The Leftover Women in Australia

  Classmate Xiao is not beautiful, he is tall and strong, with thick thighs, not too much hair, and not too good skin. In a word, far from beautiful. Especially according to Chinese standards, the skin is not white, the body is not thin, and she is 30 years old, she is a leftover woman.
  Most of the people who come to Australia to study are for immigration. Once upon a time, it was easy to go to school here and then immigrate, but it has become more difficult over the years. When Xiao graduated with a master’s degree, the translation major had been kicked out of the immigration list, and she had not been able to catch the last bus. After graduating, she applied for a two-year temporary residence visa so that she could continue to stay in Australia and slowly seek a way out of immigration.
  But majors are out, making independent skilled immigration impossible.
  You can also find a good job and the company sponsors immigration. It’s a pity that there are very few job opportunities in the profession of translation, let alone a company who is qualified and willing to sponsor you. Spending money on company guarantees is one of the secret methods, and Xiao has also considered it. She inquired about several companies through various channels and waited for the final choice. In the end, this option was ruled out for several considerations. One is the cost issue, except for the application fee and various miscellaneous fees, first of all, you have to pay 60,000 to 70,000 Australian dollars to the guarantee company, and all the savings from working part-time over the years will be spent. In addition, can this unspoken rule succeed? Is the company that collects money to sponsor immigration really reliable? In the event of a flaw found by the Immigration Bureau, not only will the application be hopeless, but even worse, it may be blacklisted and rejected from Australia.
  Finally, there is spouse immigration.
  Xiao also thought about relying on men. Two years ago, a friend really introduced her to a suitable one: a man, of the same age, single, with an identity. The boys are average in appearance and height, and their income from work is not even as good as hers. The most important thing is that classmate Xiao feels that this man is not motivated and has limited interest in career and making money. A girl like her, who has been striving for a successful career, can’t look down on this kind of man in her heart.
  But not to immigrate? Try it anyway.
  I have eaten with boys a few times, and exercised alone a few times, but they are always tepid. Six months before the two-year temporary residence visa, Xiao even took the initiative to contact the boy, hoping for rapid development. The boys neither refused nor took the initiative, and responded flatly. This greatly angered Xiao woman’s self-esteem and pride, and decided to give up.
  The first turning point occurred in 2012. Xiao got a job as an operator at a major telecommunications company. The work place is in Wollongong. She handled all the affairs in Sydney, and with the least luggage, she went to Wollongong, a small and sparsely populated town, without hesitation. Since then, I have taken a four-hour train ride from Wollongong to Sydney almost every week. In her words, make new friends in Wollongong while continuing to maintain old ones in Sydney.
  It is the hardest to maintain the relationship between people. How tired is she from rushing to the market and dinner? Once, she made an appointment with a friend to go shopping, and before she took a few steps, she told her friend to take a rest and go to a few stores by yourself. With a tilt of her head, she fell asleep on the comfortable rest sofa in the shopping mall. After walking alone for more than an hour, my friend received a call from her: “I’m awake, where are you?” The
  two-year temporary residence visa was about to expire, and Xiao finally applied for a student visa with great difficulty. time in Australia.
  She finally found the way. State Government Sponsor – Use your own educational background and work experience to prove that you can contribute to the development of the state by staying, and persuade the state government to be your sponsor. The only state in Australia that does this type of guarantee is Victoria, where Melbourne is located.
  To this end, Xiao went to Melbourne. After that, the progress was unexpectedly smooth. I got a guarantee from the Victorian government in 2 months, and I got a permanent residence visa from the Immigration Bureau in 3 months. All of this is based on her years of work experience and local education background. The preliminary work has been done well, and the documents have been fully prepared.
  Without the accumulation of those two or three years, it is impossible to succeed in the last act. With such a partial visa, she didn’t even use an immigration agent to help her. All the hardships ahead, the homework is done, and the road is paved. After that, it’s easier.
  After the sponsorship is successful, she will have to work in Victoria for at least two years, which is one of the conditions of the state government sponsorship. She chose to stay in Melbourne. For this guarantee, she sincerely thanked the state of Victoria and really wanted to do something for this state.
  The stone of immigration has been put down. Now she is busy changing jobs, immigrating for her parents, buying a car, and then buying a house by herself. Everything has yet to be realized, but the plan is clear.