The inside story of the shipwreck of the “Medan”

   In August 1947, the western media rushed to report a bizarre shipwreck accident: a merchant ship named “Medan” had an accident while sailing in the Strait of Malacca. When the nearby “Silver Star” rushed to rescue, I saw a horrifying scene – the corpses of the crew members were all in a stiff state, their expressions were full of ferocity and fear, there were no obvious wounds on their bodies, and their hands were all raised high above their chests, as if they had once resisted something terrible. What was even more unexpected was that when the “Silver Star” was preparing for rescue, the “Medan” caught fire and exploded. Such a strange shipwreck has caused people who want to find out to follow one after another. After investigation, historian Roy Bainton concluded that the shipwreck was just a fabricated conclusion. Is this really the case?    In June 1947, the American ship “Silver Star” was cruising in the Strait of Malacca as usual
It was a cloudless day, and the crew members were chatting and joking on the deck, wondering what kind of purgatory they would see in the next few hours.
   Suddenly, an unidentifiable signal source squeezed into the broadcast of the “Silver Star”. After discovering it, Ryan, the seaman in charge of monitoring, realized that something was wrong and immediately reported it to the captain Trush.
   According to the telegram signal, Ryan translated the content: “This is the ‘Medan’, our ship is floating on the sea, the captain and other crew members are dead in the cabin and bridge, no one may survive… I am dead.” Judging from the contents of the telegram, the ship in distress must have encountered some kind of terrible disaster, and the situation was very critical.
   Captain Trush frowned. According to the latitude and longitude of the received signal, they were still more than 50 kilometers away from the “Medan”, and going back and forth would definitely delay the trip. After thinking twice, Trush decided to report the situation to the listening post near the strait first.
   The staff member Raul was on duty at the listening station. After receiving the help signal from Ryan, he was very confused, because according to the conventional procedures, if the “Medan” was in danger, he should first ask for help from the listening station instead of sending Call for help from other ships in Morse code. Raul thought it was probably a prank, so he didn’t take it to heart.
   Ten minutes later, Raul received another inquiry from the “Baltimore” merchant ship, saying that they also received the exact same code. At this point, Raul began to doubt his own judgment: this may not be a prank, and the “Medan” is really in trouble. According to the latitude and longitude provided by the “Silver Star” and “Baltimore”, Raul judged the approximate location of the “Medan”, which was on a route to the southeast of the Strait of Malacca. number” to the rescue.
   After several hours of searching, the “Silver Star” finally found a cargo ship floating in the sea far away from the normal channel. From the outside, the ship belongs to the Netherlands, the hull is full of rust, and the position of the bow is painted with “Medan”. It seemed that it was the cargo ship that sent the telegram.
   There was silence on board, and the engines and boilers showed no signs of working. After honking the whistle several times without getting a response from the other party, the captain of the “Silver Star” Truush dispatched a small team to arrive under the ship of the “Medan”. Several team members boarded the stern smoothly. They shouted and walked towards the direction of the bridge. Apart from the deathly silence, there seemed to be not much abnormality on board.
   But when everyone walked to the deck in front, they stopped suddenly. On the deck, bridge, and bow of the “Medan”, a group of people were densely packed and scattered, which looked extremely strange. Every corpse was in a stiff state, with expressions full of ferocity and fear. There were no obvious wounds, and both hands were held high in front of his chest, as if he had once resisted something terrible.
   The weird scene made several team members shudder. After getting used to it gradually, everyone started searching to see if there were any survivors. They shouted many times but did not hear any response. Soon everyone found the dead captain and first mate on the bridge, and the communicator who sent the distress signal a few hours ago in the communication room. The death appearance and expression of the three people were the same as those of the crew on the deck.
   In the corner of the cab, the team members also found a hunting dog, which was also in a state of rigidity on full alert. What’s even more incredible is that the weather on the sea surface was good at this time, but there was a biting cold on the “Medan”.
   Several people searched for a while, but found no survivors. When they were about to leave the warehouse, the ship doctor in the team suddenly discovered an extremely abnormal phenomenon. All the corpses, no matter inside or outside the cabin, all had their heads tilted in the same direction.
   The ship’s doctor checked the cargo on the “Medan” again, and found that the cargo was sealed in wooden barrels, and it seemed to be liquid or something. Since there was no crowbar on site, the ship’s doctor simply smelled it, but did not smell it. special taste. However, just as the ship doctor was about to turn around, he suddenly felt dizzy and shouted: “Go quickly, there may be poisonous gas in the cabin!”
   Everyone followed the ship doctor’s exclamation, and saw that the ship doctor’s face was strange, as if he had been trapped. Distorted in general. The bold team members rushed forward and rushed out of the cabin with the doctor in their arms. Everyone shook the doctor, and it took a few minutes for him to wake up. Everyone asked him what happened just now, but the ship doctor said he didn’t remember anything.
   Since the search was fruitless and the environment at the scene was too terrible, the “Silver Star” decided to tow the ship in distress back to the coast first, and let professionals investigate again. But when they were about to install the tow rope, they suddenly discovered that there was a fire at the No. 4 warehouse of the “Medan”, and the flames spread rapidly from the cabin, and soon covered most of the hull. In a critical situation, the rescuers of the “Silver Star” retreated immediately. Just after arriving at a safe location, a violent explosion suddenly occurred on the “Medan”. The powerful shock wave tore the hull in two, and soon the entire cargo ship sank. into the sea.
  The confusing
   and bizarre experience of the “Medan” was quickly reported by the media. In an interview with the media, Gruss, the crew member who participated in the search, recalled some details at that time with lingering fear: “The bodies in the cabin are all facing the same direction. Some of their faces were terrified, some of them twitched, it was really frightening.” The crewman Laowens recalled: “The corpse looks quite normal, but as long as you get close, you can smell a special smell, like a stinky smell. The smell of eggs.”
   As more details are disclosed by the media, all citizens are eagerly looking forward to uncovering the exact cause of the shipwreck of the “Medan”. But after reading the media reports, a historian named Roy Bainton found many doubts. For example, Genesis said that the day of the rescue was sunny, but Gruss said in an interview that it was cloudy. There is also a big gap between the two in the number of bodies found on the “Medan”. Twenty, while Gruss said there were at least thirty. The two people who were also on the boat had such a big difference in their descriptions, which Bainton found really inconceivable.
   In order to clear up his doubts, Bainton contacted Gruss in the following two years, but Gruss refused to accept his interview as soon as he explained his intentions. He also contacted Genes, who was also rejected. What puzzled Bainton even more was that after a short while, the two seemed to have completely disappeared, and no one ever found out about them.