The global drought is shocking in the hot summer

  The issue of global warming has exacerbated global droughts, especially this year. Many countries have been plagued by droughts in the hot summer, and rivers have dried up and charred life.
  A research team composed of Japan’s National Institute of Environmental Research and the University of Tokyo released a forecast on June 28 that the increasingly obvious dry weather due to intensified global warming will become more severe in this century, and the abnormally dry state may be in the world. Countries tend to normalize.
  On May 2, 2022, local time, in New Delhi, the capital of India, a boy runs on a section of the dried up riverbed of the Yamuna River.
  On May 28, 2022, local time, in the Hasakah province of Syria, the wheat fields in the village were affected by the weather and became dry. Syria is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and is ill-prepared for climate change. Climate change is forecast to worsen further, posing a further threat to the wheat harvest.
  On June 28, 2022, local time, in Ziqar province, Iraq, a boy walks on a boat, which is moored in a dry riverbed. The drought in Iraq was caused by a drop in waterway levels due to a lack of rain and reduced flow from upstream neighbours Iran and Turkey.
  On June 15, 2022 local time, people fish near the Isola Serafini hydroelectric power station on the San Nazaropo River in Italy. The river’s drying up is jeopardizing drinking water in Italy’s densely populated and highly industrialized regions and threatening irrigation in the country’s most agriculturally dense areas.