Taste buds left in the old days

  Taste buds are like onions, with one layer of maturity and one layer of peeling.
  There are often people wondering that for a certain period of time, they especially like to eat a certain kind of food. After this period of time, he was particularly unhappy or extremely cold towards the food that he loved to eat in the past. The reason is that most people think that it is after the heat and no longer love to eat. In fact, this food just caters to the taste buds of that time.
  When the taste buds are mature, they also need to bring forth new ideas. I have a personal feeling that before the age of 15, I particularly hated spinach and regarded it as “arsenic”; after the age of 25, I loved it very much and couldn’t live without a meal as “honey”.
  On the Internet, there is a discussion: If the body lacks something, will it be particularly eager to eat?
  The answer is divided into two groups: one thinks it is correct, which is the stress effect of the body to the taste buds; the other thinks it is a fallacy, because what you love to eat is related to genetics and taste memories in childhood.
  The above two answers are still related to taste bud memories, but the latter traces the memory marks of taste buds back to their childhood. It is no wonder that many people have left their hometowns and often have nostalgia. It turns out that the “onion” of the taste buds is peeled layer after layer, and there will be a reincarnation in time.
  Therefore, when it comes to homesickness, apart from homesickness, it is hard to give up the taste of hometown. Taste buds will be left behind in the old days.