The fragrant wind blows, cross the alley, play games in the alley

With the first gust of wind blowing, the sound of unhurried footsteps became the first sound in the morning. “Shan, get up!” Aunt Wei started to wake me up. Soon I woke up with the breeze. Aunt Wei called me in accordance with the morning wind. In this alley, there will be a gust of wind blowing through the green leaves and the stone chairs under the trees almost every day, and then blowing a scent of fragrance to the deepest part of the alley.

In the morning began to really wake up, and the dew, grass, and flowers were all scented. At this time, the wind is at best a gust of breeze, and the old people in the alley love this slightly “healthy” wind the most. Aunt Wei was among them. It’s just that I don’t understand until now, why I, an energetic little girl, should get up every day to “enjoy” the wind. It’s just that the early morning bird’s call is not heard by other children in this alley except me. As the old saying goes, “Hear the sound, but not see the person.” Nowadays, I can only hear the birds but not see them.

Soon, the sun rose to its highest point, and the breeze in the morning became hot at noon. Taking a deep breath, you can smell the sunshine in the air, and it still smells like rice. The call at the entrance of the alley was also blown from the entrance to the end of the alley by this mellow fragrant breeze, and no matter who the children in the alley could hear.

The setting sun first appeared, that was the beginning of the end of the day in the alley. One after another small bicycles drove by, shouting “glutinous rice cakes, brown sugar cakes…” “Maltose, maltose! One piece…” The owners of these small snacks were making them with the alley. The final farewell, when the wind blew, the children who heard the yelling ran out following the fragrance blowing into the alley. At that time, I was always in the forefront again, because the first person to buy maltose at that time always got the most, so I often can buy two dollars for one dollar.

The lingering fragrance of dinner was gone, and the alley ushered in a night belonging to the children. When the stars shine just right, the carnival begins!

The children sang and danced together in twos and threes. The girl was looking for flowers and four-leaf clover in the grass. The boy looked at the two rows of mango trees in the alley to see if there were any. Which mango is ripe in advance. The space in the alley is not large, but everyone can always play with “flowers” together, so that every day and night will have a taste. Gradually, the wind blew up, blowing away the sweat from our bodies, making us comfortable and a little sleepy, and we started to be driven home… everything is so natural.

Aunt Wei calls me home on time every night, saying that the wind at night will catch a cold for a long time. The carnival was over, the stars in the night were shining, and the sleeping child fell asleep with drooling.

Then I moved out of the alley, and my happiness seemed to be lost. Even if you revisit once in a while, it feels strange. The alley is still the same, but I can’t go back there anymore. Even the breeze that once blew comfortably has now become a luxury.

I remember one day, I once dreamed that Aunt Wei’s close calls were still there, and I went back to the alley. The fragrant wind is still blowing, blowing through the trees, between the stone walls, into the alley, and blowing me back to the front of the house in the alley…

Comment: The article describes the little bit of life in the alley when he was a child. Whether it is people or things, it leaves the author with an indelible memory. The materials are novel, the language is lively and lively, and the fresh life and childishness are revealed between the lines.