The biggest regret in life is the debt to the family

  In everyone’s life, there is probably such an ordinary, ordinary but vital person. They are your family.
  No matter you are poor or rich, healthy or sick, no matter what you have experienced or are experiencing, your family will never leave you.
  But we often make the mistake of giving the best temper to irrelevant people, but leaving the worst emotions to family members; giving the most time to unimportant people, but leaving no time and busyness To the family; to give the deepest love words to those who are not worthy, but to leave indifference and indifference to the family…
  Maybe it is because they are too familiar with each other, maybe because they are too close, or they have given us enough Be steadfast and at ease. Therefore, we will be arrogant, keep asking for it, and even forget to be grateful and reward this most rare and precious love.
  Unfortunately, we often have to wait until we lose it before we think about cherishing it. Also often have to wait until the son wants to support but the relatives do not wait, then regret it.
  If life is a process of constant loss. So before bidding farewell to it, can you have a clear conscience and no regrets for those who should be treated kindly?
  In fact, no matter how high your reputation is outside, how many people are in favor of your field, and no matter how capable you are, when you lose the company of your family, you lose the comfort of family, no matter how much fame and wealth you create , But it looks glamorous, but in fact it is just a ragged suit.
  Many people will express feelings of shame towards their family members no matter when they have achieved nothing or succeeded in fame. In fact, the so-called relatives, whether it is between parents and children, lovers, partners, or brothers and sisters, there is only one fate in a lifetime. If you don’t cherish it, thinking about making up when you lose it will not only be too late, but also make you regret for a lifetime.
  In this life, there is not much that can really be left to the family. But in this life, many people owe their family members. Therefore, while everything is still too late, don’t take the care, care and consideration you should pay to your family into the greatest apologies and regrets in this life.