The harder road

In 2019, Huawei launched a new mobile phone operating system-Hongmeng. This is a new system in addition to the two mainstream systems of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Not no one has challenged the two giants. Microsoft did it and failed; Samsung challenged and failed; later there was Intel, and so on. So, what is Huawei’s confidence?

In fact, the Hongmeng system is not intended to replace the Android system or the iOS system, but to break the game. According to Huawei’s thinking, the Hongmeng system is to connect all kinds of devices in the future interconnected world to create a new ecosystem. This story is just an introduction. Let us look at the new species that will appear in the Chinese economy in the future. The new species will form a new ecosystem.

1. The development of mobile Internet is approaching a bottleneck
In recent years, the shipment volume and growth rate of mobile phones have stagnated, and no new head applications have been developed for mobile apps, and the traffic growth rate of the original head apps has gradually slowed down.

Judging from the current penetration rate of the mobile phone market, almost everyone has a mobile phone, so it is difficult for mobile phones to further open the market.

The mobile phone is like a black hole, and all the things we can think of are desperately installed in it, and industries “invaded” by it will be greatly impacted. Finally, we will find that there is no way to install everything in the mobile phone, such as treadmills, cars, etc.

2. The future will enter the era of Internet of Everything
If we have no way to install them in the mobile phone, can we change our thinking and connect them with the mobile phone?

This is what I understand as the new ecosystem in the future, from the mobile Internet to a new ecosystem of Internet of Everything. This new ecosystem will continue to attract more hardware (manufacturers) to join, and more hardware will generate more data after it participates, and more data will give birth to more business opportunities. In the end, It is likely to far exceed the original mobile Internet in magnitude.

How can we build such an ecosystem?

In the words of Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping, it is necessary to have species diversity. Different species can find their own niches here. This is an ecosystem in which each other can find survival opportunities.

3. China will soon establish an ecosystem of the Internet of Everything
Such an ecosystem will soon be established in China. Chinese companies are particularly good at learning from the history of China’s revolution. You think they are going to fight Jinan City. No, they are going to Yimeng Mountain to open up a revolutionary base.

There are many home appliance companies in China. Why are China’s home appliance companies very competitive, but there is no way to increase their market value? Because there is no way to intelligentize home appliances and provide consumers with differentiated services. What Huawei has to do now is to empower China’s home appliance companies to change the application scenarios, and then jointly build a new ecosystem. The first landing scene of this new ecosystem is likely to be a small household appliance around you. Suddenly, you find that it is different from the original, and it evolves slowly, and then you may see larger hardware and products added in the ecosystem. .

Similarly, there are autonomous driving. The era of autonomous driving may come sooner than imagined. The path of autonomous driving follows the path of China, not the path of Western countries.

Western research on autonomous driving only studies the autonomous driving of cars. When China is studying autonomous driving, it is also planning roads and cars. If the car also joins the world of interconnected everything, we will see tremendous changes in the entire industrial system and urbanization process.

Imagine that if technology can empower city management, cities with a population of more than 50 million or even hundreds of millions of people may emerge in China in the future.

4. Greatness is forced out
In China, why did it not exist before, but now a new ecosystem can emerge?

Because we were forced out. The world we were familiar with was the golden age of globalization. In the past, we could make progress by learning from others. If you learn from others carefully, you can become very good. Excellence can be learned, but greatness can only be forced out.

Now that the golden age of globalization is gone, there are many things we can’t find a teacher to learn.

In recent years, we have encountered so many setbacks and challenges, which have stimulated our inherent great potential. When these potentials are stimulated, I will be shocked, and I will recognize that powerful self again.

In the past, we always wanted to find shortcuts, but now we realize that when you have two paths in front of you, the safest way is to take the harder path. We are now in this critical period of change. This is not just a change in weather and seasons, but a change in “climate”. Under this change, new species will appear, and the first “fish” that landed ashore will appear. The first batch of fish that came ashore looked ugly, and their living conditions were very difficult, but what we should do is to better understand the new species.

Greatness is a very glorious thing. New species of the Chinese economy are constantly emerging. It is foreseeable that they will form a new ecosystem.

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