly, and do my best to complete this great circle of the laws of motion of all things in the universe.
  Moon, what can I say to you? You are really a bright mirror hanging between the sky and the earth, allowing me to see the world and myself. I hope you stay in the sky and earth for a long time, and I hope my career will last forever.