The Devil’s Little Dictionary

WeChat: A new type of social tool in the modern era. Its characteristics: By the way, handy.

Moments of friends: A list of friends that allows you to swipe hundreds of thousands of friends repeatedly, only to find that you have almost no friends.

Love: In the past, love was very slow, it was a love letter with words; now love is very fast, it is red envelopes without words such as 520 and 1314.

Internet celebrities: Most of them are the products of the following behaviors: either “self-hacking” with traffic; or “self-hitting” with rhythm.

Red envelope: a panacea to quickly eliminate all embarrassment, misunderstanding, suspicion, resentment, psychological gap, and mental discomfort.

Live delivery: new accident-prone areas, easy to “roll over”.

Anchor: universalization, zero threshold, a decent career sharing.

Online shopping: When you “buy”, you must realize that it is a “net” first.

Leek: one is planted, the other is flickered.

Reward on live broadcast: How much IQ tax is paid, I’m just talking about it.

Online games: the “oil” of businesses, the “temptation” of children, the “worry” of parents

Ying Lian Li: I remembered a sentence: When no one said “no” to you, you were not grown up.