The designer’s creativity is soulful and cute

  Friends who often instant noodles must have experienced the inconvenience of closing the lid. Sometimes they use their own fork to fork the lid and the bowl together, or use external forces such as mobile phones to seal, but these methods are not very effective. Japan’s Nissin Foods has a design of instant noodles, which solves this trouble well.
  There is a small transparent plastic sticker on the bottom of this instant noodles. After tearing it off, stick to the lid of the cup to prevent the heat from escaping, so that no matter what occasion you eat instant noodles, you don’t have to find something to cover the lid. Practical design. This sticker was designed in 1984 and has a history of 37 years. It can be said to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, on the occasion of World Environmental Protection Day in 2021, Nissin Foods suddenly announced the replacement of the Japanese version of Nissin Cup Noodles and the removal of plastic sealing stickers.
  Why did you make this decision suddenly? The person in charge of Nissin Foods explained: “This is to contribute to the protection of the ecological environment. This seemingly small change can actually reduce the annual plastic consumption by about 33 tons.” However, if there is no cup lid sticker, How to cover the instant noodles? For this reason, Nissin Foods has improved and upgraded the instant noodle packaging. The lid of the cup has changed from one opening to a double opening in the shape of cat ears. When sealing, the instant noodles can be covered by pressing down the two cat ear openings. , The sealing effect is not inferior to the original cup lid sticker.
  There is also a “little surprise” hidden inside the lid. When you open the lid, you will find a cartoon cat head painted on it. The openings of the two lids are the cat’s ears. You can’t help but sigh: “So cute!” This cute design adds a lot of fun to simple instant noodles, and even attracts more consumers to come and buy.
  On the premise of not affecting product quality, the cat ear design not only solves the problem of plastic reduction and environmental protection, but also improves the brand’s reputation, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. There are many more creative designs like this to achieve a win-win effect.
  In 2019, in order to allow more people to face up to the huge impact of global warming on the environment, the Finnish Post Office commissioned the local design team “Berry Creative” to design a set of “climate change stamps”. The stamps are made of special heat-sensitive materials, with three patterns of birds, clouds and humans, with bright red, blue, and green as the background colors. When a warm hand touches a stamp, the pattern becomes shocking: the flying bird only has its skeleton, which means the extinction of many creatures in Finland; the cloud that was snowing turns into rain, which means that the winter becomes shorter and the amount of snowfall. Decrease; the running little people show that because of climate change, people are forced to leave their homes…Although the stamps are small, they tell the big problems of climate and environment through the change of patterns.
  When the finger leaves the stamp, the pattern will return to its original appearance, giving you a feeling of awakening from a big dream, warning people to protect the environment in time and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, otherwise the crisis will come and it will be irreversible. .
  Some people say: “The most beautiful things in the world are free, like the sun and beautiful nature.” But if we don’t cherish these beautiful things, what will the world be like? Designers Blingal Sieglassen and Veronika Sendmeier, who had lived in the fishing village on the border of Iceland, fell in love with this land, but the reality of the melting of glaciers accelerated by climate warming also plunged them into Thoughtful. In order to remind everyone to protect the environment, they designed a set of 5 glacier-shaped candles. The color is gentle turkey blue, which looks like a work of art when it is still. When the candle is lit, the glacier will gradually melt until it disappears. This is telling everyone: if the greenhouse effect continues, the beautiful glaciers will disappear.
  Designers have racked their brains to integrate environmental protection concepts into everyone’s consciousness and daily necessities in life. We must be grateful for their hard work and sincerely implement “protecting the environment, everyone is responsible” to every bit of life. drop.
  With the theme of “rescue and protection”, the teachers and students of the D&A Laboratory of the Department of Architecture of Taiwan Union University designed a set of beverage packaging full of warning signs and won many international awards. On the surface, the black, white and gray animal illustration design is simple and atmospheric, but when you insert the straw, you will find that the mouth of the straw corresponds to the mouth of the animal, as if plastic has entered the animal body, forming a strong visual impact. The teachers and students want to call on everyone to reduce the use of plastic products and not to litter the garbage at will. The garbage that we don’t care about is fatal to other organisms.
  We are busy with work and life all day, and it may be difficult to realize the signals that nature transmits to us. These excellent designers and artists have used creativity to narrow the distance between us and nature, and teach us to understand and listen to nature’s cry. If you want to think about what nature is thinking, be anxious about what nature is anxious, listen attentively, and protect yourself, so that the beauty will stay in the world forever, without the slightest bit of harm.